I’m so elated right now. I received the “Outstanding Woodwind Member” award tonight at our Band Banquet. There is an award for Outstanding Marching, then Outstanding Musician. This award is the culmination of both of them. One member is awarded it from the Winds, then the Brass. I had the honor of receiving this award in which the members of the ensemble all voted on. I’m completely blown away that I got this, I just can’t explain how happy and excited I am. I also received my 4th Year Blanket! Any member that participates for 4 years gets an EMUMB Blanket, and I finally got mine! I’m also extremely proud of two of my Saxophones who received “Outstanding Veteran Marcher” and “Outstanding Freshman Musician”. Those ladies put in a lot of work, and I’m extremely proud that their efforts were recognized. This was an absolutely incredible night, and I’m just so humble and honored for what all happened tonight.

Today is the last game day of the season this year!!! This is so bittersweet. 

At first I was like…

because I was tired of having game after game after game. Not to mention, our beautiful losing streak, the frustration with other sections lol, the frustration with my damn self, and the frustration just in life!!

But seriously, after Band-O-Rama I started getting mushy nshit because I knew I wasn’t going to see everybody as much as I do know. This season, I became closer with more people and the thought of not seeing them as much kinda blows. I decided I’m just gonna force myself to keep in touch with everyone because on the real, they my niggas lol…Yall don’t even know! I got they back in a heart beat lol even the ones I DON’T talk to hahah

This season has been mad crazy but I wouldn’t change for anything in the World. 

Now, I’m gonna be like this for the rest of today lol…..

I’m still a G tho :D

Just a thought...

I’ll be so amped for the upcoming marching band season until the first game lmao.

I’ll be happy to see my Tenors especially my one and only Saxophone Vixen, Maria! I miss that girl so much lol 

After that, my angry black female side will come out time to time….mainly when I see some fucked up shit or when Dr.Knopps makes us do some extra shit. 

…Other than that, I BLEED GREEN & BACON :)