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  • I downloaded a PSP emulator awhile ago so that I could play Project Diva Extend. I'm still getting used to the controls, but it is fun!

First Notes

This is a silly introduction to Glamor magic and it will be expanded upon. It is also posted privately in my group, The Dark and Light.

(Warning for occasional language)


Glamor magic is the practice of utilizing subtle energy for the art of illusion. While it does not create physical illusions or accomplish impossible feats, it can be useful for very many different things. In essence, glamor magic is a combination of impressions, perceptions, senses, mundane action (depending on the glamor), and emulation.

Usually, spirit workers and travelers are accustomed to using their impressions to be able to sense a spirit or a place. Glamor is taking that perception and altering it by projecting and emulating impressions rather than having them. Even if one is not familiar with sensing and consciously directing energy, glamor can still be practiced. Here are some examples of how they can be done.

Sneaky Sneaky

Most people understand this concept as invisibility in the form of making one less noticeable. Typically, accomplishing this is done through blending personal energy with surrounding energy, silencing, or making something or something obsolete in the minds of others. It can be used for shielding, making people forget things, and for trying to call attention away from you.

Exercise: when you are out and about, notice who is paying attention to what. Gather their perceptions in your mind and play up what they are already noticing while projecting the feeling upon yourself that you are not there. The goal of this exercise to weave yourself into your surroundings until you are markedly less noticed than you were before (be safe with this, as you dont want to be in a busy place where not noticing you can cause injury)


This is especially useful for tracking small items. What a beacon glamor does is it makes the energy of person or object loud bright or otherwise easy to find. You have to be careful with this because it will not only be easier for you to detect, but for other people and spirits as well. This is accomplished much in the way of the first, except that you making things more noticeable. Another useful bit about this is that if you are in a group in public, you can make your company/group of friends/etc. beacons so that you can easily find them if you are lost. Coupled with mundane methods of finding people, this will help you gravitate towards the beacon (and they, you, if you make yourself a beacon to them).

Exercise: Take a pen or something else that is small that you easily lose and notice the impression it gives you. Feel this impression growing stronger for a time until the small object has a larger presence. Take some clothes and spread them on the floor, standing away from them, and toss the item into the clothes behind you. Practice turning around and immediately identifying the object or at least gravitating towards it until you are sufficiently tuned to the energy of the beacon. I like to take my hand and, while turning around, point in the direction that feels right to me.

Tuning Bridges

This one is specifically for tuning realms (originally so I could bring spirits into an area that did not resonate with their homes. Alfar typically dont seem to venture out of where theyre comfortable at). This is accomplished by calling up the energy of a specific place and tuning it into the energy of the existing physical place. If you ever noticed that different times can alter the impression a place gives you, then this next exercise will be a lot easier for you.

Exercise : When you have the chance, take in your surroundings. Recall every time that particular place has felt a certain way and then recall what a realm does or would feel like to you. Feel the presence of both places merge in this space you create. Notice how the realm feels more and more like it is there with the physical place. Notice how it manifests for you each time you practice it as it may be different. When you are done, cleanse the space or dismiss the “bridge” you have created. When that is done, you’ll begin to notice the place as it was before.

Its Called Acting. Look It Up.

Ever feel like you just aren’t prepared to handle a situation as you are now? This is your avenue. I’ve used this to emulate personality traits to the point where they’ve become integrated into who I am as it was my method of coping with things. I’ve found a passion for entertaining people because of it.

Exercise : As with any other glamor, personality traits will also rely on impression and emulation. Take a role model or even just traits you’d like to have but don’t already. From here, you can go one of two ways; magical personas (which is described in another thread) and gradual integration. The latter deals with practicing having these traits for multiple periods of time. Either way, you may feel silly when you practice having traits you don’t already have. The point of this exercise is to overstep your typical boundaries and explore the self. It’s actually useful for a number of things.

Go Away!

This was one of my first shields, actually! It was a simple little thing I put on my door and around my bed and I found everytime it happened, I wasn’t obnoxiously woken up by my family members. Similar in the goal of a shield, this type of glamor deters people from entering a space or talking to you if you feel like a hermit sometimes. It can also work for getting a specific person or group of people to not talk to you because sometimes people can be annoying little shits.

Exercise : Determine the target of your glamor (yourself, a place, object, or another person) and begin with noticing their impressions and presence. Project the feeling that people should stay away from the target. You can visualize barbed wire or you could just pour your grumpy emotions around the target so other people will get a “Bahumbag” feeling, which typically makes people go away. You can use anything really, so long as the intent is to deter people from something or someone else.

Who Is the Fairest of Them All?

Many, many, maaaaannny people use this in at least a mundane way. We all like to be at least semi-presentable, right? If you’re someone who is a bit more vain about your looks like I am, this is a fun one to do.

Exercise : Look in the mirror and let your presence sink into your mind, visual and all. Look at each of your features, but don’t put them down. I don’t care if you think you’re rotten ugly, the point of this glamor is to feel visually beautiful, or handsome, or whatever you want to go for. Really look at your features and notice how awesome they are. Play with your facial expressions. Look at yourself from different angles. Be playful, fierce, sly, maginificent. Now when you go out or interact with other people, radiate that feeling to other people. Make them notice the you that you notice.

You Dun Fucked Up, Son.

Curses are just plain fun. Especially when you really, really have a reason to curse someone. This glamor involves warping a person’s life by altering how other people view them. I will warn you, this could get potentially nasty.

Exercise : Think of a person (either one you know or a certain type of person. Your imagination can run wild with this) and build up an image of them in your head. This will be your “spiritual poppet” that you can warp to your hearts desire. The goal is to use this poppet to alter the perception others have of said person to the point where they react sourly to the target and then bad situations ensue. You can do something like making a beacon out of their actions or traits to let others realize what kind of person they really are or you can just have at it in any creative way you can come up with. Really, there are a lot of possibilities for it.

In regards to copying a dragon and everything.
I’m doing a breeding project to emulate a dragon that I really liked, but was too shy to ask the user if I could buy it. The dragon was the only one if it’s colors and an Imp so yeah. It probably isn’t anything mean, they aren’t trying to spite you. They probably just like your design choices, and are just respecting your wishes of not selling them your dragon. Copying is a sincere form of flattery, and you can’t exactly copyright a dragon so… Yeah it’s a little weird, but don’t worry about it.


This video, by Jake DeVito ‘10, is an emulation of Vittorio Storaro’s (The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, The Last Emperor) cinematography that just so happens to feature Gabe Pollack '10 on trumpet and Cory Rogers '11 on percussion. Beautiful!