emulating the prophet

Has anyone been mean to you because you choose to practice your deen?

Are you suffering from the mockery of people within your community or even in your family?

Has anyone made rumors about your piety or your dignity?

Have they become more severe as days and months pass by?

May Allah make things easy for you, let me share a story that would inspire you to bear more patience and tolerate such false accusations of people about you.

Have you heard that story between Abu Jahl and the Prophet ? Do you not remember how cruel were the Quraish to the Prophet ?

Let me remind you of such cruelty in this one incident.

The narration talks more about Hamzah Ibn Abdul Muttalib Radiyallahu Anhu, the uncle of the Prophet ﷺ,  on how he came to embrace Islam but I will highlight only the incident between Abu Jahl and the Prophet ﷺ. 

This took place when Hamzah RA went on hunting and Abu Jahl took advantage of the absence of Hamza. He went to the Prophet ﷺ while he was sitting by the Mount As Safa and there spoke to him offensively denouncing his work and tried to humiliate him. 

With the beautiful character of the Prophet ﷺ, he did not say anything. He just said nothing to Abu Jahl but Abu Jahl continued to abuse him until he cast a stone on the Prophet’s ﷺ head.

Indeed, the Prophet ﷺ became wounded and he began to bleed. At this sight, Abu Jahl left him and went to the assembly of the Quraish and sat down with them.

Have a moment to yourself, pause a little and reflect on what you have just read

Our beloved Prophet , who is bleeding out of the hatred of Abu Jahl, bore everything patiently. Every ill manner word thrown to him, every humiliation given to him by the Quraish, he bore it patiently.

Then, look at your own self, with a little word of mouth going around accusing you of something you never did or some rumors denouncing you, you become outraged that you want to hurt somebody. Don’t you think you are being [emulating] more of Abu Jahl than being [emulating] the Prophet ﷺ?

Come to think of it, how did the Prophet  bear all of those? Of course he is blessed because he is our beloved Prophet  but more than that his Lord is Allah!

He bore all of it patiently because he knows his Lord is Allah, the Almighty, the one with beautiful names and attributes, the one who responds to those who call upon Him! 

So, next time people talk ill about you rejoice for your bad deeds are being taken from you. The Prophet  bled out of a stone thrown at him but not a word came from his mouth while you are being thrown at words and just mere words that bear false and untrue stories and you react in a manner just like everyone else. 

O Slave of Ar Rahman, know that you are not like everyone else, you are a Muslim, a chosen one amongst billion of people in this world. Allah chose you to bear the shahada and worship Him. So react the way one Muslim should react and handle such situation.

Bear patiently for your Lord is Allah. 

And we pray that Allah gives justice to all those who are persecuted for practising their deen and reveal the truth out of the false accusations they are being shaded with. 




For those who want to read the full narration as to how Hamzah RA embraced Islam, check As Sirah An Nabawiyaah of Ibn Hashim: 1/291-92 and At Taqabat Al Kubra of Ibn Sa’d 3/9

A separate article would be posted in regards to the story of Hamza RA embracing Islam in the coming days. in sha Allah.

In these blessed days, May Allaah curse ISIS and all other similar terrorist groups and all those who support them. You are the reason for the attacks against Muslims. You are not the truth. You are not brave. You are not heroes. & you are definitely not emulating the way of the Prophet Muhammad (sallah Allaahu aleyhi wasallam).

You are cowards. May Allaah protect us, all of us from your evils and may Allaah raise the ranks of the Muslims who died as a consequence of your actions. Ameen.

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So what would a knight of doom be like or a seer of space

Here you are @hussieswandofscience! Thank you for being our first ask! This was a lot of fun to write and helped me to organise my thoughts as well on these matters. I hope that this was helpful and adequate in answering your question. If you want more clarification, please do not hesitate to message us!

Knight of Doom - A Knight of Doom is one who exploits or exploits with Doom. Firstly, the most important part to a player is their aspect. Doom in its simplest terms is the aspect of limitations. Unlike its counterpart Life, it accepts that there are rules in place and that they must be adhered to, without any room for deviation. It is also the pessimism that comes from these Heroes’ knowledge that they cannot change anything as fate has already dictated such. It is the solid black and white divide between what can be done, what cannot be done, what is good, what is bad, etc. On to the class, the Knight class is the active half of the exploitation classes. Keeping true to the class’ name, the Knights weaponise their element (think of Dave using his doomed-selves to help him fight in the ministrife with Jack Noir in which he and Jade partook, thus exploiting time and using it as a weapon). However, keep in mind that Knights also have a tendency to hide behind an excessive persona. Latula shields herself with an overdone rad girl front. This is shown to be a front too as Porrim tells her that it is all right to drop the act around her. This is symbolic in showing us that deep down Knights have a fear of being inadequate at their aspect and so they overcompensate for this by presenting this charade.

Combining all of this information gives us a player who exploits the rules of games or anything in general to the max. They would have an incredible self-discipline and follow it to a t, easily knowing so well what they must do that it comes naturally to them and they complete tasks with ease. They would be excellent at exploiting the inherent pessimism that they have to make the most rational decisions that they can for all of their group. Likewise, they would be very skilled at doing exactly (and only) what is necessary, never deigning to associating with needless tasks. Sadly, a Knight of Doom would also be amazing at self-sacrifice, willing to give it all for all. In this sense, they would strike at just the exact moment that they were needed, always biding their time until then, not bothering with it otherwise.

A general “weakness” could be that the Knight of Doom does not feel that they are truly following the rules or have enough discipline to meet their strict standards, etc. They could try to cover this by doing a plethora of things, for example: adhering to strict morals, etc. (Note that each Knight’s self-interpreted flaw is unique to them and how the Knight deals with it in their own specific way.) To become their best self, the Knight will have to recognise that they truly are good enough and remove the internalised feeling of self-worthlessness.

Seer of Space - A Seer of Space is one who invites the understanding of Space or invites understanding through Space. Starting with the aspect, Space is the aspect of creation. It is the random evolution and mutations guided through an inner intuition that leads the Hero to be exactly what they need to be, taking them to incredibly new places. Space is the physical realm of the world and the now. This can take the form of precision or fashion or even depth perception (think of Jade’s dexterity with a rifle, which requires amazing precision and depth perception). The second part of this title is the class portion, the Seer. Seers are a passive understanding class, which emulate perfectly the Prophet. They receive their understanding of their aspect through visions, (knowledgeable sources) people and symbolic items (such as magic balls, coins, etc.). From the knowledge that they gain through their many visions, they are excellent guides to their other game members. The challenge that they must circumvent to become these exemplary guides is to figure out how to render these visions into effect (recall how Rose had to interpret what to do with all of her information gathered from her various sources and how Terezi had to make a decision based on her vision of what Vriska’s duel with Jack Noir would bring).

By connecting the two parts of the classpect, a Seer of Space would be one who received prophetic images of what is happening now at some other location. Similarly, they receive visions (or knowledge) of how something or someone will change. Due to this, a Seer of Space might have amazing depth perception, precision and incredible fashion taste. As an understanding class, they would absorb the nature of their surroundings as it is happening currently and how it is changing–a magnificent observer of the tiny, precise details. They lack the ability to determine how their actions will affect the future, as most Space players do.

All of this information will overwhelm though and they will be left questioning the precision of their knowledge or how to cause the change. They might frequently ponder, “how will this seemingly random event change anything now?” They need to take their interpretations and apply them as their intuition is pushing them to do, resulting in a powerful guide that leads its teammates to evolve to what they can become.

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The Jamarat are three stone pillars which are pelted as a compulsory ritual of Hajj in emulation of the Prophet Ebrahim (upon him be peace). They represent the three locations where Ebrahim (upon him be peace) pelted the Shaitan (Satan) with stones when he tried to dissuade him from sacrificing his son Ismail (upon him be peace). The pillars are called ‘Jamarat-al-Ula’, ‘Jamarat-al-Wusta’ and ‘Jamarat-al-Aqaba’.

One of the purposes of the Hajj is to recall, while in Mina, how a 94 year old father brought his eight year old son here for sacrifice. Ebrahim (upon him be peace) had first left his wife and newborn son, Ismail (upon him be peace) in the desert upon Allah’s command. Then while returning after eight years to them he saw a dream wherein a man told him that Allah (Glorified and Exalted is He) wanted him to sacrifice his son. He saw the same dream for three consecutive nights and as he was a Prophet, his dreams were a form of Wahy (Divine Instruction). He realised that Allah (Glorified and Exalted is He) wanted him to sacrifice his son for whom his heart was overfilled with love and emotions. He went to his wife and asked her to dress up Ismail (upon him be peace). Ismail (upon him be peace) was overjoyed that his father had come after such a long time and was now taking him out for a walk. When Hajra (upon her be peace) asked,“Where are you taking him?” He replied, “To meet a friend.”

They then reached Mina. Here Ebrahim (upon him be peace) asked his son that your father has seen such a dream, what is your opinion about it? The reason for asking was not to ask his opinion in deciding whether to go ahead with the command or not. It was to assess whether his son will allow him to follow the command freely or will he have to forcibly carry out this order. In other words, he asked this to test the intensity of love for Allah in his son’s heart. The son replied, “My father, obey the command given by Allah. You will, Insha’Allah, find me steadfast. Give my shirt to my mother as it will be a source of comfort for her and wrap me in your own shirt. Put me face down so you can’t see my face, lest you hesitate in carrying out my slaughter.”

The skies and the earth witnessed that Ebrahim (upon him be peace) tied his son and laid him down. Now this was very unacceptable to Shaitan so he first went to Hajra (upon her be peace) and asked her, “Do you know where Ebrahim has taken your son?”  She replied,”To meet a friend.” He said, “By meet a friend he meant to meet Allah. He is going to sacrifice him!” She said, “How can a father sacrifice his son?” By mistake, Shaitan uttered, “It is Allah’s command.” On hearing this Hajra (upon her be peace) replied, “If this is Allah’s command, then even a hundred Ismails can be sacrificed in this way.”

Then he went to distract Ebrahim (upon him be peace). When he appeared to him at the first Jamarat, Jibraeel (upon him be peace) said to Ebrahim (upon him be peace): “Pelt him!” so Ebrahim (upon him be peace) threw seven stones at him and he disappeared from him. Then he appeared to him at the second Jamarat. Jibraeel (upon him be peace) said to him: “Pelt him!” so he pelted him with seven stones and he disappeared from him. Then he appeared to him at the third Jamarat. Jibraeel (upon him be peace) again instructed him: “Pelt him!” so he pelted him again with seven small stones and Shaitan withdrew from him. This action is imitated by all Hujjaj, symbolising one’s acknowledgement that Shaitan is one’s enemy and ought to be repulsed.

Ebrahim (upon him be peace) then laid Ismail (upon him be peace) down and put his knee on his neck so that he may not move. Then he faced the sky and called to Almighty Allah that, “Oh Allah! If you did not like the presence of love for Ismail in my heart, I seek your forgiveness.” Then he proclaimed Allah’s name and placed the knife on Ismail’s (upon him be peace) throat. He would rub the knife but it wouldn’t cut, Allah (Glorified and Exalted is He) had taken the quality of cutting away from the knife.

Allah (Glorified and Exalted is He) was pleased with the sincerity of Ebrahim (upon him be peace) and sent a white, big-eyed sheep with horns in replacement of Ismail (upon him be peace) which Ebrahim (upon him be peace) sacrificed instead. This is the basis for the offering of sacrifice animals by the Hujjaj and by all other Muslims at the time of Eid-ul-Adha.

References:  The Intellect – Volume 2, Issue 3, The History of Makkah Mukarramah – Dr. Muhammad Ilyas Abdul Ghani

Muslims and the culture of Shame.

There’s a large disconnect between individuals that believe that Islam is being conspired against and those who are levying legitimate arguments against those who interpret the Prophet’s teachings in light of their cultural views. On the other hand, there’s also a large group out there that has failed to accept the traditions and texts altogether due to the large stigma associated with Patriarchal or Misogynistic teachings parroted in mosques worldwide. 

Islam and Muslims are definitely being attacked on a daily basis, there is no doubt. Islam represents an ancient system, code and philosophy that largely rivals and challenges Western hegemony and Imperialistic structures throughout the world. Any large power would definitely be intimidated by this, and it would go towards any length to dismantle it and discredit it by all means. This even means that if that goes towards endorsing an even more conservative and oppressive reality while toning it down with Progressives and Liberals that give pseudo-sympathy towards minorities or other countries worldwide to suppress their large frame of guilt.

On the other hand, you have centuries upon centuries of intellectual stagnation in regards to interpreting and implementing legal structures of Islamic doctrines. This is also seen with a largely fundamentalist movement that not only has disregarded these centuries of work, but seeks to “purify” its teachings by largely simplifying literal texts and culturally manipulating phrases and traditions to fit with their vision of what they want to endorse as their platform. This can be seen in any fundamentalist nation in the Muslim world and they represent a billion dollar enterprise that ironically supplies us with a largely exaggerated idea of the patriarchy and illnesses we have in our societies that existed already. 

And finally, you have a large populace of Muslims out there that already are insecure about their image in the world, that are drawn to Fundamentalist ideals in a knee-jerk fashion to combat Western hegemony without reflecting upon the ideals, the reflections, and the works of scholars for centuries. These scholars not only reinvented themselves but used Islam’s principles to adapt to changing environments, as it is a dynamic philosophy that applies to every era. Instead, you have people that are largely divorced from reality, that believe emulating the Prophet through dress and through minor rituals brings them closer to their glory days, ignoring the principles that pedestal-ed their ideology to countries far beyond their reach.

Bringing upon this argument or any argument to challenge the age-old fashion of our stagnation is silenced by a culture of shame. Criticizing matters like sexual abuse, rape culture, or financial inequality is all silenced by elders that believe any self reflection is worsening our image worldwide as we have already been tarnished with lies.

This creates a culture of secrecy and dependence on brushing matters under the rug and acting like it doesn’t exist. This creates absolutely no progress and digs ourselves in a bigger hole. 

It wasn’t Military might or holding onto conservative values that kept the Muslim ideology alive all these years, but the pure belief that improving one’s life and the lives of others around us is what made life worth living.

Inventions, scientific achievements, schools of thought, and other accolades we have gained over centuries were not brought by military might or land control, but by the pure altruistic philosophy of being Custodians of this earth that brought us to a transcendent Golden age. 

Let us aim for that one day. 

It is reported that Sufyān bin ‘Uyainah (may Allāh have mercy on him) said:

“Verily, the Messenger of Allāh (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is the highest standard; things are measured by him: his character, lifestyle and behavior. Whatever agrees with [these] is true and correct, and whatever contradicts [them] is wrong.”

—  [Al-Khatīb Al-Baghdādī, Akhlāq Al-Rāwī wa Ādāb Al-Sāmi’ article 8]