Sneaking on. Addict, ha.

Spent a while last night trying to find a reasonable way to buy Junon and Cool-Up that won’t cost 50$ a magazine. I know AnimePop carries a handful of j-pop and idol magazines, but they tend to all be either JE-centric or the *other* type of idol. (i.e. the naked kind with boobs)

Maybe I’ll just message one of the scanners from LJ and see if I can paypal them money to fund their projects. Like the amazing Pali-Mari. As much as I want physical copies, I’m more of the mind that I’d rather it at least get scanned so I can see it than nothing at all.

Right now I’m stuck on not being able to find Vol. 9 of Emugura (エムグラ), but it’s almost impossible to find something when a big name is in the same issue. There are 50 downloads for the AAA bits. I love AAA, but come on, someone has to have scanned the rest of it!

Alas, I need to go back to real life again. Why can’t life just be fangirling?(Obviously joking.)