emu attack


“Emu Attack,” now with instrumentation.

Thanks to therockyjones.


Thank you Zac & Dee for the hospitality & having the first annual Easter house show!

So stoked to have 4 bands play & no cops or any complaints about noise or anything else! I guess Mililani is pretty alright!

Also thank you Joe Gonz for filling in on the drums for Emu Attack! Hella fun!!

I hope we can do this again real soon!


We love paulftompkins’ theme to aimeemann’s Emu Attack too!

Stay safe out there, you guys. And submit your favorite Wits photos, quotes, clips and memories for our 50th Show Celebration!

Paul F. Tompkins with Aimee Mann - ’Clash of the Hollywood Titans

These two are individually and collectively DELIGHTFUL. You should listen to the whole segment and DELIGHT in it.

Pay special attention at 7:30, though, when paulftompkins creates, on the spot, the now iconic Emu Attack song. Around Wits HQ this is probably the #1 most quoted moment from any Wits ever. We sing it ALL the time.

(Singing): “E-e-e-e-emu attack…an emu attack….it’s happening - emu attack…”

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