Name: Nice Enish
Handle: ragdollRabbit
Title: Knight of Heart
Age: 13 years old
Strife Specibi: pitchforkKind
Land of Snow and Luster 

Typing Style:
usually types with no capitalization
Sometimes types with capitalization, no pattern
many grammatical errors and caPS IN THE MIDDLE OF STUFF TO EMPHASIZE THINGS even though she uses the shift key

Courtney: Wife, Kismesis
Jenna: Beyond the quadrants
Red: REDmesis (bc im his nicemesis see)
Sunny: Matesprit

look i made my symbol thing my old username im so original
emspritesblog made the kigu
satan-tier made the lady knight design i just did the sprite 

Edit: sorry for the repost it’s?? been bothering me because i kept posting it on my ref blog by accident 
and there werent any credits