Ok, I make a lot of 3DS pouches, but these Kirby ones are especially exciting to me because for the first time I illustrated the pattern and had it printed onto fabric. My art is now a cosy sleeping bag for a 3DS!

Anyway, I didn’t get that much fabric printed so there are currently only FOUR of these, all pre-made and ready to be shipped quickly upon purchase unlike the others that are made to order. They are all 3DS XL sized, sorry regular 3DS owners, but keep an eye on the shop because if these prove popular I’ll be making more in both sizes.

Kirby 3DS XL pouches available to buy here!

This fabric might also be used for laptop sleeves, cushions and whatnot…we’ll see how it goes.

I’m working on more patterns based upon Mario, Zelda and Animal Crossing so watch this space even if Kirby’s not your thing!



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Recently I’ve been posting various Nintendo-related projects of mine, and if you have appreciated what you’ve seen I’d be ever so grateful if you could give my illustration/craft facebook page emseeitch a “like” or share, or even reblog this. It gets updated as regularly as I produce stuff and Nintendo continues to be a great inspiration to me so I don’t plan on stopping any time soon!


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I dunno I think that’s pretty lazy.

I just think it’s such a beautiful, detailed game series and I find it hard to get my head round all the effort that must have been put in to creating this fictional universe already… Cause of that surely people can cut them some slack.  But after all, I’m a raging Bioware cheerleader so my opinion is a tad biased.  


I’ve still got a few pixellated Adventure Time sticker sets left for £3 each, quite a nice lil extra gift for shoving inside a christmas or birthday card! ^_^

Buy ‘em here!

Hope you all have a mathematical xmas and new year :D


Stock I’ve made so far for the Big Geek-End! All my greetings cards and sticker sets are cellophaned up, and I’ve added some new 3DS XL pouches to the range using some lovely cute animal/floral fabrics. For fans of specific video game series I’ve got the Kirby and Zelda map patterns, and I’m waiting on a delivery of Adventure Time and otter fabrics!

Still mulling over what plushies and cushions to make…


I’ve just completed a five day Designing for Surface Decoration course at Central St Martins in London. I chose the theme of science. We experimented with different techniques using inks and paint and then cut stencils in order to screenprint - something I’ve wanted to do for a while now!

I printed a couple of unicellular organism patterned designs and spacey tote bags, and today I brought it all together as a little stationary collection that encompasses astronomy, microbiology and evolutionary biology (I needed to draw some cute dinos!)

Overall it was a fun course, it allowed me to be creative away from the computer screen and I got to meet some lovely artists from different countries and backgrounds.

I hope that I find time to continue upon the stuff I learned, particularly the screen printing, and develop more patterns in a traditional way.

I wanted to start using photos in a more interesting way in marketing designs for work so I chose a photo of a chap holding some plant pots.

Unfortunately like the majority of our photo library, the background was all trees and bushes which made isolating hair impossible. Simple solution: chop his head off.

Enter my compulsion not to leave any poster un-illustrated and the result above. Don’t wanna post the version with boring old text and stuff but basically it’s a poster/leaflet to encourage school leavers to get experience working in forestry and farming.

I kinda like it. I think I want to do more doodling on photos…