Okay so this my summer follow forever which I was going to make the day I got out of school but you know what, I am lazy as fuck so I’m posting it now. This is just a small list of people who I appreciate and make my day brighter with their blogs and their existences ♥

Maggie - Well obviously you’re on here because I’ve known you since third grade and you’re one of the reasons I’m on tumblr but beside that you’re wonderful, your blog is wonderful, and you are freakin’ gorgeous ok ily

Chase - BUS BUDDY thank you for putting up with me this entire school year, I had fun documenting your wide range of emotions in history class. I can’t wait to come visit your cupcake shop in New York in 10 years and meet your celebrity husband :*

Pooja - GET YOUR BUTT ON THE RP but omg you got me hooked on Merlin and now I’m in love with Colin Morgan and Bradley James all because of you thanks a lot but also bless you, ily, I hope we have classes together next year!

Sammie - SAMMIE ILY SO MUCH REMEMBER WHEN WE GOT MARRIED ON SKYPE? Also your appreciation for the song ‘It’s Raining Men’ completes your whole personality and you are a perfect person. Happy early birthday bby :)

Sophie - Aw we haven’t known each other that long but we’re Teen Wolf buddies and you are so nice and lovely and I love your blog and just everything ily I hope you keep messaging me about your Teen Wolf experiences :’)

Nicole - We haven’t known each other that long either but we bonded over Scisaac and that is a beautiful thing. You’re one of my favorite bloggers and I s2g I’m going to make you that face collage like I promised once I stop being a lazy arse.

Miranda - Do you have any idea how much I love you and your blog like wow plus you are super cute and nice and I’m just super glad I follow you and I’m pretty sure you’re one of the first few blogs I followed ok ily

Rachel - I’M SO BUMMED BECAUSE WE DON’T TALK THAT MUCH ANYMORE but you were one of my first tumblr friends and you’re funny and so pretty like jfc share some of that beauty please.

Nate - I used to message you like every weekend to ask how your week went but an anon took my job so I stopped but you’re still one of my favorite bloggers and you had the URL tardistribute when I started following you and I yelled at you about Doctor Who the first time I spoke to but you still talked to me so thank you, you’re great :)

Britta - Our URLs are confusing as hell but that gives us a special connection which is fantastic because you have a beautiful blog with a beautiful man as your sidebar pics and you’re so nice I screamed with joy when you followed me ily ok

Other blogs I adore: lsaaclaheytobeaseatton, graywindstarkclairehols, braverdeenlawrencias, faithbreaker, slutlinskilovotokatnnisseverdeenohmockingjay, primrouge

If I forgot you I’m sososo sorry and I love you a lot I just have bad memory and as I’ve said many times, I’m a lazy ass so just know that I love you all okay bye!!

~Emily (◕‿◕✿)