I’m really suprised that people actually enjoy the small Kitsune!AU ah//// <3

Made some extra outfits for the boys! Saitama prefers to wear just baggy and loose clothes even after he moves into genos his Temple, while genos on the other hand,,, prefers gold/fancy stuff :’D

Bending, Not Breaking

AO3 or FFN

~1k, Otabek/Yuri, E-rating, for Otayuri Week 2017 (Day 3: Childhood or Future) and YOI Wednesdays and fill for Yuri!!! on Ice Kink Meme

Summary: (Canon, Near Future) Otabek cares more for the physical vibrations of Yuri’s moans. The sensation follows up his own fingertips and straight into Otabek’s chest, unearthing that inescapable desire he’s buried down deep. Yuri is not the only one who wants. So badly.