ems sketchbook

Oh!! Btw, Nicolai and Lestad are step brothers! Their dads ended up getting married to each other.
((Side note: Being gay, lesbian, what the fuck ever, doesn’t matter in the vampire community. Vampires value love and happiness. It doesn’t matter who you love. That goes for the Vampire King himself as well, he can love and marry who he wishes))


Saw a sketchbook yesterday at Blick’s that was said to be 100% bleed proof, so of course I had to get it and test it out.
It works brilliantly! The colors are all very vibrant and they blend nicely, and, the paper does not bleed one bit 😏 It’s a Crescent Rendr Sketchbook! Check em’ out sometime if you enjoy working with markers!
I also managed to get these progress shots of the first drawing in it of my characters, Cal and Saizar~
*Do not use these images or characters in any way-thank you!*


I know you see black and white

so I’ll paint you a clear blue sky~

I know, that sky looks super shitty but I didn’t got a lot stuff on hand to do it lmao plus the watercolor kinda ruined the other pics cause it went thought the paper. 

Pretend Keith can paint better than that (or don’t, and find it endearing that at least he #tried to paint something decent for Lance? hol y shit my heart. But I kinda headcanon Keith liking to paint wouldn’t that be neato)

I’m rly hooked on doing comics or stuff based on songs now apparently