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Made a buncha drawings of Larry in a dress after watching the episode The Money (which I saw last month, but decided to post this today). I have no excuses except I thought it was cute.

Not really a fuck anyone but more of a…why can’t retail be allowed to actually say something? Once upon a time a long time ago (like 7 almost 8) years ago I took a seasonal job at we r toys. It was so terrible. I have a terrible time dealing with people directly. So! It was toward the end of my shift and even my seasonal agreement, and this lady comes through with some toys and what not. I scan em and of course she’s watching like a hawk and stops me. She asks if a certain toy was ringing up as a sale. I cancel a couple items and rescan. No sale. I tell her and she proceeded to whip out the little paper sales booklet, opens it to the page and points to it. By this time I’m so over this job so I just call someone over to go check. Since we aren’t allowed to leave the register.
Person comes back and says the toy the lady had was the wrong kind. So the lady gets huffy and demands the right one. Then bitches and moans at me how the ad should be clearer, why do we print them like this, false advertising, and blah blah blah. She goes on forever. Normally, I’d just kind of nod along and keep my mouth shut. But I was so tired and just burnt out all around that I looked her straight in the eye and said.
“I understand ma'am and I agree (not really) but I didn’t print the ad. The store didn’t either.”
She was stunned into silence. Like it had never occurred to her that me, a lowly unpaid cashier, didn’t personally print or have any say in the ads. Or her lack of being able to read. Later I got told I wasn’t supposed to say that. Pfft. It got her to stop bitching at me so I didn’t care.

we don’t fight anymore [Stanchez, 800 words]

I asked myself: if they were dating, why did Rick never help Stanley fix the portal? And then I wrote this drabble :V

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commissions are open again after 5000 long years weehoo

with anime expo coming up and my cosplay fund dry i thought id reopen it

here are some Example things

doodles (id scan em or do them online, but heres an example of my rough stuff): $4 for half a body, $6 for fullbody. if you want it colored with single colors/shaded lightly, add $2 to that

this’d be under actual “real” art, not just doodles. bust: $7. half body: $9. full body: $11. each additional character is + 40% of total price, and coloring like what is shown above is =$3

& this is my painting style. i only do busts and half body styles, and they are $15 and $18 respectively. each character is also +40%

as for background: as u can see, i dont really do em. but if you have any requests, just let me know and we can talk out prices. depending on complexity, they shouldnt go for more than a few dollars. 

here’s more of my art if youd like to see it: https://www.instagram.com/hipdads/?hl=en bc i dont just draw homestuck, lmao

send me an ask or a message if youre interested, i take payments thru paypal


Last summer I thought it would be cool to do a lyricstuck for Eridan and Feferi with Alt J’s Dissolve Me, and to show the instrumental bits as note sequences, which I’ve always wanted to try!  But then my work-light summer job ended and there were other things to get done so I never got past the musical intro…

Anyway, I just found out where I’d left the sheets today so I decided to scan ‘em, tint the pencil sketches, and put them up here. ^u^