ems is my nightmare that's what


I was looking at this scene while video-editing, and noticed that Sam actually relaxes upon hearing Lucifer’s voice. Just FYI, the context of this scene is when Sam has just started seeing Hallucifer. He’s asleep on the sofa at Bobby’s and just before Dean wakes him, he hears Lucifer telling him to get up. You see in the first GIF the initial “ugh someone’s talking to me while I’m trying to sleep, go away” reaction, but then Lucifer keeps speaking and Sam actually relaxes, only jumping when Dean cuts in and shakes him awake.

You can’t fake emotions in your sleep. If you could hear a voice, in a dream or real life, of someone you feared/hated (especially someone who supposedly tortured you), it’d be like a nightmare, you would grow more anxious as it went on. But nope, instead, Sam relaxes :3

Please tell me more about how Lucifer supposedly tortured Sam in the cage, because Sam’s basic emotional responses say different  。◕‿◕。