ems feminist shit

things that are ok

  • being thin
  • being big
  • being happy being thin
  • being happy being big
  • wanting/striving to be thinner
  • wanting/striving to be bigger

things that are not ok

  • making people feel bad about the size they are
  • making people feel bad that they want to make a change for themselves

if you like to label your gender/sexuality – COOL!

if you have a label for your gender/sexuality – COOL!

if you don’t have a label for your gender/sexuality – COOL!

if you don’t want a label for your gender/sexuality – COOL!

forcing people to label themselves or getting angry at people who choose/prefer not to? – SUPER UNCOOL!

prolife arguments make me so mad

don’t tell me that i’m not allowed to have sex unless i want a baby to come of it

sex is fun and it relieves stress and it strengthens bonds its not just for baby making because females and women are not baby making machines we’re human beings with thoughts and feelings!!! WOW!


yes because fetuses have no self awareness and can’t form opinions. also if i had never been born, I WOULDN’T HAVE EVEN KNOWN TO BE UPSET ABOUT IT. holy COW! it’s not like my soul would have been lost for eternity because my mom aborted me i would literally just cease to exist because my brain wouldn’t have developed to the point where i became self aware. hell BABIES barely know that they’re self aware.

no i would not have cared if my mom aborted me bc i wouldn’t. have. known. she. did. (also i care about my mom more than myself so if she had thought her life would have been better without me then that is her decision to make for herself and i’m glad she would have made it whoops)

“how are you supposed to attract someone for sex if you’re overweight”

wow its

almost as if there are

men out there

attracted to different aspects of a woman?????

and while some like a woman who is thin?????????????? others?????? might like a woman of any size??????? and there is nothing??? wrong??? with??? feeling??? either??? way???


i think my favorite point dodging tactic used by cismen is the classic, “so what you just want us to not be attracted to women at all?!” nah mate the problem isn’t that you’re attracted to women the problem is that you think if a woman is not attractive to you, she’s worthless and unimportant, and that you think all women owe it to you to be attractive to you when in actuality they don’t owe you fuck all

ur so sexist you call women who have never had partners whores just because they have feelings for one guy in the past 3 years

a+ job here is your award

(hint women can have as much sex as they want that does not make them bad people or less of humans welcome to the 21st century friend please wipe your shoes on the way in i dont want you tracking your shitty gender expectations on my carpet)

there is just such a messed up contradiction between being anti-abortion and anti-contraception

expecting people to never have sex unless they want a baby


policing someone’s life much

contraception prevents abortions

you should be all over that shit if you’re prolife