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where are the fics dealing w/ frank/jason/hazel/piper’s ptsd/mental health issues? i need to know if they exist. jason canonically admitted to wanting to “give up and die”, hazel HAS ACTUALLY DIED BEFORE, piper watched her best friend explode in flames, and frank. frank has quite a lot of grief on his plate that never gets addressed in the books. like i am not trying to be passive aggressive here i am genuinely asking: where are these fics, do they exist, can y’all link me to to them. bc rr is never going to expand on these particular characters problems ever, it seems

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goodness veronica and jd need more love and affection because their self esteems are really low gosh. how would the others help if they're really hating themselves?

yeah duke does a little better bc mac and chandler are there to support her, and they have a pretty good idea of how best to do so. but veronica and jd are both the type of people to pretend they’re fine, joke about it, and/or insist they don’t need help until they’re having a breakdown

we’ve kind of seen a bit of how their friends handle this in the fic, particularly last chapter with veronica. martha tries to reassure them and remind them that she’s there if they need anything. her repeating this too often can begin to feel overbearing, and make them reject her help out of stubbornness when they really need it

betty’s not so great at the whole comforting thing, so she’d rather give them their space. which isn’t always the best idea, but is helpful if they get overwhelmed by martha’s constant reminders of her love and support