The Title says it!

Introducing Empy, whom is 6 ft, obsesses over PERFECTION,
STRONGurge when it comes to women’s power,
adores gossip and well, I think you guys know the rest.

Now, I already had a feeling that she may
not get much fans, but I think you’ll find her
character very INTERESTING as the comic goes.
Trust me, folks ^-^

Look forward to her in my comic concepts,
and the upcoming story “L.Y.F”!   LOVE Yourself First)

L.Y.F, Empy © me

you will feel lonely
lonely and empty and lost
when you are far from alone
and somedays
you will be happy
happy and excited and comfortable
without another needing soul
wrapped around yours
around to remind you of your joy

I must learn how
to seek out love
without feeling like I am crawling
and begging for something
I no longer deserve
and I have to discover
how to leave the love of others
for a time
without fearing
I’ll never be allowed to return

—  A.O.A.M. || Alone and Not

jkl-fff  asked:

Fan Mail Time: I stumbled across your SU works, and they are just so ... delightful! Thank you for making them and sharing them. It might sound odd, but beyond the content of the images (the little story each one tells) and their general affect of sweetness, I particularly am tickled by the way you render Ruby's boots. For some reason, something about them is just so endearing, y'know? Like, "OH MY GOSH! LOOK AT HER CUTE LITTLE BOOTS! I'M GONNA DIE!" So, anyway, once again, thanks for existing!

GOSH, thank you so much for the compliments! I love telling little stories and depicting tenderness with my art and doing SU fanart is a great outlet for that.

I REALLY love drawing Ruby’s boots (I love drawing boots in general for some reason) and I gain an additional ten years to my lifespan every time someone reblogs and tags my art with comments saying how much they adored the way I draw Ruby or Eyeball’s boots!

God, this was such a nice thing to find in my inbox. Thank YOU for existing!

Have this Ruby sketch, friend!

[[ I’m not sure if this will make you all angry or not, but I went through and cleared out Levi’s inbox, this is due to the fact there were many bad anon things that need deleting..so his box is cleaned out. I would ask those of you to begin to resubmit asks you still want answered or even ask new ones. I’m sorry about this inconvenience, but I just didn’t want all those old things sitting in there considering it’s a fresh new year. Thank you for your time and patience~ ]]

Levi: Happy New Year, Brats.

have you ever felt that feeling of emptiness
the one that leaves you aching for everything and nothing at the same time
the one that breaks your bones slowly
the one that tears your heart reminding you that red is the color you mostly hate
the one that makes you believe in hope and then comes like storm leaving you destroyed
have you ever felt that?
because i do
i am empy
—  k.m

in les mis in Tel Aviv in turning all the woman bring these candles and leave them on the floor of the cafe from red and black and theyre there when marius startes empty chairs at empy tables and when he got to the part about phantom faces at the window all the barricade boys came out and picked up a candle and they slowly went backwards leaving marius alone in the dark it was breathtaking

Baby Ulta Haul

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics $54.00
Too Faced Primed & Poreless Pressed Powder $30.00
Urban Decay Vice Lipstick (Rock Steady) $17.00
Too Faced La Matte Lipstick (Maneater) $22.00

Total savings: $123.00

So I had taken a picture and then put all the makeup away in my makeup container, but then I looked back at the picture and realized my floor made it look ugly XD. So I retook the picture of the empy boxes 👌

TST more Fuckyness

-John and Mary switched sides of the bed
-how did they not notice Sherlock hiding in the pool
-Trajectory from pool to window was wrong
-Sherlock’s suit wasn’t even wet after the pool scene
-How did everyone’s hair grow so fast
-John’s flat fuckyness
-Skull hell
-Airplane lady was clearly Mary
-Where tf is the baby
-why is Sherlock so dumb
-The empy seats on the plane
-Eurus flirting with John for no reason whatsoever
-How does John’s flat’s kitchen have skylights at an angle and a flat roof/two floors
-the texting makes no sense if they’ve just met
-the empty seat between John and Mary on the plane
-timeline fuckyness
-Lady Elizabeth? Alicia? Smallwood
-how did Mary have time to jump in front of the bullet
-tv dramatic bullet wounds were disproven
-John barely even tried to stop the wound and was oddly chill with her dying
-no one even dialed 999
-new office for Ella
-Mycroft’s house needs to pick an Architectural Style

Damn…so many colors ;;;..
However, I’m so happy this is done~
This is Theo; Some peeps mistaken the character as a girl which is actually a very common mistake in my story; considering he wears fake eyelashes XDD
Also he’s ehm…a pretentious, and righteous diva, and since it’s not a direct spoiler, him and Empy fight a WHOLE lot.

Look forward to him in the upcoming comic L.Y.F!