you will feel lonely
lonely and empty and lost
when you are far from alone
and somedays
you will be happy
happy and excited and comfortable
without another needing soul
wrapped around yours
around to remind you of your joy

I must learn how
to seek out love
without feeling like I am crawling
and begging for something
I no longer deserve
and I have to discover
how to leave the love of others
for a time
without fearing
I’ll never be allowed to return

—  A.O.A.M. || Alone and Not

[[ I’m not sure if this will make you all angry or not, but I went through and cleared out Levi’s inbox, this is due to the fact there were many bad anon things that need deleting..so his box is cleaned out. I would ask those of you to begin to resubmit asks you still want answered or even ask new ones. I’m sorry about this inconvenience, but I just didn’t want all those old things sitting in there considering it’s a fresh new year. Thank you for your time and patience~ ]]

Levi: Happy New Year, Brats.