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I dont know whats going on. But I love it.

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Asher Roth - Gotta Get Up

I lie to myself everyday.

And so do you. 

I have been saying the first part for sometime now. Its one of my quotables. We do this all the time. Some of us make note of it, while others just go on with our lives the way we do. 

The most basic example would be when you look into the mirror and say something about yourself like ‘Thats right, I’m the shiet. I am hot’ when the case maybe you truly are not. Though you have to almost do it to yourself, for yourself because you cannot rely on others to do so. **Not everyone is that nice to pay you a compliment like that ;)**

Or even a more basic act by saying 'Today’s going to be a good day’ when there is no viable proof that it will hold true. 

So then is dishonesty a bad thing? 

Dishonesty is more complex and has been subject to a number of incomplete and unsatisfactory definitions. This is because such are the variety of circumstances in which dishonesty may occur that creating an over-arching definition is virtually impossible.

Though there can be a two-stage test:

  • “Were the person’s actions honest according to the standards of reasonable and honest people?" 
  • "Did the person concerned believe that what he did was dishonest at the time?”

The decision of whether a particular action or set of actions is dishonest remains separate from the issue of moral justification. For example, when Robin Hood robbed the Sheriff of Nottingham he knew that he was, in effect, stealing from the Crown, was acting dishonestly and would have been properly convicted of robbery. His argument would have been that he was morally justified in acting in this way.

Alas, there is nothing just simply black and white. It also does not help that when it is B&W it truly depends on the individual person observing it to take it in and then make their own interpretations. 

I can probably continue on. But I have school work to finish. 

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Tall Painting

Such a simple concept to do and can be an original everytime it is made. I want to make one of my own. Now to spend money I dont have on paint. 

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Best Funny/Weird Commerical-to-Be SuperBowl Ad

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The Skin Gun - A simple idea backed by stem cell research allows victims of severe burns to heal in merely days.

Its time people take their heads out of their asses and go with the flow of science, not what the almighty heavens dictate to us.