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anonymous asked:

What would the BeNeLux be in your au?

((Here! I was in torn between making Abel a Wyvern Lord of a Griffon Rider but remembered Elizabeta is the former class already ^^

Btw my goal now is to empty this askbox at least two drawings per day ;; ‘cause these take forever a long time to sort out))


We always manage to explode something in the labs and the (some of) guards spend their time outside sleeping when no one’s watching… Ansem is usually too busy to accompany me. Xehanort has high expectations of everyone and everything. Braig brings me to brothels and lets me have his drinks. Dilan seems genuinely worried that I’ll fall off, he pulls the straps so hard I can’t breathe. Even yells at me for every tiny offence but I know he means well. And Aeleus always reads me stories to sleep. 

They’re all I have.

And I’ll never trade them for anything. 

infectionaryfr  asked:

So, Luci mastered the ability to transform, right? What would she look like if she transformed into the Beastclan races?

Short answer? A mess….


A: ….But what’s this? An ask blog? He’s into blogging? Like socializing? What an interesting thing my brother’s gotten into! That’s so neat~

I’m kinda curious about this whole askblogging thing now! Let’s see what’s that all about now, shall we?

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