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Your mission, if you choose to accept it: Write a short scene of Dianakko's first kiss. ... Please? XD You don't have to

A.N : Not sure if I can make that short, but at least I’ll try to make it good !

“Wow ! Look, Diana ! This weird plant’s flowers are all different colours ! It looks like a rainbow !

- Indeed. It’s a magical plant which originates from the fairies’ realm. They have a lot of useful properties, especially in medicine. One of my ancestor discovered that, when used with a mandragore’s leaf, these flowers can cure the plague. Because of that, this species almost disappeared during the black plague in the 14th century. Luckily, the Cavendish family cultivated them and, after a few years, the species was saved.

- Woah ! That’s incredible ! But why is one of these plants here, in Chum Lee’s shop ?

- Well, now that magic is less efficient than science in the medical area, those plants are mostly used as decorations. Their intense colours make them some of the most beautiful flowers you can find in this world.

- Indeed, they’re really pretty !”

Akko straightened her back and looked around the shop. Despite being there multiple times, she always found new things to get excited about. At least, it had the advantage of taking her thoughts away from the main reason for her presence here with Diana, which allowed her to relax. Because today, she didn’t come in town to fool around : she came here on a date with the most beautiful, wonderful girl she ever met.

It took her long enough, but she finally came to terms with her feelings for Diana and accepted that she liked the blonde witch more than a friend should. So the previous day, she confessed her feelings to the girl and managed to ask her out on a date. Diana clearly felt just as embarassed as Akko, so she just nodded and stuttered a few words to propose a time and place where they could meet up. And that’s how the two witches ended up in Chum Lee’s shop, talking about plants to avoid a more embarassing question : what do people do on dates ?

Akko had no idea what she should do now. She wanted to do couple-y things with Diana, maybe even hold her hand, but she was too embarassed to ask. She had to find an alternative, something to say before this date became a total failure ! That’s when she was struck with an idea :

“Diana ! How about we go get ice cream ?

- Huh ? Well, it is hot today, so why not ?

- Yay !”

The two girls made their way out of the shop and went to the ice cream truck. Akko chose a weird combination of flavours, as usual, while Diana took a simple vanilla and strawberry ice cream. They decided to sit on a bench in a secluded and presently empty part of the square.

After a minute or two, Akko noticed that Diana was lost in thought. Deciding that she should make her move now, the brunette leaned towards the other girl and asked :

“Do you wanna try mine ?”

Diana looked surprised and a bit flustered when she noticed how close Akko had gotten. Shyly, she nodded her head and leaned towards the ice cream, taking a little bite of the scoop of mint.

“It’s good, isn’t it ?

- Yes, Diana answered with a little smile, it’s very good.”

Happy, Akko started to eat again. But Diana soon interrupted her, saying :

“Akko, you have a bit of ice cream on your cheek.

- Huh ? Where ? asked the brunette while sweeping her arm over her face.”

The blonde’s hand on hers stopped her and Akko turned towards the other girl, a questionning look on her face.

“I’ll… take care of it for you, explained Diana while staring at the bench.”

The blonde’s cheeks were pink when she said that and they only darkened as she looked at Akko. The brunette heard her gulp, but didn’t have time to question Diana on her strange behaviour as the blonde leaned forward and kissed Akko’s cheek, an inch away from her lips. The Japanese girl couldn’t help but squeal when she felt Diana’s tongue caressing the spot. The prodigy quickly retreated, face as red as Akko’s eyes and gaze focused on anything but Akko’s form next to her. She immediately apologized :

“So-Sorry, it was… too much… wasn’t it ?

- No-No, it’s… it’s fine ! I was just… surprised, is all…

- I-I see…”

They stayed silent for a while, eating their ice creams and blushing whenever their eyes made contact. A few minutes passed like this, allowing the girls to finish their ice creams before Akko decided to say something. It was now or never !

Taking a deep breath to calm herself down a bit -it totally failed-, Akko looked at Diana : the girl was still blushing and avoiding eye contact. Taking her courage in both hands, Akko managed to say :

“Dia-Diana, you-you have some ice cream… on your face…

- Oh, is-is that so ? Could you… tell me where it is ?

- Don’t-Don’t bother ! I’ll get it for you…”

Bracing herself, Akko leaned forward quickly while being careful of not hurting Diana in the process. The heiress’ eyes widened as she felt the brunette’s lips on hers. But it ended as soon as it started, Akko pulling back as fast as she could in case Diana didn’t like it. After a few seconds of shocked -and embarassed- silence, Akko said :

“He-Here, I think I got it all.

-O-Oh, yes, thank you… But…”

Akko curled up on herself, ready to get a scolding for her bold move. She was surprised to feel Diana’s hand under her chin, making her tilt her head up, before the girl said :

“I think you still has some of it… on you…”

And then Diana kissed her. It was hesitant at first, little brushes of lips. They barely even touched each other. But then they grew more confidant, their kisses became firmer, passionnate even. Akko encircled Diana’s waist with her arms and licked the blonde’s bottom lip before sucking on it lightly. Looping her arms around Akko’s back and shoulders, Diana let out a little moan as she kissed back with just as much fervor.

After a minute or two, the girls were forced to pull away to breath. Panting, they looked at each other and said, in perfect synchronisation :

“I love you.”

Smiling, they started kissing again.

A.N : Ooookay… Sooo… It’s the first time I write this kind of scene and I don’t know if I did it right, but I hope you’ll like it anyway !

P.S : As I thought, couldn’t really make it short, huh ? Welp.

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SO ask to the lazybones to brush their long and soft hair, because it’s really relaxing and cool. SO love so much when they skeles touch and play with their hair, it tickles. Sometime after this, for the great amount of relax, SO fall asleep.

♥UT Sans: He unconsciously pets and plays with your hair already, and starts doing it intentionally when he finds out that you do like it. He’ll gladly brush your hair for you, it makes you happy and relaxed and it doesn’t take to much work on his part. Sans begins to use this technique when he wants you to relax with him.

♥UF Sans: Red loves to play with and touch your hair, but he usually doesn’t. When you tell him you like it and ask him to brush it for you, he acts like he’s doing you a favor, but in reality, he’s having a lot of fun. Sometimes he’ll scratch you a little extra to get a giggle out of you and it’s a good thing that he’s behind you, so you can’t see him smiling like a dork. When he learns that it can make you fall asleep, he’s all over that and use it when he wants to cuddle with you, but is to tsundere to ask for it. (He also use his magic sometimes when he wants cuddle with you, but is to stubborn to ask for it. And what better way to get you to cuddle with him than to make you to tired and comfortable to want to move?)

♥US Papyrus: Stretch will tease you about it by playing with your hair in public to make you giggle and lose focus. At home, he always brushes or pets your hair when you two are relaxing together.

♥SF Papyrus: Oh yes! Rus loves to be close to you in general, and already loves petting, playing with or brushing your hair. He nuzzles into your hair to get you to giggle, and if you ever do have to go somewhere, you’re going to have to tell him to stop, because he’d be happy cuddling and petting you for hours. He does comply when you tell him that you really do have to go, but only after letting out a sad puppy whine and nuzzling into your hair one final time. (You Monster, just let him love you!)

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Yo Artie! How many piercings ya got? Plannin' on gettin' any more?

Two in my left side; I have two earrings holes but not really use earrings now…

… another one on the right and another hole…

… and one in my tongue~ I honestly don’t plan in getting more, I’m happy with these.

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hello there! my name is Alexis, maybe we can be friends? I brought some pokepuffs as a gift * Gives you a basket full of pokepuffs *


(He appreciates the sweets! What a lovely delphox you are, Alexis! Of course you two can be friends! I’d just say,, bring less puffs next time!)


We always manage to explode something in the labs and the (some of) guards spend their time outside sleeping when no one’s watching… Ansem is usually too busy to accompany me. Xehanort has high expectations of everyone and everything. Braig brings me to brothels and lets me have his drinks. Dilan seems genuinely worried that I’ll fall off, he pulls the straps so hard I can’t breathe. Even yells at me for every tiny offence but I know he means well. And Aeleus always reads me stories to sleep. 

They’re all I have.

And I’ll never trade them for anything. 

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So I've been reading a lot of voltron and fma fic lately and it's got me thinking ... Lance would be appropriately enthused about photos of Elicia and probably reciprocate with baby sib / cousin stories, and Maes would probably adopt the fuck out of this lost homesick stray kid if given half a chance. If Amestris was in another planet and the paladin/s got stuck there somehow, what are your thoughts on character interactions?

This is really cute, definitely. It would be fun to have a crossover, where like, I dunno, a wormhole malfunction spit out the Blue Lion in a parallel universe (Slav would be so stoked), and Lance had to land and wait for the others to come for him. I guess it would have to be before everything went down in the Fullmetal series, so the Elrics would be running around the country looking for information, and Lance just happened to land near Maes’s post, and Hughes kind of took in the stranger from the sky because adoption is pretty much his middle name. It would be a nice relaxing break for Lance, when he wasn’t worrying about his friends and wondering if he would ever get home. He would play with Elicia and tease Ed when they met, and I think he and Al would really get along. Al would enjoy listening to all of Lance’s stories and might even take his bragging at face value, being the innocent kid that he is, and Lance would feel like he met another, younger Hunk. (He would no doubt be super protective of these Elric kids, for sure, gosh, they’re younger than PIDGE, what are they doing in the ARMY.)

I think Lance might say the wrong thing to Roy and cheese him off enough to get reprimanded, and then he would be wary of him for a while until he figured out that he was just a big dork. After that he would keep coming into his office to bug him all the time, and Roy’s traitorous staff would let him do it because seeing Roy get pissed off makes them laugh. And Lance and Riza would go target-shooting together and lay waste to a whole mess of empty cans and bottles.

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Well, I was telling Hinata-kun to head to towa city to get Shirokuma and Kurokuma's ai units, but that was the last ask of the time limit I gave him. Should've doubled it.

What purpose would gaining the AIs now serve, exactly?

And you mentioned  a time limit… so I suppose Hinata was dominant for a length of time you had selected earlier. The only question that remains is how exactly you managed that.