emptying out the drafts

revamp notice

hey everyone! lani here.

i’ve been gone a long while off this blog, and I’ve had this blog for a really long time and things have changed with my character interpretation, and I really wanna revamp/soft reset things for that.

this is going to be a much more 616 based magneto from now on, though I will still have verses for xmcu stuff, because I know a lot of my old partners are from that sphere. but I just really want to expand and I love how much more I can do with 616 erik

once I get back from my vacation, I’ll probably be making him a new theme and what not but until then! just consider this a soft reset.

I’ve got a lot of unanswered asks and dead drafts that I can’t muster the muse for, so if there’s something you’d really like me to reply to, let me know, if not, I’m gonna empty out my drafts at the end of the week when I revamp my blog.

thank you all so much for sticking around through everything!


It’s me. Back from vacation semi-hiatus! And I’ve decided to do a bit of spring cleaning (aka doing what I should have done months ago and emptying out my drafts/inbox). 

I’m probably going to keep at max 15 threads for my own sanity because this 90+ I have is sort of ridiculous and completely unfair for those of you who’ve been waiting 84 years SO expect a starter call and fresh memes soon!


The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire:

“Matilda Briggs was not the name of a young woman, Watson,” said Holmes in a reminiscent voice. “It was a ship which is associated with the giant rat of Sumatra, a story for which the world is not yet prepared.

Lord Moran = the “big rat” of Sumatra Road Station = the giant rat of Sumatra = a story for which the world is not yet prepared

When people ask me about home, I tell them your name.

They ask me to describe the ache in me and I tell them your name.

It’s just – I never expected all three to be so synonymous, you know?

—  Darshana Suresh, “luckless hands and empty wars”