emptying out the drafts

I sleep now <3

I hope you enjoy Sacrifice part II! My plan is to empty out my drafts before working on anything else. I have one request and the rest of the Hunger Games AU… (I think. LOL I’m out of it today.) After which I will focus on Chapter 5 and Harry Potter AU. Keep sending in your houses, y’all <3

I love seeing all my fellow HP nerds out there.

Have a great day/night depending on what side of the earth you find yourself on. 

You’re great. You’re awesome. And I love you. 

Talk to you later <333

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time
To me younger self
Not to change anything or anyone
But just to tell myself to take it all in
To use it all as an inspiration
To feel as much as I can
Even if it’s pain or sadness
I wish I had started writing earlier
I wish I had taken the inspiration sooner
I’m Back (Kinda!)

Hey guys! Thanks so much for waiting for me! So, I am back but there’s a few things that are different:

  • For now asks will only be open on FRIDAY! I will announce when I’m opening the inbox, as well as an hour before I close it, so it’s easier to keep track of.
  • Please only 5 bots per ask! It gets overwhelming when someone asks for more than that.

  • Due to Incidents™ my inbox and drafts are emptied out :( Which means that if you sent something in before my hiatus and I haven’t answered it yet, it’s gone. Feel free to send it again tomorrow, though. Again, very sorry for the inconvenience.
Thanks to all of you who’ve stuck with me. You guys are great ♥ I’ll try to be on as much as possible, and hopefully I can get back up to my normal writing routine soon. Love you, Sugar Peas!

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Cool girls keep their hem lines high and politics low. They break boys hearts in one solid blow. They going skiing on weekends and excuse themselves to powder their nose.
Cool girls have learned the fine art of seduction. How to trail their fingers ever so gently over jean-clad thighs, pitch their laugh at the right octave and smile with the right amount of pearly whites. They know how to hook people, and, sometimes, they’ll take pleasure in letting you drown rather than reeling you in.
Cool girls know that to fall in love is to surrender a part of yourself to the universe. You become reliant on fate, but they’d rather have fate by the balls.
Cool girls know that “nice guys” are a fucking trap. They seem inviting, which is what makes them so dangerous.
Cool girls don’t need you to tell them they’re cool.
Cool girls do cry themselves to sleep.
Cool girls know they’re not alone, but, damn, do they feel lonely.
Cool girls just want something tangible to hold and call home. Someone or something to come back to when the keggers and the clubs get cold. Don’t get them wrong, they like to have fun. They like going out on the town and getting real loud. But everyone gets headaches, ya’ know, their ups and downs.
Cool girls know that life is a joke, and sometimes they laugh along with god.
Cool girls just want to feel real.
Are you a cool girl, or do you just want to live the fantasy?
—  BUT WHAT DO I KNOW? (i’m the latter) // k.m.

When people ask me about home, I tell them your name.

They ask me to describe the ache in me and I tell them your name.

It’s just – I never expected all three to be so synonymous, you know?

—  Darshana Suresh, “luckless hands and empty wars”

The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire:

“Matilda Briggs was not the name of a young woman, Watson,” said Holmes in a reminiscent voice. “It was a ship which is associated with the giant rat of Sumatra, a story for which the world is not yet prepared.

Lord Moran = the “big rat” of Sumatra Road Station = the giant rat of Sumatra = a story for which the world is not yet prepared