I started working on this video shortly before season 2 began. I was all hyped up and I worked on it pretty hard, but then I got kind of tired of it because animation takes a long time. So I kind of left it alone. Over a year passed, and I decided to post the unfinished version, which was about half a year ago now. A lot of people liked it, and since I wasn’t doing anything much since it was winter break, I decided to go and try and finish it up. School started back up again so that stopped me again, but now I’ve finally gotten the time to complete it, so here it is!

Hope you like it! Please follow me for announcements of future projects and convention appearances!


I made a song in FL Studio

Steven Universe - We’re Not Gonna Do It Alone by empty-10

The art for this piece is based heavily on a scene in the extended Steven Universe theme that was shown at SDCC this year. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’d check it out, it’s awesome! Sorry if this is spoilery, but the one moment where Yellow Diamond turns I think is basically perfect. I definitely felt inspired to try and recapture it!

Also, I will in fact be at Bronycon 2015 in artist alley! I’ll post an official announcement soon. I will be bringing this as a print!