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Sliding into an empty seat in the back of the lecture hall, Kate Beckett pulled out a notebook and pen. She wasn’t late yet, but she barely made it on time. She was wearing a pair of jeans with a couple of distressed tears in them and a t-shirt from a rock concert she’d gone to over the summer with a black leather jacket over top. She was a good student despite her rebellious attire and attitude, and she was excited about this particular literature course. By the time the course syllabus was discussed, the professor made it clear that group projects would be available immediately after lecture, the list with topics and pairings would be on the front blackboard.

i just really love harry so much, i don’t know how to explain it but my heart literally hurts thinking about it. watching jamie’s soundchecks… “it was just a thousand empty seats and harry” and then at that rays of sunshine thing, giving that little girl the diamond necklace. harry just - he does all these things you know? and some we hear about, but so so many more we don’t. he just has such a kind and open heart and just - he really does want all the love for everyone and he gives pieces of himself away and his heart to people to help them and just let them know they’re loved. he’s so fucking important, and i just, i’m overwhelmed with how beautiful his soul is.

  • Aries:The performer that goes around singing even though it's 5 am and people just want to sleep
  • Taurus:The dude with coffee in his beard
  • Gemini:The little kid that points at everything and asks what it means
  • Cancer:Pissed off soccer mom screaming at her kids
  • Leo:The 'Stand clear of the closing doors, please' guy
  • Virgo:The business lady who sits with her legs crossed and has her nose pointed in the air
  • Libra:The person who gives their seat up to a kid or older person
  • Scorpio:The guy sitting in the corner that people are scared to sit next to
  • Sagittarius:The overly excited foreigner that tries to talk to everyone and ask questions
  • Capricorn:The dude that insists on holding onto the pole even though all the seats are empty
  • Aquarius:Scarfbeard man-bun dude in a flannel sweater reading the newspaper
  • Pisces:The person sleeping in their seat even though the subway is going really fast
All It Takes (Part 2)

Summary: Captain America himself walks in on your best friend’s wedding and is invited to stay.

Word Count: 819

Warnings: None.

“All It Takes” Masterlist

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The ceremony went without a hitch, Steve Rogers sitting next to you throughout it all. Despite tradition usually dictating you both stand at opposite sides of the altar, it was a little awkward with everyone’s eyes on Captain America, so you had quietly grabbed his hand and pulled him with you to a pair of empty seats.

“Thank you,” he whispered softly as the priest began the ceremony.

You scoffed, waving his gratitude away. “Don’t mention it. I should be thanking you for tolerating this. Nicole can be—Well, you’re here and probably have somewhere else to be.”

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One day you fall out of love, it’ll happen. One day, maybe it’ll be a year from now, you’ll wake up and go to school. It’ll be a new school year. You head straight into algebra, it’s a normal first week of school. A student misses the first week of school. An empty seat. The following week, a new smile is near. Her smile, it was always close by. One day, all she does is cry. It wasn’t your fault. She’s just your good friend’s ex. It’s none of your business, let the bees deal with the flowers, you say. Guess who wanted to buzz today? You become a bee. She becomes your flower. She’s everywhere. High gardens in your thoughts, ocean flowers, the softest tears, she had a smile you can’t look away from. So you get a little too close and break all of the rules because you’re selfish and she’s selfish. Baby, you’re both flawed from head to toe, that just makes the first kiss this much more important. Then three month comes around, you make poems with your voice and use a stringed cup to read into her soul. You have found your soulmate. You did. Congratulations. The end? No. She likes someone new. You’re jealous. Eyes of his, just like mine? Bullshit. Your third argument. Your summer fling becoming a real thing. You break up. You make up. You have sex inside empty envelopes. You didn’t learn a thing, you didn’t write a thing, but you sent it out anyway. It’s been five years now. School is finished. You’ve gotten no where. She’s getting somewhere. So she leaves you because you’ll never be shit. You pluck away those rose petal sun rises. She loves me. She loves me now. She loves me. She loves me not. She loves me. You break her heart in the worst way. She only means well. She wants only for you to grow. With or without her, you will. She finds someone new. So do you. They work out. Yours doesn’t. She may still love you, but you most definitely still love her like it was the first time you pressed those stubborn ears onto her chest, you finally hear your first heartbeat. And it was beating for only you. A moment of clarity. She has changed you completely.


Imagine your OTP are strangers in a crowded subway carriage. Person A is standing, Person B has managed to find an empty seat. Some obnoxious idiot (person C) comes crashing through the carriage bumping into everyone left, right, and centre. Including person A who is knocked directly onto Person Bs lap.

Bonus: After awkwardly apologising Person A attempts to stand back up only to be held back down by Person B.

The flight from H(ell)eaven?

(warning: long story)

This is not my own story, but my Dad’s during his travel from Florida to New York.

My father prefers to arrive on at time in anything in life. He’s a stickler for that kind of thing. So to my amazement when he told me this awesome story of how he sought revenge, although indirectly, I was grinning ear to ear while listening.

Of course my father arrives on time to his flight. At boarding time the plane was a bit empty, something like 2 or 3 rows was empty in the very back and my father loves to sit in the back because it’s less stressful (and proven to be safer in the event a plane crashes). So there is freedom to choose the seat you want, and my father does so. bags put in the overhead compartment, empty seats on either side of him and life is bliss.

That is until the plane is delayed. A minor inconvenience, but nothing too detrimental. 5 Minutes pass delayed, then 10 minutes, then 20, then 30. Everyone on the plane is wondering why this damn plan won’t take off. And then it happens, a family of 5 which we’ll call the Anuses (father, mother, 2 sons and an infant) board the plane.

If you’ve ever rode on a plane before, you’ll understand that this is almost unthinkable. Planes love to take off on time and if you’re even 5 minutes late you will not be able to board said plane.

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