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Every day is the same. He wakes up again, as if nothing happened the day before, in the same place, his head pounding, throat dry… The air is always still when he opens his eyes and stares up into the dark sky. It is never daylight here, not fully. Only dark, angry clouds and air that is thick with dust and ash. He doesn’t know where the debris has come from. He doesn’t venture further than the empty parking lot outside. He doesn’t think there’s anything beyond there anyway.

Even though he knows what’s to come, he can’t help but let his feet carry him to the room; the room that is as familiar as it is alien. He shakes his head, not sure where he recognises it from. A flicker of a memory, a fleeting, warm image crosses his mind and he thinks for a moment that he might have loved, once, a long time ago. The room is cold now. It used to be different. Thinking like this makes his head hurt. Everything is foggy, distorted. Nothing seems entirely real.

The first person comes and he is ready for them. He knows how it will go. He doesn’t resist when they push him onto the old mattress on the floor. The first collision of their fist with his mouth splits his lip open again – he can’t remember when it was last fully healed – and the blood stains their knuckles red. They don’t notice. He doesn’t think he’s ever seen such fury in someone’s eyes. It doesn’t suit them, he realises, just as he remembers that he knows them, from before. Before this place.


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The local republican chapter set up their base in a vape shop located in an empty parking lot that went bankrupt

Rural Idaho is a goddamn trip I’m telling you

The signs as Code Names

Eagle One: Gemini, Taurus

Been there, done that: Cancer, Libra

Currently doing that: Virgo, Pisces

It happened once in a dream: Aries, Scorpio

If I had to pick a dude: Leo, Aquarius

Eagle Two: Sagittarius, Capricorn


so last night, I came home about 10:30 just to find this abandoned, unlocked, empty post truck just parked on the side of the road near my house, next to the mouth of the woods. It was super odd because post trucks do not run at night, neither do they just suddenly appear unlocked. Now that’s some @sixpenceee shit

The Signs as Types of Nights

Aries: Spring nights when it’s warmer than it has been and you’re racing your friends on an empty highway and you park by a scenic view and laugh and take pictures.

Taurus: Fall nights when you and your best friends are walking around a dark city and the leaves are falling in front of you and you cling to cups of coffee and conversation to stay warm.

Gemini: Summer nights in July when there are fireworks every night and your family always have barbecues and you feel like summer will never end.

Cancer: Winter nights when the snow is gentle and the fireplace is on and your parents are cleaning up dinner and you stay in your room to read or watch movies and enjoy your own company .

Leo: Summer nights when you go see music playing in the park and see a lot of old friends who tell you how great you look and you catch up with them until the music stops and it’s too late to go home.

Virgo: Winter nights in the city, when the snow is piled up too high and the lights are blurred and you’re walking fast with a friend of yours to stay warm and it smells like Christmas.

Libra: Spring nights when school is coming to a close and all your plans for summer are made and you’re cleaning your room and finding things your forgot you had, going through old journals and throwing out worn it clothes and finding pictures you forgot you took.

Scorpio: Fall nights when you drink too much and can be completely honest about how you think and feel and you convince a bunch of your friends to sneak into an abandoned house with you.

Sagittarius: Summer nights when you drive by yourself, unsure of what you’re looking for, and come across a lake or river. You strip and jump in and lay on a rock just as it starts to rain and lightning lights it all up.

Capricorn: Winter nights when you have a lot of work to do and you spend all night at your desk as the snow falls and the person you love is waiting for you to come to bed.

Aquarius: Fall nights when it’s abnormally cold and it smells like snow, but you’re at a party with only a couple people who know you and you go outside to smoke and start talking about conspiracy theories with a stranger and finally feel like you exist.

Pisces: Spring nights, just when the sun is setting, and the flowers bloom around you in an open field and the person you love is sitting next to you on a blanket putting flowers in your hair.



Photographing the Foxes of New Jersey’s Island Beach State Park

For more photos from the park, explore the Island Beach State Park location page. For more nature photos and videos from the US Northeast, follow @thesecondgleam and @darrenerbe on Instagram.

Off the coast of New Jersey, 3,000 acres (1,200 hectares) of sand dunes and tidal marshes make up Island Beach State Park, a protected 10-mile (16-kilometer) stretch of barrier island. Among the wildlife that call the island home, a population of photogenic red foxes inhabit the park’s thickets and marine forests. When Haley Decker (@thesecondgleam) and boyfriend Darren Erbe (@darrenerbe) first began visiting the island with hopes of photographing the animals, they were only met with paw prints disappearing into the dunes. Toward the end of winter, however, when fewer people frequented the park, their luck changed. “We parked in a huge empty parking lot, and all of a sudden foxes started popping up out of nowhere from all directions,” Haley tells. “We kept a distance and one curious fox came closer and closer right by our parking spot! It is kind of scary to be so close to a wild animal. You never know how they’ll react.”

A resident of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Haley finds inspiration in the natural world around her. “The Northeast is where I thrive. I am an outdoors type of person, and without fresh air and trees I tend to get cabin fever,” she says. Haley and Darren bonded through their mutual love for photography, and their relationship takes them on frequent adventures together. “We’re definitely a team when shooting photos. One of us has an idea and the other helps that come to fruition,” Haley explains. “But with the foxes, we just both approached them slowly and we switched off between shooting with an iPhone or a digital camera. If one of us was taking pictures of the foxes, the other was making sure the foxes felt comfortable.”

“My absolute favorite thing to do at Disneyland is after the parks close. My family and I always visit during the holidays, so after the parks close and most of the guests clear out, I can simply walk around and enjoy the true magic of the park. Surrounded by the lights, the soft holiday music playing in the distance, and holding hands with my boyfriend was the most magical moment I ever had at a Disney Park and will always stay close to my heart (although I felt guilty about the cast members).”  

me, crying alone in the backseat of my car in the empty parking lot of a supermarket while it’s raining: at least the aesthetic is present


For @sixpenceee @sixpenceeeblog
I’m not sure if anybody has written about this place before. According to local legend Disney wanted to open an amusement park in Virginia but couldn’t get the publics approval due to there already being two parks in the area (King’s Dominion and Busch Gardens Williamsburg), so they instead funded. Local group who wanted to open a Ren Faire themed park for a few years with the intention of going public with their endorsment if the park succeeded. The park did not succeed, in fact it was poorly managed and they were out of money within 3 years. Disney abandoned the project and the staff left with what they could get their hands on (evidence in the location shows people stripped any metal they could find). In 2014 my mother and I (whom both love scary and abandoned places) found the address online and took a trip to Fredericksburg Virginia. Along the highway is a clearance you can pull into and lots of no trespassing signs. From the road it looks like an ordinary stretch of land but if you walk the path for half a mile you’ll find a huge plot of land with over a dozen abandoned buildings. There are leftover signs, occasional furniture, and most of the staircases are still in tact. The crowning glory is a replica of a pirate ship that looks like it would have been a stage and is halfway submerged in the water. We had to cut our trip short (due to us hearing a road crew and thinking my car was being towed! Luckily it was not!) But we went back a second time in 2015. Unfortunately my phone was dead and I wasn’t able to take any pictures. However on the second trip we explored more of the insides of buildings. We found a room that looked like someone had lived their in the last few years that felt incredibly creepy like we didn’t belong their. We went inside one of the biggest buildings (which looked like it might have been a restaurant with the top floor being seating) and i got the worst urge to jump off the building and had to hold my boyfriend’s hand and climb so i didn’t jump. Overall the place is mildly eerie but not frightening except in select spots. I plan to make another trip back this year. I also have loads more photos if anyone wants to see them.