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blackout | chanyeol (pt.3)

You wanted to resist him but you couldn’t. The urge to be near him was too big. But in this Moment you didn’t care what would happen after. In this Moment you just wanted him to be in you.

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‘‘I look like a slut.’‘ It was Saturday, 9pm. The party was already approaching its peak, and Jisoo and you were almost done getting ready. Because you weren’t a big party goer, you didn’t knew what to wear, but Jisoo had searched for something in the deep of your dresser only to pick out a tight, short skirt with a chessboard pattern and a zipper at the front - you couldn’t even remember when you had bought such a thing but you were sure it was Jisoo’s fault. You paired it with a black crop top.

‘‘No you don’t,’‘ Jisoo said, walking in your room while brushing her hair. You turned yourself to her, and saw that she was wearing something as slutty as you. It was a short black dress with fishnet tights.

Furrowing your brows you said, ‘’Jisoo, we do look like sluts.’’ You walked to your bed and took your favourite perfume, spraying on a decent amount. ‘’I still don’t know why I agreed to this. This skirt is so fucking tight. How am I even supposed to walk in this?’’

Jisoo sighed. ‘’I’m pretty sure this skirt won’t be long on you. Also, trust me, Chanyeol will like it.’’ Giving you a playful smirk she demonstrated you how the zipper of your skirt worked.

Laughing and slapping her hand away, you walked out of your room, Jisoo following you. ‘’I’m definitely not going to have sex today. With anyone. Two times not with Chanyeol. He’s a freaking fuckboy!’’

‘’Just because he’s friends with the others doesn’t mean he’s a fuckboy, you know,’’ Jisoo answered, stuffing her mouth with an apple.

You also took one, taking a big bite. You wanted to be sure you’d eaten enough before the party so you wouldn’t puke and get too drunk. ‘’I’m sure he is. The message. Fuckboy.’’

Sighing for what felt like the hundreth time today, Jisoo shrugged her shoulders. ‘’Well, if you don’t want him, can I have him?’’

The next thing Jisoo saw was a pillow flying her direction. You quickly grabbed one of the pillows on the couch and had thrown it through the big open window in the kitchen, that linked your kitchen and living room. ‘’Of course you can’t. Remember what happened with Minah and Jongdae? I don’t want that to happen to you. Please, throw yourself on someone like, I don’t know, your biology class partner.’’

Jisoo laughed and nodded. ‘’Right, I forgot there was someone really cute. I forgot his name, but not his face.’’

Rolling your eyes, you picked up your shoes from the ground and put them on later followed by your jacket and your purse. Jisoo did the same.

‘‘You ready?’‘ she asked while smiling brightly. You nodded and closed the door of your apartment, leaving behind your comfortable area wherein you didn’t even have to wear a bra. Well, let’s see what this night brings you…

The walk across the campus to the complex where all the boy apartments were was not as long as you hoped. Infact, two minutes after, you already arrived at the staircase. Both you and Jisoo knew exactly where the enormous apartment of the now nine boys was. You were almost 100% sure Chanyeol also lived with them.

Walking to the third floor, you could already hear the bass of the music pounding through the walls. The smell of alcohol was also pretty heavy. You always wondered why Professors never restricted things like this.

Soon, you had arrived at the door. It was closed, but you could still push it and it opened. Kyungsoo was an engineering student, and knew how to prepare certain things so they had, how he calls it, useful special effects. So the door looked like it was closed but with a slight powerful push you could open it.

Pushing the door open, the smell of sweat, alcohol and smoke basicially slapped you in the face. The apartment was filled with students dancing, drinking, smoking or everything at once.

It wasn’t even that late. Jisoo and you had arrived a hour later since Jisoo said no one would come early, but it seemed like she was wrong. The apartment was almost dark, except for some neon lights which made it fell like a real club. The music came from a huge sound system and it felt like hundred students were dancing to it.

Taking Jisoo’s hand in yours, you both squished through the mass of sweaty bodies until you arrived at the transformer kitchen-bar. Leaning on the counter were Baekhyun and Junmyeon, already visibly drunk. Yixing was behind the counter, mixing strange liquids with each other.

Baekhyun looked away from the mass of students and his eyes landed on you. He smirked and bit his lip. Scanning your body up and down and taking in the, in his eyes, beautiful outfit, he pushed himself from the counter and walked in your direction.

‘‘Y/N, I was almost worried you wouldn’t come. Nice outfit. I like the skirt, is it new?’‘ He slurred, while playing with the ring of the zipperhead.

You rolled your eyes, taking Baekhyuns hand and squishing, it only to hear a painful whimper from him. ‘’No it isn’t.’’ After letting his hand go, you walked further to the counter where Yixing was standing, and also looking you up and down with a visible smirk plastering his face.

‘‘Hello sweeties, what can I make you?’‘ he asked, the smell of alcohol lingering around him, making you feel drunk already.

Jisoo smiled beside you and leaned over the counter. ‘’Two vodka lemonades please. For the girl beside me, more vodka than lemonade. She has to come down a little bit.’’

Giving Jisoo an annoyed look, you sighed. She was right actually, you had to chill a little bit. Just because you usually didn’t drink, that didn’t meant you hated alcohol. Infact, you really liked it.

Yixing winked at both of you, giving you your drinks. ‘’Here you go girls. Two amazing drinks for two even more amazing girls.’’

You chuckled and looked Jisoo in the eye. You two had that weird ritual that when you were at a party you had to drink the first drink together, looking each other in the eyes and gunshotting it. So that was exactly what you were doing.

The alcohol hit you right away. You weren’t sure how much vodka Yixing had added but it felt like there was almost no lemon. Setting it down after it was empty, you already felt more lightheaded than before. You could tell Jisoo did too. You both smiled at each other and started laughing.

‘‘Okay, now let’s party!’‘ Jisoo said, and the next thing you knew, she was gone in the crowd of people infront of you. It was always like this. After the first drink together, Jisoo always disappeared, just so you could find her making out with a random guy later on.

Grinning after her, you relaxed your shoulders and looked around you. It wasn’t that you were searching for Chanyeol but, you were. To your sadness you only found Jongin and Baekhyun at your side. Baekhyun holding two cups, one of them offering to you.

‘‘You didn’t put something in there, did you?’‘ you asked, while taking the cup from him and taking a sip before he could even answer.

Smirking, he shook his head and layed one arm around your shoulder. You were too lazy to care right now. Maybe it was the alcohol making you think so.

Jongin joined your left side and lowered his head so he could speak in your ear. It was so loud he must have screamed otherwise. Speaking in your ear his warm breath tickled your skin, making you feel good.

‘‘Do you enjoy the party?’‘ he said, immediately after looking in your face again. 

You nodded, smiling and emptying your second cup of Alcohol right after. Jongin showed you the Okay-sign with his hand and was also gone in the crowd of people. Baekhyun was still at your side.

Grabbing his hand, to Baekhyuns surprise, you placed your empty cup somewhere and dragged him to were everyone was dancing. You felt like dancing but it would have been boring without somebody.

Standing opposite each you started dancing, rolling your body and swinging your hips. You loved to dance and you knew you looked good while doing it, so you weren’t afraid to show what you got.

Baekhyun was just standing there for a second to register what had just happened. Y/N, the stubborn Y/N he knew just invited him to grind his body on her.

Smirking, he also started moving his body, taking in all of your curves. He looked around to search for one certain person. You were in the perfect state for the person he was searching for. You wouldn’t say no to anything he would say. After he found what he was looking for he quickly dissapeared infront of you. You, on the other hand, were too drunk and focused on dancing to notice.

Suddenly, you felt two strong arms sneaking themselves around your waist from behind, and something beside your ear.

‘’Hey, Y/N. I’m glad you came,’’ you heard the person behind you saying in your ear, like before, when Jongin spoke in your ear. But it was different. Their hot breath tickled your skin, however this time you felt something further down your body. You knew exactly who it was behind you.

Turning around, you had Chanyeol’s face infront of you, looking at you like he always did with his emotionless eyes. However the alcohol added a glisten to his gaze. You smiled playfully and took a step forward, so you both were nearly pressed together.

Standing on your tiptoes, you answered him with a seductive ‘’Hey,’’ which he countered with an amused smirk. It was the first time you saw Chanyeol moving his mouth from the line he normally had when he was not talking and joking around with the boys. You had watched him a lot over the past weeks. It was almost creepy.

Chanyeol had rested his hands on your hips now, also swaying with the beat of the music, dancing with you. He looked over your head and over the heads from everyone else. He was smirking to himself all the time. He finally got what he wanted. You. There was no way he wouldn’t fuck you senseless today.

Since the first day you had walked into him, he found you interesting. All the boys said you were hopeless but he wanted you and if he wants something, he always gets it. Now he was standing here with you, knowing he would take you to his shared room tonight. Every one of the boys knew he had something to do, so his room was private space only for him and you tonight.

You, on the other hand, were still sober enough that you didn’t forget to not have sex with anyone, and expecially not with Chanyeol today. Yes, you were drunk, but if you promised something to yourself you always held it. Unfortunately, you were losing it more and more.

Noticing that Chanyeol was moving his hands up and down your body, it got even harder to resist him, only to be surprised by a pair of lips that landed on yours. Chanyeol’s lips.

It didn’t take you long to move your lips and respond to Chanyeol’s kiss, that evolved into what seemed like a make-out session, fast.

Feeling Chanyeol smirk against your lips, you slowly opened your mouth. Chanyeol hadn’t even asked for permission to enter. You wanted it. You wanted to feel his tongue exploring your wet cavern.

All the levers in your brain were switched to fuck it mode. You wanted to resist him but you couldn’t. The urge to be near him was too big. But in this moment, you didn’t care what would happen afterwards. In this moment, you just wanted him to be in you.

You were like butter in Chanyeol hands. He already had seperated himself from your kiss, both of you breathless. He smiled at you, more devilish than sincere, and took your hand to guide you through the countless bodies jumping around.

Knowing what would come now, you still followed him. Your brain was clouded with hot feelings. You were feeling bothered, your private area was aching for touches and you missed the feeling of his plump, moist lips on yours. You had often imagined how his lips would feel but now that you’d experienced it, you knew it felt way better than you had ever dreamed of.

Both of you stopped in front of a door. The door had two stickers, C and M. You figured that it must mean Chanyeol and Minseok. It’s their room.

Chanyeol opened the door with a key he previously pulled out of his jeans pocket, and dragged you in with him, locking the door after.

You were now standing in the middle of a moderate sized room. It was bigger than yours, since two people lived in here. Looking around you noticed two beds, two desks, dressers and other stuff. Just a normal dorm room with personal stuff in it.

Turning your head to Chanyeol, you saw that he had already removed his Hawaiian shirt, leaving him in a black tank top. You stared at his arm muscles and his abs, which you could make out through the thin fabric of his top. He must have been working out a lot.

He walked toward you, caressing your shoulders after he had stopped in front of you. You sighed, placing your palms over his chest muscles making the same circular motions he was making on your shoulders.

Slowly, Chanyeol hands slid to your neck and up your throat, only to rest on your cheeks. Closing the gap between you both, you shared the second kiss for tonight, and you wished it wasn’t the last.

The kiss was different to the first. It was faster, harder and felt more explosive, the nerves on your lips sparking.

You moved your hands to the southern regions of Chanyeol’s body, stopping on the hem of his tank top. After fiddling with it a little bit, you slid your hands under his shirt the way he had moved from your shoulders to your cheeks earlier, slowly and thrilling.

Feeling his toned muscles you gasped, making Chanyeol chuckle right after. He seperated himself quickly from you, taking your hands out from under his shirt so he could take it off. He threw it in the next corner of the room immediately.

Your hand reached out for his mucles again, your eyes focused on the outline of his defined sixpack. Lost in this sight, you hadn’t noticed that Chanyeol had started nibbling on your neck, only to be shaken awake by your moaning.

Chanyeol had bitten in the tender flesh of your throat and quickly found your soft spot. After hearing your quiet yet arousing moan, Chanyeol wasted no time in sucking on this exact place, leaving you in an excited state.

Walking forward, Chanyeol moved you slowly in the direction of his bed. He liked what you were doing here, but for him, it was all going too slowly. He already was rock hard and he wanted you. Right now, right here.

Carefully letting you sit down on his bed, he still stood and now hovered even more over you. Leaving your neck now, he looked down at you. The sight infront of him almost making him come already.

You were staring up at him. Your eyes having a tint of innocence, but also seduction in them. He could tell you were drunk, but still that much sober that you knew what you were doing, and the fact that you were still in this room here with him, made him laugh internally.

Hopeless? You weren’t hopeless. Just, no one was like him.

Crouching down so he was on eye level with you, he laid his hands on top of your thighs. You were now slightly taller than Chanyeol. He smiled up to you and placed a quick peck on your lip. ‘’Stand up for me please.’’ His voice hoarse and full of lust.

You stood up almost immediatly, surprising yourself on how much impact Chanyeol had on you. You were doing everything he said without thinking about it. Everything you had promised yourself forgotten. It felt and seemed like you were having a total blackout.

Chanyeol’s hands had now left your thighs, and now played with the ring on the zipperhead of your skirt like Baekhyun did before. ‘’I really like the skirt. Sadly, I have to take it off of you now.’’

With slow motions, Chanyeol pulled the zipper down until it was completely opened and your skirt fell down, leaving you only in your black panties. You hadn’t planned to have sex now, so it wasn’t anything special, but what could you do wrong with simple black underwear?

Standing up again, Chanyeol now had rested his hands on the hem of your crop top, undressing you out of it. Now you were standing infront of him, only with your underwear and vans left on.

You noticed him staring at you. Taking in every single centimetre of your body. Gliding his hands up and down your almost naked body. ‘’You’re fucking beautiful,’’ he said, making you giggle while you fiddled with the zipper of his pants.

He noticed that you were also slowly getting impatient, so Chanyeol quickly got rid of his shoes, pants and socks while you also kicked of your shoes and socks.

Shortly after you were both finished, he kissed you again. You had almost forgotten how his lips tasted and were glad that his were back on yours again. He softly sat down on his bed, pulling you on his lap. For the first time today you felt his hard one on your thigh. You could tell he was so ready.

Reaching behind you, Chanyeol made it quick in removing your bra. Leaving your lips almost right after, he first stared at your breasts, only to put his lips on the newly revealed flesh, sucking on one breast, gently kneeding the other one with his hands.

He left you in a state of constant soft moaning. Your hands had found it’s place in Chanyeol’s hair. It was as fluffy and nice as you had imagined it.

Chanyeol leaned back more in his bed, but made sure to let you lay down first so he could lay above you.

You both were now laying in Chanyeol’s bed. Still sucking on your right boob and playing with your left, he changed the order, so one wouldn’t feel left behind. 

The state you were in right now was almost unbelivable for you. Everything felt so good, so right even though it was so fucking wrong but you just couldn’t careless in this Moment.

Even though everything Chanyeol was doing right now felt so amazing, you couldn’t wait longer. Opening you mouth slightly, you fiddled with the waistband of his boxershorts. ‘’Chanyeol… please hurry.’’ You breathed out while trying to pull his boxers down a little bit. 

Chanyeol chuckled coming up to your lips again leaving short but hot kisses on your lips. He was looking you direct in the eyes. Even though you could tell they were filled with lust, they were still cold and emotionless somehow. 

Before you could give it another thought Chanyeol had sit up on his knees, slowly removing your panties, throwing them away right after. Admiring your private area, he also stepped out of his boxershort, leaving both of you completely naked. 

At the sight of Chanyeol’s manhood you gawked. It was not super long, just perfect but he looked very thick. You were so ready to feel him fill you up until you felt like ripping apart. 

Leaning over to his nightstand he opened a drawer and pulled out a condom just to rip the foil of with his teeth right after and putting it over his length. 

He lowered himself again propping himself up on his ellbows on either side of you for support. Looking in your face again his lips found yours to start another heated make-out session. 

You reached down to were your woman- and his manhood was only to, first prepare you quickly with your fingers moistening the area with your already leaking out fluid and then grabbing his length to carefully slide it in you. 

Both of you hissed at the contact. You let go of Chanyeol’s length grabbing onto his shoulders with both your hands. He was sliding in you now until you were full of him. ‘’Fuck, you’re so tight Baby.’’ His breathing getting more shallow.

Closing your legs around his waist, you moaned giving him the signal to move. He started slow first but went faster and faster by the second. Soon your were a moaning mess and you both were sure everyone heard his dark grunting pounding through the thin walls of the apartment. The bed was shaking and hitting the wall behind you leaving visible marks. 

Chanyeol was sliding in and out of you in a rapid speed now, you were only seeing stars anymore. Your lips were also not connected anymore. Yours were parted moaning his name over and over, his marking your neck and throat. 

You noticed the familiar feeling in your stomach building up signalling you, you were close. Chanyeol also seemed to be very close since he went even faster, having one of your legs over his shoulder now so he could pound into you deeper and faster. 

Starting to scratch his back and leaving hurtful marks you shakily tried to speak. ‘’Chan- I’m close…’’ You managed to bring out. 

Chanyeol opened his eyes which used to be closed before and looked at you nodding. ‘’Me too. Come for Daddy, Babygirl.’’ 

This sentence with Chanyeol’s low, husky and lustful voice sent you completely over the edge. Screaming his name and scratching even deeper marks in his back you came all over him, tightening around him. 

The now even more tighter new feeling also sent Chanyeol over the edge soon after you, squirting his liquids into the condom. 

Slowly riding both of your orgasms out, Chanyeol let your leg down again, before fully sliding out of your womanhood. He quickly got rid of the condom too throwing it away, not caring if it might land on Minseok’s bed or not. 

Both of you slowly came down from your high, still breathing faster than normal. Chanyeol kissed you again before standing up and putting on his boxers again. He smirked down at you giving you a playfull wink and turning around. 

The last thing you could remember from this night was, seeing Chanyeol walk into what seemed like the connected bathroom to his and Minseok’s shared room before you knocked out completely, still laying on his bed. 

Omg this part idc it’s a freaking masterpiece, I’m so proud of myself. Sorry for the length by the way, I guess I got carried away but guys it’s Chanyeol, yk. Anyway I really hope you like it. I also finished it before 0:00!  Pt.4 will be out on Wednesday I believe :). Love you!

Also huge credits to admin a for correcting my writings. Without her, there would have been lotto embarassing mistakes. 

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Retail Etiquette

AKA a few ways you, the customer, can help make a retail worker’s life easier.

1. If you don’t want something, put it back where you found it. Not sitting on a shelf nearby. Not halfway across the store. Right where you found it. On the peg/ however it was displayed originally. Please. I know it’s super easy to just drop that thing where you are, especially if you’re across the store, but imagine having to put that one thing back times a hundred. That’s what we have to do. Every day. It’s like the world’s worst scavenger hunt that takes literal hours. All work that is avoided if you take five seconds to put that thing back where you found it.

1.5. Don’t trash the shelves looking for that one perfect package in the back or whatever and leave it. Fix what you mess up, or what your kids mess up.

2. Clean up after yourself. Don’t leave trash lying around - cleaning the store and keeping it clean is a monumental task itself without people leaving empty cups on shelves. We have trash cans, use them. Wipe your feet. If you spill something, alert somebody.

3. Do not come in right before close, unless it’s an emergency and you know exactly what you need. In, grab the thing you need, and out before close. If you come into a store 10 minutes or less before close, you’re being (albeit mildly) rude. The staff has closing tasks they need to get done, often before the store actually closes and you’re keeping them from that. If you’re fast, no problem. If you linger and shop around, you’re being rude.

3.5. Do not linger after close. Know when a store closes, and get out when it does. Every minute you stay after close is a minute later the staff actually gets home. You are literally keeping the staff from going home to their family if you stay after close, and it’s deeply rude. Your time is not more important than theirs, especially AFTER the hours they’re obligated to give you their time.

4. If you break something, just tell the staff. They’re not going to make you buy it, it just goes into the ‘store damage’ bin in most places. Don’t try to hide it (world’s worst scavenger hunt part two) or just set it back on the shelf for someone else to find it and complain. Please.

5. Listen to the staff. They know what they’re talking about when they say they don’t have it in the back. They spend almost every day in the store - odds are they know even without looking. Listen to recommendations. Listen to them on policy. They know this stuff, you don’t no matter how long you’ve been a customer. They’re TRAINED, you’re not.

6. Be kind. Be polite. We all have bad days, but if a service worker can be polite and accommodating for 6-8 hours despite that, you can be for ten minutes. Don’t lose your temper if staff messes up. Service workers can only do so much; they’re the bottom of the entire corporate chain, and have literally no authority. Is that two dollars really worth demeaning another human being over?

Re: the Usual Comments:

“But it’s your job to put things back/clean up after me!”

It’s not. It’s deeply strange how people suddenly feel so entitled inside a store. A staff member is there to assist you shopping, not be your nanny. We shouldn’t have to clean up after you. You are not a child - clean up after yourself.

“I’m creating jobs when I -inconvenience store workers in some way-”

No, Cheryl, you’re not making jobs by leaving your empty starbucks cup on my shelf. I would have this job regardless of you making it more difficult, and my company isn’t going to hire more people just because you do. They just expect me to deal with it.

Side Chick

*credit to gif owner. I was sent this

A/N: Also thank you to @iknowyoufeelme for helping me brainstorm a few ideas for this imagine.

   Calum was walking an appropriate distance in front of you as you discreetly trailed behind him. Your mood at the moment was not the happiest and you were trying to keep up with the tall boy as you two made your way to class. You knew the rules of being a side chick. Never interact in public especially when Calum’s girlfriend was around, never fall for the guy you’re sleeping with, and always keep things on the down low. You’ve heard of stories where things had gone wrong and you wanted to avoid that at all costs. Though you had a safety net. Being in the same class as Calum allowed you to talk to him in public, using class work as an excuse to talk with him outside of your hook up time. “Calum,” you timidly said, trying to get his attention and weaving through the crowd as you came up close behind him. “Calum,” you repeated, reaching out to pinch at his arm only for him to pay attention to your next words. “Are we going to the frat party tonight?” you asked. The words came out loud and Calum’s head whipped around, his eyebrow rose, and he gave you a once over. Then he turned back around and continued his trek to the 1pm class. It was the action he gave when he shrugged someone off which is what he had just done to you.

Your pace quickened and soon you were walking beside him. “It was a yes or no question so don’t shrug me off,” you said in a strong voice. Entering inside the building for the Psych 102 class. Calum glanced around at his surroundings before quickly pulling you under the staircase.

“I am going to the party, but not with you…look, Y/N don’t overstep your role. I have a girlfriend and this-” he gestured between the two of you, “This does not see the daylight. Only the darkness of your bedroom or the backseat of my car. Got it?” His words came out cold and you felt a chill run down your spine at the dark stare he was giving you. Calum’s eyebrows rose in question. You swallowed hard and nodded. 

“Got it,” you whispered, almost feeling your breath being sucked out of you as Calum left. Rule number three: don’t catch feelings. That was hard not to do. Sure you enjoyed the sex, but after hooking up with Calum so many times how could you not fall for him? His girlfriend was getting everything you wanted. Calum was emotionally and sexually available for her, but of course there had to be something wrong with his relationship if he was seeking sex from you. You waited a couple of minutes before walking out from under the staircase. Minutes later you entered the classroom and sat two rows and one spot away in front of Calum. No contact whatsoever. 

You chin rested in the palm of your hand as you scribbled down some notes that were written up on the slide. You felt yourself begin to doze off and your eyes landed on the clock rested above the whiteboard. A small groan left your lips as you realized there was still fifteen minutes left of class. Throughout the whole lesson your instructor had been rambling on about dreams connection to memory. You had gone into your own thoughts. Thinking mostly of Calum and how you felt about being in the situation that you were in. Your head tilted to the side and you took a glance at the Kiwi boy. Calum looked bored with the lesson. He was leaning back in his seat with crossed arms and an expression you couldn’t quite read. You felt a tap on your shoulder and your attention was brought to the person sitting next to you. You stared at the guy and your mind raced to place a name to the face. “Hey are you going to the Alpha Omega frat party tonight?” he asked. Eric Knight, you thought to yourself. The two of you had often talked, but it had never gone more then at least five sentences to one another.

“Uh maybe not. I have a ten page paper to write for English,” you lied. Truth was you had finished that paper three days ago, but you remembered Calum saying that he was going to be at the party with his girlfriend. Him being at the party with her meant that you couldn’t attend. Rule number six: never be in the same location as the main chick.

“Awe come on! You’re the life of the party without you there it’d just be bleh,” Eric smiled, playfully nudging you in the side. You chuckled at his words and shrugged your shoulders. 

“I’ll think about it,” you told him, “Not making any promises though.” Eric’s smile grew into a grin and he nodded at your words. His smile only made you smile.

“Well I hope you do come,” he last said, starting to pack his stuff up. You looked around and realized everyone else was also doing the same. Eric gave you a wave goodbye and left out the room. You smiled to yourself and began to pack up your stuff. Your teeth sunk into your bottom lip and you shook your head to stop the thoughts that were running through your mind. Your conversations with Eric usually ended in that way. His charm rubbing off on you in a good way. He was always flirting with you and often times wanted to hang out. Though your small banters only stayed behind the classroom and at parties. 

Calum was leaning against the wall next to the door when you left the classroom. He’d never wait on you unless he was in the mood, but as you looked at him quizzically you could tell that wasn’t the case now. You didn’t allow him to say a word only brushing past him at a quick pace. Calum had told you to stay in your place and so that’s what you were going to do. “Don’t ignore me,” Calum said, his voice sounding raspy. His chest was pressed up against your back and for some reason the action made your core throb. Luckily for the both of you the hallway was packed as everyone was leaving the building or traveling to their next class. You kept quiet and waited for him to say something else. “What did Eric want?” Calum questioned, pinching at your hip. 

“He was asking if I was going to the party,” you told Calum. He let out a low chuckle at your words and without turning around you could already see him shaking his head. 

“You’re not going. I’m gonna be there with Ria remember,” he said, “I don’t want you anywhere near her.” You frowned at Calum’s words and let out a huff. Your social life basically didn’t exist anymore because Calum was always going to be at some party or event with his girlfriend. It irked you to the core and you knew your friends were starting to worry.

“I told him I wasn’t going, so cool yourself alright,” you snapped. Calum smirked at the reaction he got from you. His eyes scanning over your backside for a second. His hand reached out to grab your elbow and to make you stop walking. You let out a deep sigh and you turned to look at him. 

“Why don’t we sneak away to our little spot,” Calum suggested, wanting to take your mind off the party. “I can do that thing you wanted,” he smirked. You rolled your eyes and pulled away from his touch. 

“You have to meet Ria in five minutes and I’m hungry, so I think I’ll pass.” With that said you walked from him and headed towards the Dining Hall. As much as you wanted to feel Calum inside of you, you were also pissed off at him. In spite you had decided on going to the party. Just for one night you didn’t want to be Calum’s side chick. You wanted to enjoy yourself and who was he to tell you not to.

     Your friends hooted in happiness as you walked out your room dressed up for the party. “YOU LOOK HOT!” your best friend, Deandra, shouted. “Give me a twirl girl,” she said spinning her finger around. You laughed in delight and turned around to show them the back of your outfit. They cheered even more which only made you laugh harder. It had been a long time since you had gone out with the girls. Calum was the main reason for that. The only person that knew you were a side chick was Deandra. Though she didn’t approve of it you were still her best friend and she wasn’t going to love you any less. 

“Alright, alright let’s go before I completely back out of this idea,” you said, grabbing your phone from off the charger. Everyone began to leave your shared apartment and made their way out to the car. Deandra stayed behind with you and waited till the room was clear before speaking.

“Have fun tonight and please don’t let that ass-hat stop you from having a good time,” she said. You smiled at her words and nodded. The two of you left to catch up with the rest of the group. You were about to break rule number six. As long as you stayed a safe distance away from Calum and his girl you should be fine.

Music was blasting loud in your ears and the smell of alcohol instantly hit you as you entered the frat house. You smiled at the sight in front of you; a crowd of diverse people all having fun, drinking, and dancing. You had missed the party scene it almost felt like you were home and a warm feeling of comfort slid down your spine. You followed your group of friends, weaving through everyone until you made it into the kitchen. One of your friends grabbed a cup from off the counter and picked up a bottle of alcohol. “Ladies let’s toast to commemorate Y/N for finally leaving her damn apartment and joining us once again on a party night!” she said, raising the bottle high in the air. You rolled your eyes at her words and raised your empty cup in the air with everyone else. 

“Well let’s party then!” you shouted, earning cheers from everyone that was in close proximity of your group. You laughed loudly and grabbed the bottle of alcohol from your friend, pouring it in your cup, and mixing it with some soda. Everyone dispersed and you found yourself joining a group of people watching a game of beer pong. You sipped on your drink and turned away from the game to scan over the room. Not too far away you spotted Calum with his own group of friends. His arm was draped around Ria and whispering in her ear about something. He hadn’t noticed you yet which was good. 

“You came!” a familiar voice yelled. You turned around to see Eric. He had changed into a button down shirt and jeans. His light brown hair hidden underneath a snapback just a few strands of it poking out. Your eyes lit up and you embraced him in a hug.

“Yeah I thought why not have some fun ya know,” you said, pulling away from him. “Who did you come with?” you asked, feeling Eric’s hand grab yours and pull you away from the game. 

“I came with a few of the guys. They’re somewhere around probably out back,” Eric said loud enough for you to hear. “What about you?” he asked, pulling you into a corner of the living room.

“I came with my friends too,” you told him, back pressed against the wall as you leaned against it. “It’s been a while since I last came to one of these,” you admitted raising the cup up to your lips. Eric nodded at your words and his arm draped over your shoulder. He pointed over to a crowd of people and brought your attention to it.

“Well one thing you’ve missed is that now there are bets placed on how long some of the guys can stay up on the beer keg,” he explained, “My bets on Cooper over there. So far he’s won by ten minutes.” You laughed at the news and then scrunched your face up. 

“Uh I’m not one for gambling,” you chuckled, looking over to him. Eric nodded at your words and instead pulled you towards the center where everyone was dancing. Eric began to shimmy around in his spot and rocked his hips to the music.

“I know you can dance beautiful, so show me what you got!” he yelled making everyone’s attention land on the two of you. You began to laugh and started to dance to the music. Your favorite song came on and Eric pulled you into him. You turned around and began to grind into him, feeling his hands land on your hips. It had been such a long time since you had let loose and the alcohol running through your veins only elevated your experience. It all seemed to end quickly when you caught Calum’s eye. He was in the middle of kissing Ria, but his eyes were trained on you. Your shook your head and tried to focus on the hot guy you were dancing with. Calum’s stare was making you uncomfortable and you turned around to face Eric. “Are you okay?” he asked, noticing your smile had faded. 

“Yeah. Hey do you want to go somewhere?” you questioned, jutting your thumb over your shoulder towards the exit. You were both swaying to the music now and Eric nodded. You could still feel Calum’s stare and you shifted in your spot. “I’m kinda craving some Mickey D’s fries and I believe I saw one down the street,” you explained, “So I was thinking maybe we could leave the party for a bit and do a quick food run.” Eric looked down at his feet and a small smile embraced his face. 

“That actually sounds like a great idea,” he said, his hand sliding down your arm and interlocking your fingers together. He pulled you towards the door and you both made your way to the McDonald’s that was down the street. It was a bit chilly out as the both of you walked and continued to talk some more. “Can I admit something though?” Eric asked after a while as your laughter died down. You nodded and went quiet as you waited for what he had to say. Instead he held the door open for you and you walked into the fast food restaurant. You were still a bit on edge from Calum’s staring and the fact that Eric hasn’t told you what he wanted only increased it. “Two large fries and two sweet teas,” he said, pulling out his wallet to pay. Once you got your order, you both went to find a seat. 

“So what did you want to admit?” you giggled in a teasing tone, sliding into a booth that was in the back corner. Eric slid in next to you, his arm resting over your shoulder. You began to munch on the salty treat and turned in your spot to give him your undivided attention.

“I’m glad you came tonight because it gives me the opportu-”

“Y/N! Eric!” the familiar voice exclaimed. You let out a groan and looked up to see Calum. Ria was latched onto his arm and his three best friends were behind him. “Didn’t expect to run into the two of you here,” he smirked. You rolled your eyes and Calum pointed at the empty space inside the booth. “Mind if we join you?” he questioned. You could see the look in Calum’s eyes and knew what was happening. He was jealous. The type of jealous that made you question just exactly where the two of you stood in your “relationship.”

music and lyrics yoongi for @auriee happy birthday, cutie~ 

for you pt. 7 [m]

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Badboy!Taehyung, angst

Word Count: 5.3k

Originally posted by vminv

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Final

Six Months Later

You walked down the hallway of the academic building slowly, the weight of the paper in your bag causing you to drag your feet. Each footstep bringing more and more uncertainty about the next chapter of your life. You noticed that the door to your professor’s office was locked, and a small sigh of relief escaped your lips.

You didn’t want to have to explain to him how all your interviews had turned to dead ends. You didn’t want to have to explain how you were still going to be stuck in this town. Stuck in the memories of the past year when all you wanted to do was move forward. There was nothing that you wanted more than leaving. If he could leave, so could you. But instead you had gotten hired at the coffee shop in which you first met him. Left to repeat the same memories over and over again.

And as you left the building for the last time, you didn’t feel any different. The emptiness that had filled your chest the day he left was still there. You held your phone up to your ear, the familiar number having been dialed like clockwork. “We are sorry, but the number you are trying to reach is no longer in service.” seared through your ears after the first dial tone.

You kicked at a rock while waiting to cross the street. There was no reason for you to continue to call that number. But there was still a large part of you that hoped he would come back. That when you called his voice would saying hello on the other end. But no one had heard from him. Not you. Not the boys. It was like he had erased himself from your universe.

Taehyung crept into your mind during your most vulnerable moments. Like when the sun hit your skin in the middle of the afternoon, reminding you of the hours you would spend sitting next to him in the front seat of his car. Driving the two of you around while blasting old music and singing along so out of tune that everyone else would stare at you from their cars.

You missed him when you couldn’t get a jar open, not because he was strong enough to open them. But because you would hunch over in fits of laughter as you watched him turn red in the face while trying to open it. He wasn’t much of a muscle pig, but you thought his effort was the cutest.

He was in the worn out t-shirt hidden in the back of your closet. A piece of clothing you didn’t know you had until your nose caught the smell of his cologne the first time Mina came over to your apartment to do your laundry since you hadn’t left your bed in weeks. You had her put it down, worried that if she held it for too long you would forget what he smelled like when he held you.

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Love is for Idiots - Peter Parker

Summary: You have been alone all your life, and from a young age, you learned that love doesn’t exist. However, as soon as you met Peter Parker, you learned to love again.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Fem!Reader

Words: 2,477 (goddamn that’s a long one)

Warnings: kinda agsty, kinda fluffy, couple of swears, my really bad spanish skills (I SPEAK FRENCH STILL LEARNING SPANISH) also first fic so there’s that

A/N: guys i did it. first ever fic. i don’t know if y’all will hate it or love it, but it was so much fun to write. ALSO THERES AN IN THE HEIGHTS REFERENCE.

You didn’t need love.

You were an independent person who didn’t need to feel satisfied by having someone love you.

You were strong, independent, and brave.

That’s what you told yourself everyday when you looked in the mirror.

Truth be told, you lied to yourself everyday. Everybody needed somebody, but you just weren’t used to that. With your mom out of the picture, and your dad always gone for work, you had convinced yourself that love was for the weak.

You just never realised how emotionally weak you actually were.

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Skinny Love | Jungkook | PT. 1

Originally posted by sugutie

Summary: You and Jungkook have been friends for a long time, probably so long that you can even consider one another best friends. You can spot each other in any crowd just by the bond you share, and you communicate sometimes in your own language. But you weren’t content with being ‘just friends’. You wanted more, but what itched at you was the question of if he felt the same.

Potential Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (Female)

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Future Smut, Mature Content—cursing, drinking and obviously sex. College!AU

There will be four(?) parts to this. Enjoy part one and please don’t forget to vote and give me feedback. 


Chapters: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04


You can recall the many times you had the opportunity to tell Jungkook how you felt. There was the time during the twelfth grade trip when you both were sitting next to one another on the bus ride home, he made a blanket for you with his sweater and told you to lean on his shoulder as he attempted to sing you to sleep. He looked like an angel that night, you were both close to the point where you could have whispered to him that you liked him and kissed him.

There was that time when you carried him home when he got wasted for the first time, which he never did again, and he was so out of it you could have confessed to him without actually confessing. He was so drunk that he wouldn’t even remember it the next day, it would save you the embarrassment but the sadness would still be hanging over you.

The memories of all the times he had asked you who you liked came back to you. You really could have pointed to him, looked him in the eye and said, “you. I like you Jungkook.” But life isn’t always like they say in the movies to make things speed up, things like this took time, even four years or so worth of it.

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Heartbeat | 1

You meet gang member Jung Hoseok and you’re immediately intrigued. He’s bad news, he’s a bad guy, but you can’t stay away…

Originally posted by rapmonabiased

pairing: hoseok x reader
genre: bts gang!au, smut
wordcount: 7.8k

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Fuck Boy (Johnny x Reader)

Rating: M

(A/N) Ayyy it’s ya gorl, Ry, back at it again with those AUs. This time around I introduce you to Fuckboy Johnny, a backward hat wearing frat president on a personal vendetta to get your ass in his hands. viwevopwv jk or am I?? No I’m not lol Have fun kiddies!!!

Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou

You don’t really remember how you ended up in the shitty nice frat house, but here you were, pressed against the sticky wall by some boy who you met five minutes ago. You don’t even remember what his face looked like, your eyes are sealed shut and imagining it’s someone else. Maybe it was your subconscious making you forget everything, or all the Jungle Juice you’ve been chugging on top of the pregaming you’d done at a friend’s apartment. At this point your body was ninety percent alcohol and ten percent water, you weren’t even sure how you were still sweating from all the dancing.

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La douleur exquise Pt.2 (M)

La douleur exquise: The heart-wrenching pain of wanting someone you can’t have.

Summary: You’ve been helplessly in love with your brother’s best friend all your life, but he can’t see you as anything other than a little sister.

Pairing: Wonho x Reader x Jungkook (not a threesome but messy as hell)

Word Count: 6.1k

Genre(s): Angst, smut

Part 1 here

A/N: Thank you guys for being so patient with me on this update. I really hope I did it justice and hope you enjoy! (& don’t kill me I’m sorry)

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Originally posted by iloveyoo-ngi

Brat: 01 02 03
Ship: Yoongi | Reader
Description: You’re the domme, he’s the brat. But things won’t stay as simple as that.
Warnings: Sub!Yoongi, Fingering, Assplay, Exhibitionism, Dirty Talk, Spanking
Word Count: 3,196
A/N: Dedicated to @jeonjagiya for helping inspire and encourage me to write this series.

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Boo! // Kim Taehyung


the prompt: When you have time, could I request a ghost!AU with Taehyung of BTS? Where you move into a new apartment but don’t know that it’s haunted. And ghost!Tae is so ready to scare you off by pulling some horrific haunting stunt, but wait, you’re actually really cute?? And nice?? Pretty soon, you discover his existence (which explains all the weird things that have happened), so he takes to teasing you from the shadows and making your life difficult and just generally being a loveable nuisance~ Humorous everyday scenarios between you two ensue… Possibly ending with a love confession from Tae?

words: 3474

category: fluff + comedy

author note: i researched poltergeists for this and it was really scary •_• also, i want ghost!taehyung to be my best friend. enjoy!

- destinee

Originally posted by suga-com

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Art Witch Tip #2

leave a crystal of your choice in your cup you use for paint water (be sure to empty and dry your cup first) to charge the container with your intent for your next art piece!

you could also leave crystals of your choice (ex., blue agate for motivation) on top/in the same place you keep your paintbrushes/art tools when not in use to charge your paintbrushes with what crystals you use intent!

anonymous asked:

Peter and reader walking to school as bf and gf for the first time? And they're all shy and giggly and adorable?

An excited smile tugged at your lips as someone knocked lightly on your front door. Taking one more look at yourself in the mirror and giving yourself a reassuring nod, you grabbed your bag and tried not to sprint to the door.

Taking a deep breath, you opened the door and felt your heart skip a beat.

Peter looked up at you and smiled immediately, and your eyes lingered on the adorable dimples in his cheeks. He ran a hand nervously through his hair, which instead of being gelled back was curly for once (which you secretly preferred), and you realised that you’d been staring at him for a while without saying anything.

“Hey,” you breathed, finally meeting his eyes and finding them just as beautiful. You mentally shook yourself; this was Peter, for goodness’ sake, your best friend, the person you’d walked to school with since you were just children. The only thing that had changed was that you’d fallen in love with each other.

“You ready to go?” he asked, holding a polystyrene cup out to you. You raised your eyebrows in confusion, taking it and lifting it to your lips to realise that it was (your favourite hot drink). A wide smile spread across your lips as you looked up at him and noticed his slightly proud expression.

“You’re amazing,” you told him seriously, making him chuckle as you locked your door and followed him down the street in the direction of the subway station.

There was silence between the two of you, but it wasn’t awkward. It was full of not-so-sneaky glances and blushes, and the promise of new love.

“You’ve got your French test today, right?” Peter asked as you both leaned against the station wall, waiting for your train. You bit your lip, nodding nervously as you put your empty cup in the bin.

“Yup. I was up until two studying, and now I can’t remember anything from the course.”

He frowned slightly and, before he could talk himself out of it, threaded his fingers with yours and gave your hand a reassuring squeeze.

“You’re gonna be amazing,” he told you honestly. “You’ve worked so hard, you couldn’t be anything else.”

Your lips parted as you were overcome with love for the boy in front of you; it amazed you how kind he managed to be every day without ever tiring.

At that moment, your train drew into the station. It was absolutely packed, and you could only find one seat.

“I’ll stand,” Peter said immediately. You shook your head.

“No way,” you replied firmly. “You’ve been limping the whole way here, I don’t know why, but I’m not making you stand all the way to school.”

He avoided your eye, mumbling a “thank you” before taking the seat. He knew you better than to try and argue, and he didn’t want to talk about why he was limping. He had yet to tell you (or anyone, for that matter) about his secret identity, and he didn’t want you to find out in a crowded train.

You stood beside him, resting your hand on his shoulder without thinking as the train began to move. Peter smiled softly, and unconsciously leaned his head to the side to rest against your hip. You felt butterflies flying laps of your stomach, and smiled shyly down at him.

The two of you stayed like that the whole way to school, and as you were getting off the train you took his hand again without thinking. It felt so right and natural that you wondered how you’d ever managed to walk without him before.

“Do we have Physics first?” you asked, gently swinging your intertwined hands between the two of you as you descended the stairs out of the station.

“Yeah, I think we’re getting our marks from the last test today,” he replied, the nervous note in his voice not going over your head. You stepped in front of him, making him stop walking and look at you.

“You’re the second smartest person in that class, Peter Parker,” you told him firmly. “You worked your ass off for that test, and if your grade doesn’t reflect that then I’ll fight Mr Robins for you.”

He chuckled, ducking his head slightly before raising an eyebrow.

“Second smartest?” he repeated, pretending to frown at you but struggling to hide his smile. “You sure about that?”

“Pretty sure,” you grinned. “I said you’re gonna be good, but I still plan on being the best.”

Peter chuckled, wrapping his arms around your waist and pressing a kiss to your forehead.

“Of course you’re gonna be the best. My amazing girlfriend,” he added, kissing your nose this time. “Shall we?”

You took his hand in yours, pressing a kiss to the back before wrapping your arm around his waist and resting your head on his shoulder.

“Let’s go.”

you are the one (m)

Originally posted by glorious-soobooty

(kim minseok x reader)

(5.3k words)

WARNINGS: smut 18+, swearing, alcohol, asphyxiation

Oh god- okay you are not supposed to freak out remember? It will only make him hate you more just act, cool.

Kim Minseok could not be any less interested in you, but here he comes across the campus grounds probably going to one of his incredibly advanced classes. You had heard from a friend that he was studying for a PhD.

God, could he be any more of a total package?

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Request: “Omg, I love your writing!! Anyways, if it is no problem, I was wondering if you could do a newt x reader Beauty and the Beast type thing? Idk I just thought it would be cool? It’s okay if you don’t want to or don’t have time to right it though!”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: None

A/n: so it’s a little different from the plot of beauty and the beast lmao bc I didn’t want it to be the same thing but I still did the whole beast/curse/love stuff :)

Originally posted by viktorfrankensteins

“You want me to do what?” You spurted, almost spilling your tea.

“Just give him a little peck, he loves being kissed!” Queenie’s forced smile was a little much for you.

You eyed the sleeping gargoyle-like creature that snoozed on one of the Goldsteins’ couches. Its skin was covered in grey warts that oozed down its green tinted skin.

“You’re telling me you regularly kiss that thing?” Your expression said it all. The sisters shared a disappointed look, their faces downcast. “Why don’t you get Newt to kiss him?” You huffed. He had been missing for a week now, and he had left this hideous beast in his place. Maybe it was to spite you, a way to tease you for being so foolish to have a crush on him. But he didn’t know about that, right?

“Newt’s-!” Tina almost shouted, but it was as if her mouth had been clamped shut by an invisible hand, the following words muffled.

“Newt really needs you to kiss this thing.” Queenie tried to maintain her calm demeanour, but the tips of her ears were growing red in impatience.

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Seven Minutes With You

Request: Hi this is kinda weird but can u pls do a reggie one shot/imagine where the reader is v shy and like gives that innocent vibe so reggie’s always messing with her and sayin things that make her blush especially in class when he whispers things in her ear and he’s just always putting his arm around her and poking her sides and she acts like it annoys her but in reality she has a huge crush on him so Veronica makes them play 7 minutes in heaven at a party? Sorry if this is strange. :(

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: This isn’t strange at all! When I read this at first, I was super excited, so thank you for requesting!

Pairing: Reggie X Reader

Warnings: none.

Originally posted by joeck

“Y/N!” Turning with a bright warming smile, you came face to face with the one and only Reggie Mantle. At the sight of his tall structure running towards you, you felt yourself blush but quickly pushed it away, not wanting him to see.

“Hi Reggie.” You greeted warmly when he reached you, leaning against your locker he smiled cockily over at you and you shook your head. None of this was weird. Since you’d move to Riverdale Reggie had made his obvious interest towards you known and was always hanging by your side.

When you’d first come to this school, you’d been confronted by Veronica and Betty who had kindly started talking to you when they saw you alone. That in turn allowed you to start hanging out with them, Archie and Jughead. They were some of the best friends you could ask for.

But after a week or so, Reggie had come up to you and sweet talked you with some cheesy pick-up line. You’d never been so openly flirted with and you’d never really had a boyfriend before so his comments made you easily blush and flustered. Though before anything more could happen, Archie had found you and dragged you off, saying that Reggie wasn’t exactly the guy you should be spending all your time with.

But despite his warnings, you couldn’t help but look back and realize how attractive he was. He was built and tall, way taller than you, and he was undoubtedly attractive. That was when you realized your slowly growing affections for the boy and from that day on it grew.

Luckily for you, Archie’s interruption that day didn’t stop from Reggie walking up to you the next day and doing the same thing. From then on Reggie walked you to classes, hung out with you during lunch whenever he could, teased you in and out of classes and always invited you to his games.

You acted as if it annoyed you, but you’d be lying if you said you didn’t like it.

“You going to Veronica’s party tonight?” Snapping out of your musings, you blinked turning up and looking at Reggie. He was grinning down at you, and you couldn’t help but feel your cheeks warm ever so slightly. Damnit, you had it hard for this guy.

“Uh… I don’t know. Not really my scene.” He pouted and you couldn’t help but notice how cute he looked.

“Aweh!” He whined, stepping forward he placed his hands on each side of you and started to tickle. You giggled, but noticed how every one had already left seeing as it was the end of the day, and mentally thanked so no one heard how loud you were.

“Stop!” You whined, giggles breaking through. Reggie laughed,  “not until you agree to come to this party.”

“Fine!” You yelled; “fine! Fine! i’ll go!” You let out a heavy breath when his relentless fingers finally left your sides. He chuckled; “see all you needed was some convincing.” He smirked.

You rolled your eyes, sighing. Closing your locker you turned to face him and despite how shy you were you couldn’t help but asked; “why do you even want me to come that bad?” You asked curious, your question must have thrown Reggie off as he jerked his head back and paused ever so slightly.

His shock didn’t last long though as he quickly smiled again and poked your stomach. You grumbled, swatting his hand; “you already know why Y/N.” Was all he said before walking off. You stared at his retreating back and couldn’t help but stare longingly; “I’ll see you at the party!”

What the hell did that mean?”

Nervously you walked through the doors to Veronica’s house, the rooms and halls already packed with people. You couldn’t help but notice the already drunk boys laying on the ground and the chatting girls as you walked through. You weren’t exactly sure why you agreed to come, well besides being harassed to do so.

But parties most definitely weren’t your scene and you felt super self conscious walking through the crowds of people as you tried not to get shoved down. 

You looked around for Reggie but sadly couldn’t find him, so settled on standing in the kitchen by the island and staring at whatever drinks were in front of you, trying to find one that didn’t hold alcohol in it. 

“Hey! Y/N!” Turning, you saw Veronica across the hall a bit, waving at you. You grinned at the familiar face and waved back; “glad you could make it!” She called and you laughed nodding. Part of hoping she would come over to you, but you noticed how she was dancing with Kevin, and she looked like she was having a lot of fun. Sighing, you played around with your empty cup, staring mindlessly.

Suddenly arms wrapped around your waist and hauled you off the ground, you let out a tiny scream as big arms picked your feet off the ground. “Hey!” You called, not knowing who was behind you. Suddenly you were set on the ground but the arms around your waist stayed there and hugged you tight against the mans chest; “glad you came.” He whispered in your ear and you instantly recognize the voice.

Turning in his arms, you slapped Reggie on the chest. “You scared me half to death!” You lectured him.

He chuckled, “sorry but… I am glad you know.” He smiled.

“That I came?”

“Of course. Thought you wouldn’t show.” you suddenly blushed, as you brushed a piece of hair behind your ear and stared down at the arms that were still wrapped around your waist. 

“Yeah well… Veronica’s my friend so…” 

“Oh…” Reggie said, and his arms came off from around your waist. Suddenly realizing what you said, you grabbed Reggie’s arm and tried to fight down your blush, smiling up at him. “But of course, i’m always happy to see you.” The frown that had marred his face easily disappeared and he grinned again, more confidently this time.

“I thought I annoyed you?” He teased.

You laughed, fiddling with your hair; “not all the time.”

Reggie opened his mouth to speak again, comfortably setting himself next you but suddenly a voice called out; “Reggie!” The both of you turned, seeing Moose waving you both over. “We’re playing a game, come join!” You turned to each other, questioning the other before laughing and walking over.

The living room was full and you walked in, noticing Reggie be-lining for the last spot on the couch. You sighed, walking across him to head to the edge of the couch to sit on before hands grabbed your hips and set you down on a lap. Blushing madly, you turned and saw Reggie grinning up at you. 

Leaning over, he set his head on your shoulder; “what you’d think i’d let you stand?” He whispered into your ear and you felt yourself blush even more madly. Everyone could see you which only allowed the embarrassment to set further in.

“Yeah! Reggie getting some!” Chuck yelled and you hid your face in your hands. Reggie laughed and finally peeking through your fingers you noticed the bottle set on the table before you. You let your eyes drift higher, and not surprisingly Veronica stood directly in front of you with a smirk on her face. Despite your seating predicament, you knew something was up.

“Veronica…” You spoke.

“So glad you and Reggie could make it Y/N!” She cheered, clapping but you could tell by the smirk on her face she was up to something. Turning, you caught eye of Betty and looked at her questioningly, she only shook her head with a small smile.

“So! Everyone I say we indulge ourselves in a little game of ‘Seven Minutes’ In Heaven’” she clapped and suddenly you felt your heart drop. You gave her a warning look but she only laughed.

With that Veronica spun the bottle, it landed on various different people but you barely paid attention. What with Veronica’s scheming eyes and Reggie’s arms around your waist and the fact that you were sitting on his lap, you found it a little hard. It wasn’t until the bottle undoubtedly landed on you or Reggie, whoever that you felt your heart beat pick up.

“Oooh! Y/N it’s landed on you!” Betty cheered and you narrowed your eyes at your two best friends. 

“I vote that you go in with Reggie.” There it was, the final words.  You blushed again and you cursed your innocence. There was cheer and suddenly you were standing, Reggie’s hands on your waist.

“Sounds good to me.” He grinned, mentally thanking Veronica.

“I’m not too sure…” You trailed off but Veronica ‘tsked’, “you played the game Y/N and these are the rules.”

Veronica helped push you into the closet and before you could even think you were in a closet with Reggie, the door locked behind you. You couldn’t help but blush and you fiddled with your fingers, a nervous energy radiating off of you. There was moments of silence before Reggie’s hand came in front of you and he poked you in the familiar spot that was your nose.

“Don’t be so nervous, Y/N.” He reassured.

You laughed, trying to play it off but failing miserably. “Nervous? Psshhh, not me.” You chuckled nervously.

Reggie chuckled too and silence fell over the both of you. 

“Hey Y/N?” Reggie suddenly called and you looked up at him, intently focusing on him. “What do you think of me?”

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

“Well, would you ever consider dating me?” You froze, unsure on how to answer. You opened your mouth to speak but paused, unsure and confused. 

“I-I…-” A hand grabbed your face and pulled you against lips. You froze, shocked but eventually returned the kiss and smile against his lips. He grabbed your waist with his other hand and you let your hands press against his chest as he kissed you deeply.

Pulling away, he smiled down at you, suddenly nervous. “I’ve liked you for a long time… I hope you return my feelings?”

“Yes…” you whispered, still in a daze.

“Yes? As in you like me…?”

“Yes I like you!” You smiled and he grinned down, you pressed a kiss against his cheek and were about to deepen the kiss before you heard Veronica; “times up, do you guys need another hour or?” You blushed heavily as Reggie chuckled.


The Temptation of Voices

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A/N: Bucky Voices Soulmate au

Part 1

Part 2

You were so nervous for this coffee date. It was a date. Though it pained you to admit it, through all of the apprehension, you were kind of looking forward to it. The voice that had scared you for years with it’s comfort and reassuring words was waiting just a few hundred feet in front of you.

The fact was you were curious. Meeting him had been terrifying but a great relief at the same time because you’d been dreading it for years. Part of you had expected a giant piano to fall out of the sky and crush him the moment he said hi but funnily enough that didn’t happen. Now that you’d actually had chance to think about it he was probably the best soulmate you could hope for because, although he was reputed to be in constant danger, he was also probably the most dangerous individual you’d ever know. You’d read up on him and he was a fighter down to the bones. Not much was known about the last seventy years but he’d been in the howling commandos and his best friend was famous for punching hitler.

You were torn between the good and the bad and the only thing keeping you moving forward was the fact that you’d told him you’d come.

Stopping outside the looming revolving doors, you took a deep breath and walked in. James was stood a few feet to the left of the doors leaning casually against the wall and holding two drinks. “I got you coffee.” He smiled pushing off and sauntering towards you.

“Coffee before coffee, how gracious.” You tentatively smiled, tilting your head back as he got closer. Wow, he was really tall. James grinned amused and almost relaxed as he caught your thought. His eyes then darted behind you and you saw the amusement fade. You turned to look but all you saw were people going about the business in the huge lobby. You turned back to see him glaring at the distance so you slipped into his thoughts and almost choked on your drink. You downed at as quickly as you could while you processed what you’d just seen.

Captain America was sat at a Starbucks with sunglasses and baseball cap on, somehow managing to make reading a newspaper suspicious. On the same table there was a woman with bright red hair and a man whose shirt looked like its sleeves had been torn off staring resolutely away from you. You caught James’s thought of those fuckers before you were back in your own head, dumping his and your empty cups in the trash and grabbing his hand. You practically frog marched him out of the doors in the hurry to ask him what was going on.

“They’re my teammates and to say they defend the world they’re pretty fucking gossipy.” He emphasized the last bit, glaring into a security camera on the corner of the building. Not even a second later his phone beeped and he glanced at it and scowled. He then picked up a rock, turned back towards the camera and threw it so hard the the device scrunched backwards a good few inches into the brick. It now resembled a mashed potato in a pothole. You just looked at him incredulously. Was that meant to be a faux casual show of strength or did he just genuinely damage property when he received unsavory messages?

“Only when I’m being watched and mocked on a date with a pretty dame.” He flirted kissing the back of your hand. You hadn’t even noticed he was still holding it. You blushed then cringed in slight horror. Since when were you the type to blush at such a cheesy action? To your surprise you weren’t embarrassed by him, just your own reaction. Where had all of your previous confidence gone? “The same place mine probably went the first time I laid eyes on you.” His smooth reply to your errant seemed to bring it right back.

“You know it’s kinda rude to reply to my inner monologue.” He threw his head back and laughed. Holy shit, even his throat was hot, how in the fuck was that a thing. His thumb affectionately rubbed the back of your hand as if in responce.

“You know my friend Bruce says soulmates exist in a state of shared consciousness so your inner monologue is technically mine too.” He waggled his eyebrows and you snorted.

“Are you implying I’m not capable of independent thought James?” He swallowed thickly, gaze turning heated. You caught his thought of I love it when she says my name like that and found yourself thrown completely off-kilter, tripping over your own feet and watching the curb come up to meet you. Just as you closed your eyes in preparation for impact, an arm wrapped solidly around your waist and swung you up. You opened your eyes cautiously in disorientation only to find a pair of familiar baby blues staring at you. You were leaned back with one foot in the air, the only thing keeping you from hitting the ground was his arm.

“You know I usually take a dame dancing before I dip her.” He didn’t move; just watched you as if in challenge.

“I usually get through a first date before I let a guy put his arm around my waist, so I guess we’re both going against the norm.” You reached a hand up to touch his face and he brought you back to your feet. You cupped his face with one hand and he leaned in, but just before your lips brushed you grabbed his hand and spun around pulling him along behind you. He didn’t quite stumble but you found yourself hyper aware of his irregular breathing.

You tried to ease the tension commenting flippantly “You never really told me where you were taking me. There are thousands of coffee shops in New York.”

“Yeah…It’s uh…just over here.” He moved in front of you and you let him pull you along, thankful that he’d left the moment and your reaction alone.

You were so distracted by your own thoughts that you crashed into him when you stopped. His lips quirked as he looked down at you then he motioned to the building in front of him. You turned to look at it and immediately lost it. First it was just uncontrollable giggle but it soon progressed when you saw him looking slightly affronted. Then you laughed so hard you had tears running down your face and were choking on your breaths. When you finally got yourself under control you looked up at him again, his expression had changed to neutral but you could fee his confusion but vague amusement at your reaction. “What’s so funny doll?” You just grinned at him, truly at ease for the first time since you’d met him. Fate was definitely fucking with you and at this point you were just fine with that.

“I own this place.” He gaped at you then looked between you and your shop.

“You’re joking.” He looked oddly delighted. Makes sense I that was drawn to it.

“You’ve never even been here before.” You stated plainly.He raised a brow at you. Now who’s listening to internal monologues?

“I come here every Sunday lunch with Steve.” He said Steve’s name fondly belying his affection for the other man.

Of course he would come on the only day you took off. He’d been so close this whole time. You really were destined to meet him. Looks like it was only a matter of time anyway. “Still want a coffee? I can get us the owner’s discount.” You teased with a shake of your head and a grin.

He nodded and let you lead him inside to your favorite little booth in the corner. You sat him down then stood back doing your best impression of the flirty waitress. “Hello sir, what can I do for you today?” He leaned his head in his hand and smiled crookedly.

“Whatever you think I’ll like doll.” I’m sure no matter what you give me it’ll taste great, just knowing you crafted it will give me a rush. To your chagrin you blushed again.

You turned in an effort to hide it and virtually ran to the counter throwing a careless “Of course sir” over your shoulder. You went straight for your employee Liz, who you knew worked the Sunday lunch rush. “Hey Liz, you see that guy in the back over there.” You started pointing vaguely over your shoulder. “Well apparently he’s a regular and I forgot to ask his order. You wouldn’t happen to remember it would you?” She glanced up then gasped and giggled.

“Oh my God! It’s Lush Locks!” She squealed grabbing your shoulders as she jumped in excitement. She dragged you behind the snack stand then stood at stared at him from behind a carrot cake.

You furrowed your brow and took a slight step back “What?”

“Oh wow, I forgot. You’ve never even seen him.” She was aghast at the very thought. “That man and his friend” she abruptly tilted her head in thought “or lover, come here every Sunday and order the same two drinks using a different name every time. We don’t know what to call them so we made up our own names: Lush Locks and Jaw Line. Everyone flirts with them but they never flirt back. Jenny’s convinced they’re together but I swear on my life I’ve seen Jaw Line check me out. They’re so hot, like some of the girls even unbutton their blouses and roll up their skirts before waiting on their table.” She paused again then cleared her throat as she realized she was talking to her boss. “But I would never do that because that would be extremely unprofessional.” She tried to smile demurely but as soon as her gaze strayed back to James a dreamy look overcame her. At least it was good to know you hadn’t turn into a bumbling idiot because you’d met your soulmate. No it was just because he was insanely hot.

You tried to refocus yourself instead of checking out his thighs with Liz. Damn they were some good thighs, especially in those oh so tight jeans. Your mouth watered slightly and you shook yourself out of it. It suddenly hit you how much your mind had changed since you met him. You shouldn’t been flirting with him. You should be telling him why he couldn’t be with you but you just couldn’t bring yourself to stop this. You’d only known him a day yet you felt like you were already tied to him.

Oh no, you promised yourself you’d never do this, you swore. You started to panic and set off towards your office. You didn’t want anyone to see you fall apart. As soon as you were inside you slammed the door and slid down to the floor behind your desk. You were already falling for him. It was impossible and ridiculous but somehow true. You’d barely known him twenty-four hours but you felt like you’d known him your entire life. In a way you had. He’d always been a presence in the back of your mind, not always speaking but always there. You’d never been alone and you hadn’t even realized it. It was too late.

Suddenly the door banged opened and James was somehow in front of you. He brushed the hair out of your face and cupped your cheek with a gentleness you didn’t think possible for someone who seemed so immense. “Calm down doll, it’s all gonna be okay.” You tried but you just couldn’t control your erratic breathing, it was happening again. He bit his lip as he looked you over. You could feel the concern and sorrow shifting through him. In a split second decision you jumped into his arms and to your utter relief he caught you. I’ll always catch you doll.

He sat down and placed you in his lap wrapping his arms around you from behind. Breathe with me. He pressed you against him tightly so you could feel every rise and fall of his chest and you followed it with your own. Within minutes you had calmed and let yourself lean into him.

“Are you gonna tell me what that was about Y/N?” He whispered into your ear. His arms crossed your chest banding you to him, his fingers massaging your sides with calculated ease.

“Did you not hear?” You asked in a low voice, turning to rest your head on his shoulder.

“No. I only felt a rush of panic and terror, but I have a feeling it’s connected to your freak out last night.” He didn’t look at you but his arms tightened further and he moved to rest his chin on your head.

You shut your eyes and wound your arms into his. He curled his legs into yours and kissed your forehead. You’d never felt as safe in your life. You began to tell him your story. Of your mother and father and the fear that instilled in you from an early age. Of your best friend’s loss that only fueled that fear, and the constant dread you felt before meeting him that had morphed into an awful feeling of panic whenever you thought too much about him. He listened in still silence for what must have been hours. After you’d finally told him everything you felt simultaneously drained and relieved.

You felt his mind and knew you weren’t the only one with things to get off your chest. “For almost seventy years I was alone. I never noticed because I was constantly around people but it was just me. Everyone had someone else’s thoughts running through their heads at all times for better or worse but I was the odd one out. Everyone just assumed my soulmate had died before I was born but I could never accept that. I always held out a hope, well at least until I was captured.” You turned sharply trying to catch his eye but he looked away. “I’ll tell you that story another time doll. The point is at my darkest time you appeared. At first you were just a tiny bubble of wonder and fun but every time I came back you were slightly different, slightly older. You were the one constant that always brought me back to myself, which I needed.” His voice cracked on the words. “I really needed that, doll.In fact I think I fell in love with you the first time you told me to fuck off. You felt so much and it bled into me. You never knew it but you were everything I needed.”

By the time he finished his smile looked a bit watery and you choked up. Tears started to slip down your face and you buried your face in his chest. He whispered sweet nothings into your head and you replied with everything you liked about him, that drew him to you. It was soon dark and you were drowsy. Neither of you had moved in hours and you had started to fall asleep against his chest. You’d known him for years. You trusted him implicitly. Vaguely you heard him make a phone call then you were in his arms and moving. You thought you heard him speak to Liz but you weren’t really paying attention. Soon you were in a car and he was talking in a low voice to another man.

You faded in and out of consciousness for a while after but you distinctly remember being laid gently down on a bed. The warmth of the arms that had carried you tried to move away  but you couldn’t accept that. You grabbed an cool weird feeling hand and pulled it towards you. The warmth laid beside you and you cuddled up, content at least for the night.


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Try me

Pairing: Reader x Girl x Taehyung
Genre: Smut
Summary: Your girlfriend saw him staring at you, daring you to play a little game to get him to want the both of you. 
Words: 4k

There was a girl talking with someone in the kitchen at the opposite end of the house and she was beautiful, with rich, brunette hair flowing around her shoulders. You were unable to stop watching her until she caught you at it. You angled through the frat-party crowd, determined to reach her before anyone else did. She noticed you and smiled. Her face was even more beautiful the closer you got. When you got to her, she kissed you immediately and you smiled against her lips. “How about a refill on that wine?” She asked, leaving your lips aching for more, as she gestured towards the empty cup in your hands.

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