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Shadow people (Damian Wayne imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request: Can you do a Damian x reader where the reader is a league of shadows member and is coincidentally has shadow powers. And she is sent to kill him and she almost beats him and then they started dating and kept it secret for a few years and his brothers only find out after they get engaged. And she freaks them out with her powers and skills and stuff
Summary: After a nearly lethal fight, you end up dating and getting engaged to the target. 
Word count: 705
Warning(s): fighting, mention of blood

You were sent to rid of Damian Wayne, aka Robin. He had become a nuisance to the criminal world and people wanted to get rid of him. You blinded him with your shadows. Engulfing him, and then taking it away, giving him night blindness, not giving him enough time to get his eyes adjusted. With each change of lighting, you got a hit on him.

Oh he was skilled, and could still hear where the noise of your footsteps were coming from, but that gave him barely enough time to defend himself. Bravely, as any al Ghul, he kept going, getting a hit in every once in awhile. But he was getting weak, unable to fight any longer.

Another kick in the stomach, an elbow to the nose, a punch to the side of the head, he didn’t have much of a chance, he went toppling down, his breathing labored.

I don’t want to do this,” You whisper, more to yourself then anything else. “You don’t have to,” He says, coughing blood, face covered in grime and blood. “It’s my job,” You answer with a sigh. “You don’t wish to live this life for ever, do you?” Damian said, trying to buy time for the others to get here, even though it pained his pride. “No, but I’ll get killed if I disobey,” You said pulling out a large, extremely sharp knife, ready to finish him off. “I can help you, I got away from the league of assassins, so you have a solid chance to get away from the shadows.” He explained, his hands holding his cuts together. “You mean that?” You ask, a glimpse of hope in your eyes. “Yeah,” He nods.

Let me help you,” You said, helping him get up, to get somewhere safer.

Not long after that you started dating the dark haired boy with green eyes. His family never knew, more as a precaution, because there was a chance that Bruce might recognize you, or Tim might snoop something up, so that’s just the best possibility.

It was about a week after the engagement, when you both decided it might be best to meet them. The brothers and parents (Bruce and Alfred) were surprised, the older men in a pleasant way, but the brothers started throwing low-key insults at Damian.

 “I thought you’d be forever alone.”  

Who in their right mind would date you,” 

And others in similar fashion, it was pissing you off, and Damian knew it was, but there was nearly nothing he could do. Bruce told the boys to give you a house tour while Alfred cleaned the dinner table.

So this is the study,” Jason said, as a shadow figure walked away in a hallway before disappearing. All of the boys eyes were following it in shock, “What the fuck,” Jason asked, pointing at the now empty wall. “No idea what you’re talking about,” You said in unison with Damian, earning suspicious glances from the group of men. 

As you walked into the large library type room, you made multiple shadow people walk in different directions. “WHATTTTT!” Dick and Jason yell in unison. “I knew you were doing it!” Tim exclaimed, earning a disapproving look from Damian. “You did that?” Dick asks in surprise, to which you reluctantly nod. “I Wanna see,” Jason says skeptically. 

You move your hands, causing the room to dim, even tho bright lights were behind the window. You made a bunch of people appear on a wall, they seemed to interact with each other and suddenly they all evaporate. Everyone views in awe. 

We’ll Damian, looks like y/n is much cooler than you,” Grayson chuckles, causing Damian to glare at him. “I think we’re pretty equal,” You smile at the boys. “Not nearly,” Jason says, winking at you, “I’ll murder you Todd,” Damian growls lowly. “I can totally help,” You chuckle, before the room went dark. 

When the trio could see again, you two were nowhere to be seened. You walked hand and hand to the door to say your final goodbyes to your soon to be father in law, and the sweet butler Alfred, before leaving.

The boys only saw you in time to drive out of the gate.


With love,