empty victories

which rooster teeth worker should you fight by me
  • geoff ramsey: do it. he looks scary but he's not. he is afraid of snakes so if you wear a shirt that has a snake on it he will lose his powers. however if you catch him drunk, run. but if he's sober, do it. fight geoff ramsey but be careful
  • jack patillo: why would you ever fight jack. he is a perfect ray of sunshine. there is magic in his beard. he is large and made of love and probably like kittens or something. don't do it. don't fight jack
  • michael jones: fight michael. he's a ball of rage and if you let him get close he'll fuck your shit up but you can just put your hand on his forehead and hold him at arm's length while he tries to run at you like a bull. lindsay will probably cheer for you. do it. fight michael
  • gavin free: just sorta punch him in the nose and he'll probably squawk and fall over and start crying. but there will be no glory in fighting gavin free. only sadness. why would you do such a thing. you can fight gavin if you really want to but it will be an empty victory and you should probably rethink your life afterwards
  • burnie burns: don't fight burnie. he's 6'2 and he punched out a horse once. the laws of mortals do not apply to burnie burns and he will fire you even though he's not CEO anymore. don't do it. don't fight burnie.
  • jon risinger: you can maybe fight jon but only if you're okay with losing all your points. depending on what mood he's in he may award you points for winning. fight jon risinger but only if you're feeling lucky
  • gus sorola: he'll probably run away and bitch about you on the next podcast. it would be hilarious to everyone else and you would have brought laughter to the lives of millions. do it. fight gus.
  • joel heyman: you cannot slay a god
  • lindsay jones: you could maybe fight lindsay but only by being sneaky and even then michael would snap your neck if you win. distract her with conveniently placed cat pictures and you could sucker punch her because let's face it, you couldn't take her one on one. maybe fight lindsay but only with prep time
  • ray narvaez jr: he's already dead don't hurt him more
  • chris demarais: do it. fight chris. it'll be hilarious give him a wedgie and hang him off something by his underwear. take his lunch money. buy something cool with it. shove him in a locker. fight chris demarais
  • barbara dunkelman: she's canadian she'll just ascend into her moose form and headbutt ur ass to the nearest tim hortons. don't fight barbara
The cultural and political crisis of our day is not due to the fact that there is too much individualism but that what we believe to be individualism has become an empty shell. The victory of freedom is possible only if democracy develops into a society in which the individual, his growth and happiness, is the aim and purpose of culture, in which life does not need any justification in success or anything else, and in which the individual is not subordinated to or manipulated by any power outside of himself, be it the State or the economic machine; finally, a society in which his conscience and ideals are not the internalization of external demands, but are really /his/ and express the aims that result from the peculiarity of his self.
—  Erich Fromm, Escape from Freedom

Part 1 | Part 2

….. I seriously need to practice writing battle/action scenes.

Unlike normal schools, the afternoon classes in UA consisted of classes involving hero trainings, and most of the time that meant special lessons. On other times, such as now, they were instructed to do a light spar with each other. There were good reasons for the seemingly simple activity, but mainly it was to simulate real battles between quirk users and blowing off some steam once in a while.

Oh, and sometimes it’s better to exchange punches to convey something to each other, or so Kirishima had said after a rather heated battle with Bakugou, one that had resulted in many broken bones and burn marks.

“Yo, Todoroki.”

Out of all people, Todoroki sighed inwardly as he turned towards the owner of the rough voice, “Yes?”

Bakugou fumed inwardly at the disinterested reply, “The sparring. Fight me.”

“Why should I?” The ice-fire user asked, still using the same tone.

The other boy grit his teeth in irritation, “What, are you scared? Well, I can’t blame you – at the very least you’re going to escape with an even more disfigured face, if you’re lucky, that is!”

Bakugou knew he touched a nerve when Todoroki’s hand twitched to fix his bangs on his left side. A sinister grin warped his expression when a piercing dark glare returned his challenging gaze. The class had started to notice a rather rare pair having a glaring contest, and when Aizawa asked whether they agreed to be each other’s pair in the sparring match, they both nodded silently.

Everyone cleared away, too afraid to get caught up in the ‘light spar’, especially knowing how messy the fight back at the sports festival had turned out.

“Remember, the goal is to incapacitate or to capture, not to inflict injuries,” their teacher reminded and sighed, as if knowing no one would actually listen to the last part. His students were geniuses, but they all had this tendency to disregard rules, much to his distress.

Bakugou glanced at your direction for a mere second, satisfied at the fact that you were indeed watching intently. He was going to use this opportunity to prove he was stronger by a whole lot of margin and therefore raising your view about him. This was also a good chance to pay Todoroki back for the empty victory he was forced to took the last time they had fought. He was going to win back his pride and your admiration in one strike.

“How childish,” Todoroki’s low and indifferent voice held a venom he had never used before.

Bakugou’s smirk dropped, “What the fuck did you just say?!”

The whistle was blown, signalling the start of the match.

Neither had the leisure to protest at the sudden starting signal. They had learned since the start that nothing were fair in the world of heroes and villains. Only the strong could survive, flourish, and reach the top.

The wall of ice barely caught Bakugou as he used the momentum of his explosions to propel his evasion. The recklessly huge output caused frost to cling over Todoroki’s left side, and the white of his breath as he straightened up showed a repeat of their match few months ago.

And yet this time was unlike the previous time they fought; the two-tone haired boy didn’t hesistate in using his flames to regulate his body temperature, and he was more than ready to defend against Bakugou’s barrages of explosions as the boy charged towards him. Ice shields appeared on appropriate timing and angles nullified Bakugou’s attacks. Truthfully if he hadn’t been pissed out of his mind, Bakugou would have felt an ounce of respect at the insane precision Todoroki was showing.

Soon enough the two were wrapped in a deadly dance – one trying to gain distance and the other closing in like a shark onto its prey. The two had known more about each other’s quirk and fighting style throughout the time they spent together in training and their hero duties. This knowledge burned into their minds and affected the way they faced each other, a huge difference from their battle back several months ago in the tournament.

On the flip side, Bakugou knew his classmate hadn’t been running on full power, and it added more oil to his flaming rage.

“Why aren’t you using both of them at the same time, bastard?!! Think you can make me keel over from these flimsy ice?! Don’t fucking underestimate me, you spoiled daddy’s boy!!”

Taunts and raw combat power had always been Bakugou’s specialty, and if Todoroki were only slightly annoyed before, he was now despising the fact that Bakugou knew about him well enough to knew which buttons to push just to spite him.

Todoroki’s eyes flickered to his opponent’s arms when the blond let out an irritated yell. He saw Bakugou’s right arm muscles contract and swung, just as he predicted. With only a split second span to act, his left arm went to guard, and he held the urge to wince as hot searing pain travelled through his senses.

Amidst the pain clouding his mind and weighing him down, his right hand swiftly touched a particular grenade like automation. Shards of ice enveloped half of Bakugou’s right arm in mere miliseconds, thin yet sturdy block of ice clinging stubbornly despite the hot air from the explosion. While Bakugou cursed and stumbled because of the sudden drop in temperature, Todoroki was thrown backwards by the explosive power, and although his arm hurted like hell he felt thoroughly satisfied with the result.

Todoroki fully knew he was close to copying Midoriya’s move he saw long ago in their first mock Battle mission All Might had been supervising, but that was a part of learning, wasn’t it? Besides, the fact that he had sustained damage from a similar move would surely rile Bakugou even more.

And boy how right he was. Bakugou seemed to recognize the situation, and he looked downright murderous at the nostalgic situation. Todoroki couldn’t help but slipped out a tiny smile, the rush of adrenaline fervent against his veins and nullifying the pain on his left arm.

One arm down, one more to go.

He placed his left palm on the ground and watched as a burst of flame travelled from his palm, baring its fangs towards Bakugou. It was the largest output he could manage as of now, and if it was another opponent he was facing, he would’ve feared for their life.

The awed gasp from you drew Todoroki’s attention, his concentration wavered and causing the flames to flicker for a split second. The small opening made enough time for Bakugou to evade, albeit the burn marks and singed clothes on his side, and he had more than enough time to aim his good left hand towards the distracted boy. Dilated red pupils lit aflame with crazed bloodlust as the blond shouted–

Todoroki felt a shiver down his spine and pressed both of his palms to the ground, his instinct screaming danger. He needed shields, and fast.

– Bakugou ripped the safety handle of his customized armor out from its lock.


Aizawa acted faster than both teenagers. Taking his place behind Bakugou, he instantly erased Todoroki’s quirk and kneed the other, which sent the enraged boy’s aim off by a huge margin. The overly powerful explosion burnt a hole into the training building’s wall, and he knew the principal really was going to chew his head off this time.

Seriously, why did he became a teacher?

“Enough,” Your teacher said with finality in his voice, although he still looked as bored as ever as he easily restrained a shouting-and-struggling Bakugou with his special capturing fibers.

“You both fail,” the announcement made Bakugou stood still, frozen, “I have no idea why you never listen, Bakugou. And I honestly expected better from you, Todoroki.”

The former looked away from his gaze, scowling, and the latter’s gaze locked down at the ground. You along with your classmates watched in worry as the two started to realize how much damage they had inflicted on each other and their surroundings. The pro hero sighed in disdain and turned towards you, catching you in surprise.

“[l/name]. Get moving and bring one of them to the infirmary.”

You blinked at your teacher, “One? But–”

“I’m not risking having these idiots in the same room when they’re clearly after each other’s throat.”

You frowned and your gaze fell upon–

[ A ] Todoroki

[ B ] Bakugou

There’s something bittersweet about people who get so mad about feminism

like you just gaze into the words “sexism doesn’t exist, women get all the perks now, we’re not dangerous, everyone thinks men are horrible because of you guys”

and you just stare at the paradox of their words

the empty victory of being right in a room full of idiots who scream an argument, and then leave the room, fleeing rebuttal, relishing in self proclaimed triumph.

it had to be expected that the one supporting everyone and telling them, in particular, midousuji, to “endure it” had to experience the harsh bitterness of fate and despair himself to build such an unwavering fortitude

in ishigaki’s case, his honesty and kindness made him reliable to the point of easily having high expectations thrust upon him, “you can surely do it!” doing way more harm than good in situations where ishigaki could not have the slightest grasp on

while in midousuji’s case, he was never encouraged nor supported by anyone, was never told that he could accomplish anything, and if he was told that it was only empty words after a victory he himself worked for having no one to thanks but himself

one had nothing but hope while the other had everything but hope

that’s where they appear as equals, completing each other instead of just being “ace and assist” they give and take what the other needs and ultimately what was so crucial and no one ever dared to give to midousuji : 

a second chance

It hurts, seeing him for the first time in what feels like centuries. He’s handling you so gently but there’s a storm of violence buried in his eyes. He grins at you, lip almost stained with blood. Blood that wasn’t there before, last you saw him, standing proud. Blood and pain that you know you caused. But hope blossoms in your chest and your hands stop shaking when you say his name.

It hurts, finding him again after you both ran. Losing yourselves in otherselves, other lovers, other leaders. His eyes are hard when they look at you and you can’t name the emotion in his face, it’s one you can’t recognize, one you’ve never seen before. He looks lost, like he’s on a long path in the forests and it’s dark and his one light just flickered out of existence. You want to cry, he should never look so horrified and broken.

It hurts, fighting with him, throwing your body and words into causing him pain. You know him like you know the back of your hand, like you know your mother’s laugh, you know him better than you know yourself most days. You know how to twist the knife, how to make him bleed, how to hurt him. But hurting him hurts you and he can’t bear to see you pain. So you win but’s a empty victory, you feel like you’ve lost more than you’ve won when he looks at you with such betrayal. 

It hurts, all of it. The way he wraps your injuries, the way he stands by your side, the way he believes in you. It’s a throb in your chest, an ache in your heart and when you say you trust him you know in your bones that nothing has ever been closer to the truth. 

You ask yourself, looking at him, is this love? Is love meant to hurt this bad? And when he turns to you and holds out his hand all you do is think, yes

goedheid  asked:

❝ just glad that i could be here to help you, you know ? ❞

The sun-kissed soul in front of him RADIATES too much of what he isn’t , blinding and even painful to a grim reaper such as he.  His frosted and indecipherable gaze takes in the radiant spirit that has SOMEHOW remained intact , even after an unspeakable loss and an empty victory for the too few that have survived without their friends he’d sent TO DIE at the hands of the beast titan               it’s rage he expects and ultimately deserves , not this warmth of a helping hand extended in words he would NEVER ask for.  Yet it’s offered to him freely , genuine in it’s offering.  He’d RATHER have the anger instead.  

❛  We appreciate your help.  ❜  He speaks for BOTH the living and the dead as the guilt constricts painfully in his chest like barbed wire but his eyes never waver with emotion ( the guilty doesn’t DESERVE to wallow in it’s depths ).  He shouldn’t be here , alive but he was , allowed to look to the shadowed horizon and the stars above for another day  ; how many more of them are there because of HIM today ?   ❛  It’s getting dark , you should get some rest.  ❜   Don’t forgive him.


finuiwen  asked:

Could you write a drabble 19. “The paint’s supposed to go where?” and 24. “You’re the only one I trust to do this.” with Coric+Rex bromance, spiced with some rexsoka? :> Or Cody alternatively if Coric isn't familiar to you.

This sounds like a Starbucks order and I’m all about that life. This was also a harder prompt than I anticipated! I kind of failed on the bromance front, but I hope you like it regardless.

19. “The paint’s supposed to go where?”
24. “You’re the only one I trust to do this.”

There was a word for this, for the empty victory of knowing how the future unfolded, only to long for those discovered facts days, months, or years in the past. “Énouement;” it was a kind of vocabulary confined to the more privileged circles among Coruscanti elite. For as little as Captain Rex even heard the word used (for the record, once or twice by Senator Amidala), he certainly experienced it more than he cared to admit.

Today, for instance. Rex’s past self would’ve happily accepted today’s knowledge about a week ago when General Skywalker looked him in the eye and told him, “You’re the only one I trust to do this,” before handing off an upcoming mission.

It was a joint operation with Commander Cody to the moon of Sijden, coupled with the most uninformative brief Rex had ever received from a rather hassled midshipman. In retrospect, the barebones brief of the lunar environment seemed to fit their surprisingly smooth mission. Until today, when they returned to the 501st flagship. 

The rare feeling of an objective efficiently accomplished fled from Rex’s mind not two minutes into their mandatory post-mission physical in the medbay when Coric screamed, “Get off the beds! Now!” 

It was the loudest Rex heard the medic shout off a battlefield, and the most frightened he’d seen Coric look when not in immediate danger. Rex and Commander Cody, sitting on the medbed next to him, complied, jumping to their feet, mirroring Coric’s expression of fear. They stood frozen, awaiting orders, in their mismatched uniforms– painted lower plastoid armor and black bodysuit tops. 

“What? What’s wrong?” Rex’s voice sounded far from composed; keeping a level tone was impossible when the legion’s head medic barely got words past his own surprise. 

Coric zipped back into his adjoining office. Noises identical to spelunking crashed about as Coric apparently explored every drawer he owned. “You came into contact with the water?!”


Coric’s last statement not ten seconds earlier had been so nonchalant. He didn’t even ask how they felt; he just outright surmised their physicals would be simple due to no exposure to water. 

It seemed innocuous to negate. Rex just as nonchalantly admitted how he and Cody had fallen into a lake on Sijden. And that’s when Coric flipped out.

“Microscopic parasites run rampant in the water on Sijden!” Coric shouted from the next room over, his drawer-slamming matching his vehemence. 

“That was conveniently left out of our brief,” Cody intoned.

And it would’ve been great to know, in hindsight.

“Any exposure to water needs to be examined!” Coric once more bustled into the medbay wearing protective gloves up to his elbows, goggles, and a face mask. “But don’t worry, I’ve just called in the hazmat unit.”

The officers exchanged wide-eyed glances. 

“You what?!” Rex cried, but Coric was already barking orders over the protests.

“Take all your armor off! Stack it here!” The medic didn’t let the fact that he only had basic sanitation spray stop him– he practically hosed down the growing pile of discarded armor with every dispenser he could get his hands on by the time two clones in large yellow protective suits waddled into the medbay.

Specialty squads like the hazmat unit were still an enigma to Rex, and seeing them in full gear gave him pause. Cody seemed to share his hesitance as he observed the new clones with a stiffness mirroring Rex, but Coric enthusiastically waved them in and directed them to the dripping armor pile.

While one investigated the armor with a handheld scanner, the second approached the officers bearing two canisters in each hand.

“We don’t have the tech on this ship to safely scan for microscopic parasites on organics,” the clone said from behind a thin shield of transpariplast. It was just large enough to show his nondescript face inside his yellow hood. “But put this on your skin and it’ll help amplify the scanners we can use.”

The second hazmat soldier joined his brother around the armor, leaving Rex and Cody to exchange glances once more, followed by a mutual, bracing breath.

Rex opened his canister to stare at the potent green paste inside. He grabbed Coric’s arm as the medic passed, pulling him between two possibly contaminated clones. 

“The paint’s supposed to go where?”

“On everything your bodysuit’s touching.” Coric slipped straight out of Rex’s hold and sprayed his own armor with sanitizer. He continued on his way, cleaning every surface he came across.

Cody leveled a glare at the captain. “This is your fault,” he mumbled as they both pulled off their shirts.

“You would’ve told him about the lake yourself!” retorted Rex.

“And the reason we fell into the lake in the first place was your fault, too,” Cody reminded. “This is going in your next Officer’s Report.”

“The 212th doesn’t contribute to my OR.” 

“It will this time.”

Despite their griping, their clothes came off and the cold paint went on. Yes, the énouement was bitterly strong today.

Cody winced the further down he spread the paste. “Is it supposed to burn like this?”

“Burning means it’s working,” one yellow-suited clone responded. They both waved different types of scanning equipment across the armor pile. One, sleek and oblong, made frequent beeping sounds as it emitted a transparent red beam; the other, wired to an outdated box gauge hanging from one clone like a satchel, clicked sporadically. 

Coric donned a new pair of medical gloves for the third time. His cleaning rampage ended– just short of scorching the medbay with fire– in time to see Rex and Cody painted from their necks to their ankles. 

“This is the last time I’m volunteering for one of your missions,” Cody muttered, shifting from foot to foot. 

Rex stood a little more compacted than before. “This is the last time I’m accepting one of these missions.”

“Don’t worry,” the medic assured them, “green’s definitely your color.” 

The yellow-suited clones closed in on them, waving a third type of scanner, one that screeched, over the green paint. Rex couldn’t remember a time he’d felt more exposed– or a time his body burned in so many places at once. To the hazmat unit’s credit, they were very thorough. That just meant the scanning process took upwards of an hour, and for that whole time Rex and Cody stood there in coagulating green paint. 

At least it gave Coric the courage to approach them once more. 

After the hour-long scan, the hazmat clones declared the officers were safe, but temporarily confiscated all their gear. The bodysuits they intended to burn, while the armor they loaded into a cart brought by additional clones from their unit. They planned to decontaminate the pieces in their own bay where they had access to much more specialized equipment, assuring the officers their armor would be returned… soon. 

“In the meantime, a night in the medbay for observation is the best thing for you,” a hazmat clone advised before the unit exited. The only trace they were ever there was the green paint left on Rex and Cody. 

Coric rubbed his large sanitized gloves together. “Perfect timing. Kix is on duty tonight!”

Rex tried to move. Faint cracking noises sounded from the top layer of paint; everything underneath was still congealing and the texture alone convinced Rex to not move again.

“I need out of this now.”  

Coric pointed the way to the medbay ‘fresher, and unfortunately for Rex, Cody pulled rank for the privilege of using it first. 

Énouement brimming, Rex sat on the edge of a medbed covered in coagulating, cracking, flaking green paint, while Coric escaped to his office once more. The medic returned in his standard armor, all preventative accoutrements gone. 

“This physical went a little differently than I was expecting,” Rex grunted. As much as he wanted to fling all limbs wide, he suffered the repulsive squish he created by hunching over, and modestly crossed arms and legs to hide places covered in paint anyway. 

Coric gazed across the spotless medbay. “It hasn’t been clean like this in awhile, but it’s not exactly worth a parasite scare.”

Rex chuckled despite himself, and a fresh series of cracks responded. A moment later, the door opened for Ahsoka to dash in, panting from what could’ve only been a long run. She held a wad of black in her hands.

“Kid–!” Rex fought all programming that demanded he jump to attention– or just stand in acknowledgment of her presence– at that moment. He managed to curl up a little tighter on himself, cheeks suddenly ruddy. 

“Rex!” Two steps closer, Coric held out a halting hand.

“Commander, you should probably, ah, keep your distance.” He intercepted her and received her bundle– a black bodysuit. “Thanks for this, sir.” While he brought the suit back to a medbed to fold properly, Ahsoka took a faltering step, as if remembering a half a second too late she wasn’t supposed to advance.

“Rex, how are you feeling? I heard from Coric about the quarantine and I wanted to check in on you.” The sincerity in her voice hit him as hot as the ‘fresher he was missing out on. “Plus I had to bring over an extra suit.”

Rex leveled a glare on the medic. “You called the commander to have her bring a change of clothes?!”

“I did no such thing,” Coric responded, hands defensively high. “I told her the situation and she ran errands all on her own.” 

“It’s fine, Rex,” Ahsoka spoke up. “I would’ve come regardless. Had to make sure you were all right.” She was close enough to see the pity in her eyes as she looked over his green body.

Rex’s limbs crossed him a little tighter, and he tried not to cringe at that extra squish of paint. “Thanks for your concern, sir. I’m fine. I’ll feel better once I get showered and change…” If Cody ever relinquished the ‘fresher.

Ahsoka smirked. If she hadn’t picked up on his body language, his dark blush must’ve clued her in. “As you were, Captain.” She casually retreated to the door. “If you need any help, just call.”

Would a foe bring such fine gifts?” Red Helm waved a hand, and three corpses were dumped in front of the gates. A torch was waved above the bodies, so the defenders upon the walls might see the faces of the dead.
“The old castellan,” said Black Lorren.
“With Leobald Tallhart and Cley Cerwyn.” The boy lord had taken an arrow in the eye, and Ser Rodrik had lost his left arm at the elbow. Maester Luwin gave a wordless cry of dismay, turned away from the battlements, and fell to his knees sick.
“The great pig Manderly was too craven to leave White Harbor, or we would have brought him as well,” shouted Red Helm.
I am saved, Theon thought. So why did he feel so empty? This was victory, sweet victory, the deliverance he had prayed for.
He glanced at Maester Luwin. To think how close I came to yielding, and taking the black …
“Open the gates for our friends.” Perhaps tonight Theon would sleep without fear of what his dreams might bring

“You must believe that defeat means death, Ryuichi. To compromise is to sever ones own arm. Truth exists only in victory. Win, Ryuichi! For yourself… for your father… for your team… for your country… win! I’m sure you’ll understand too, someday. The melancholy of winning… the pain of praise. The weight on your shoulders, the loneliness and agony… the time will come where your efforts will seem meaningless and your victories empty. You’ll torment yourself wondering what you’ve been fighting for all this time. You won’t let that stop you, though. That would give them… an opening! And openings lead to defeat! And defeat is death. Strong… just strong. You’ve got to crave victory! Strong… just plain strong… stronger…”

- Ping Pong, Chapter 47 ‘Kazama’s Feelings’ by Taiyo Matsumoto

Chapter 265

Thank you Fujimaki Sensei. If it’s this kind of story-telling, I don’t care about the point difference because even if Seirin is “winning” the chapter isn’t about Seirin. We’ll talk about point difference later, but the focus is on Akashi’s state of mind.

Midorima and Kuroko’s wordless stare at Akashi spoke volumes. I’m happy we finally get character reactions on his breakdown rather than “Seirin yay”.

Kiyoshi called out Kuroko on this telling him “Don’t tell me you’re worrying about Akashi right now. If you are then you’re making the wrong decision”

and Kuroko’s “….No” while his back is turned and the background a complete black “I have no time for that” reminded me of the time Kagami told Kuroko that Seirin is more important right now than Himuro in the Yosen match. It sounded as if Kuroko was telling that line to himself than to Kiyoshi.

He knows in the state he is in right now, he won’t be able to reach Akashi because Akashi is lost in his own conflicts. Even if he approached him, Akashi wouldn’t respond to him. He wouldn’t be able to help Akashi at all and Kuroko knows this. So what Kuroko does is to continue to observe him but still does his best and does not hold back on him in the match itself. Much like how Momoi says she doesn’t hold back on Tetsu kun *because* she likes him. Akashi is breaking down, but Kuroko isn’t the one who will hold his hand and ask the match to end -not only will it humiliate Akashi in front of the whole Basketball scene, it is not something Akashi would wish for either (just imagine the rumors, gossip about Akashi if this happened - pausing to highlight how indeed fragile Akashi is right now). 

Kuroko isn’t Akashi’s babysitter. He cares for him in his Kuroko way. He will be there for him, I want to believe the way he knows he can help him, and right now unfortunately, they are in the middle of the match with their schools and the Basketball scene watching them. He’s not going to save Akashi by going easy on him and letting him win (which he won’t do anyway because not only does he love Seirin too, he already knows the feeling. He preached this to Kagami and also to Aomine before, how he wouldn’t want Aomine to take it easy on him no matter how stronger he is if he were in the opponent’s shoes, and how it is Kagami’s fault that Himuro is mad at him after Kagami deliberately missed the basket). Not only will it not save him, it will make him feel more insignificant, humiliated and weak. It’s going to be a double kill on Akashi. He didn’t just lose to Kagami and Kuroko, he was pitied and allowed to score, it’s like the 111-11 being done on him too and Kuroko wouldn’t do that because Kuroko’s Basketball isn’t about humiliating someone or taking revenge (thank you Fujimaki sensei >_> because I was beginning to worry). Because, there’s something more important than winning and letting Akashi “win” isn’t the answer. It wasn’t what I expected, but it is indeed still wonderful. Akashi wants to win more than anything right now, but Kuroko won’t just give it to him because he knows Akashi won’t benefit from such empty victory. It sounds awfully convenient for Kuroko but even in his current state, Kuroko thinks that if Seirin lets their guard down, Rakuzan can come right back up. He is not underestimating Akashi, or assuming that Seirin will win. What he does now is what he thinks wants to be done to him, if he were in Akashi’s shoes.

I read a comment in 2ch which asked “Will Kuroko be happy if Seirin won like this?”

I don’t know but for Kuroko, this may be the only method he saw. The way he still tries his best and lets Akashi come at him how many more times and accepting his play no matter how weak it is right now, shows how much Kuroko respects Akashi. He didn’t go “meh Akashi kun isn’t in his best right now. Let’s take it easy.” and took a stance as if he was looking down on him. Kuroko knows Akashi is wavering and is very affected, he can’t read what’s on Akashi’s mind or what’s going on inside of it, but what he can do is to continue to be his opponent.

The root of the problem isn’t that Akashi wants to “win” and can’t. It’s not that superficial (if it was Akashi wouldn’t become this fragile and near breaking poiny). It’s Akashi’s own insecurity and self-judgment, sense of self worth and his inability to separate it from “victory”. If Kuroko will take it easy on him, it will only confirm his self-doubt.


It isn’t very surprising that the Rakuzan members are getting frustrated at Akashi, who is deteriorating quite fast (to the point it might look like he isn’t even trying anymore). They know Akashi can do more - even defeat all three of the Uncrowned combined, and look how they went at Mayuzumi without any regret after he messed up [This is also why I wanted a flashback to see how those people came to acknowledge Akashi as their captain and to follow his orders].

The Mukan have been watching how Akashi plays and how he gets out of tough situations, a reliable PG and captain - but they have never seen this side of him that is on the brink of defeat, who made a mistake and gets shaken by his own miss enough to confuse him to this point, and deteriorate at a rate no one expected. The Mukan are frustrated because they don’t know what’s wrong with him that he plays like a 3rd string instead of a Miracle (at the very least, Mibuchi understands the stress) and Nebuya confronts Akashi about this but still gets no response out of him as expected. 

But oh ghod Mayuzumi. I’ve been waiting ages for Mayuzumi’s turn. I thought we’ll get some Mayuzumi after Akashi used him as a tool but whoa Senpai what is in your head? I didn’t know this time will come again oh my gosh.

Things I’m wondering about Mayuzumi:

  • Why he joined the basketball team again after he flat out refused him on the roof top. How did he come to agree in the end?
  • Why he didn’t hate Akashi after it, him, a man of pride, instead, he still continued to observe him and help him?
  • I ALREADY MENTIONED THIS BEFORE but I also really loved that panel where Mayuzumi was the first one to come to help Akashi when he couldn’t make a move with Kagami’s reignited Zone.




This talk was happening while the coach was coaching them. Akashi is hearing voices in his head and having an internal struggle with himself.

“Chan… Sei chan! Were you listening to what was being said now!?”

Akashi has a scary look in his eyes while he is lost in his thoughts.

Ahhhhhhhhhh (;w; )!!!!! I’m wondering if the time when Mayuzumi first noticed Akashi’s condition being weird, Akashi already started hearing his other self in his head.


Ken ga Kimi: Enishi

Finished my second route in the game yesterday~ So today I want to talk about him a bit. I will not be summarizing Enishi’s route as much as I did for Kuroba because uh he’s not my husbando. :’D SO MUCH FOR THAT LMFAO THIS IS LONG AS HELL However I did end up enjoying this route a lot more than I expected to so I did want to get some words in.

Spoiler-free impressions: once again, the route went in a different direction from what I was expecting. In a good way, of course! I had my suspicions about Enishi based on some hints from the common route and Kuroba’s route, but I was still pretty surprised at some of the things that happened and I ended up getting much more attached to Enishi than I wanted to. XD Okiayu’s voice-acting was great! Enishi shows a lot of range in emotion throughout his route and yet Okiayu was able to portray all those subtle (or not-so-subtle) shifts in tone and emotion very well. I did feel that for Enishi, the Ken route was better than the Kimi route even if the endings were sadder. To me they made more sense and I enjoyed them a lot more. Ending his playthrough on the “best end” felt really jarring to me because I felt the character development was more rushed there. But overall I did enjoy the route quite a bit, which is great considering I had very low expectations and only wanted to get this character out of the way since he wasn’t my type. (this always happens to me lmao)

SPOILER TIME from here on out!. There will be some CG spoilers in here, too, so tread carefully if you haven’t played this route yet.

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