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Okay I have zero idea whether this worked the first time but just in case it didn't: rebelcaptain FBI agent au?


1. They initially met at Quantico during training. She was blasting the shit out of the paper targets and Cassian was admittedly impressed. They were eventually the last ones left at the range and they ended up in a silent, passive-aggressive competition to see who could empty their clip the fastest and with the best accuracy. Cassian was about 92% convinced that he was imaging her side-eyes and unspoken challenges, until when as she was leaving, she tossed her ripped-apart target in front of him casually and said, “I win.” (the only coherent thought he had was ‘…fuck’) 

2. They don’t meet again until several years later though. Jyn gets herself a reputation for being a bit of a hardass. She can shoot terrorists and killers without batting an eye. People joke behind her back that she’s part-robot. She just wants to make a difference for herself, protect people like she wasn’t protected growing up, but it’s made her closed off in fear of getting burned again, getting hurt. She gets called in on a case due to a possible connection between her and the suspect (if this has to do with her father, she is going to punch someone). 

3. Cassian’s parents were murdered when he was a child. Their killer was never caught, and he regularly pours over their file, even though it was 20 years ago and the case has long been cold (maybe he’ll find something, someday). His latest case is looking like business tycoon, Saw Gerrera, might have something to do with it, though and there’s another agent who has a connection with him, so he’s been told they’re bringing her in or something. 
“Agent Andor, this is Agent Jyn Erso.” 
“Agent Erso - wait. Have we -?” 
“We’ve met. I handed your ass to you at the Quantico shooting range once.” 

4. If Jyn represses her emotions (poor child) then Cassian has the opposite problem. He feels everything that he does. He still remembers the name of he first man he ever had to kill (Tivik might have been a lunatic serial killer, but still). He struggles with all the horrors the job brings, but he does it anyway, because he wont let anyone else have to live with not knowing what happened to the ones they’ve lost. Working with Jyn is the Wildest Thing he’s ever done, but they soon develop a mutual respect for each other over the course of that first case. He’s the one to arrest Saw, since he’s pretty sure Jyn would kill him if she got anywhere near him. 

(She cries. He holds her. Whoever spread rumours that this woman was a robot is a fucking idiot). 

5. They’re assigned as partners from that case on. On the outside it’s easy to notice the rapport they have for each other. It’s clear that they work extremely well together, but what’s harder to see is the emotional bond. It started as another challenge at the shooting range, but soon extended to bringing round food after tough cases, watching movies together, or calling each other at 3am when their demons won’t let them sleep. Their boss may suspect something deeper. 

(He may be right). 

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Clinton killed a half million kids with sanctions, Bush invaded Iraq & Afghanistan, Obama drone bombed a half dozen countries, but “Muslims are so violent.” While US soldiers were emptying clips into pregnant mothers, bombing weddings, and dropping thousand pound bombs on buildings filled with civilians, 1.5 billion people were being smeared as violent for crimes they didn’t commit. While the military used cluster bombs, white phosphorous & depleted uranium on the occupied, Fox News was preaching that Islam is the problem. When Israel was massacring Lebanese civilians by the dozen, the US was express shipping weapons over to enhance the slaughter. 2.3 million in jail/prison, the crime bill, gutting public housing, racist drug laws, executing Black people every 28 hours, that’s violence. “Freedom of speech!” But tens of millions of people don’t have the freedom to live without the US military bombing them. “Freedom of speech!” And freedom to spy, freedom to wiretap, freedom to infiltrate mosques, freedom to mass incarcerate, freedom to bankrupt the sick, freedom to deny affordable education.
—  Remi Kanazi via Facebook
Bang Bang.

Summary: You’ve been missing a certain angel and are most definitely frustrated and it is starting to show.

Warnings: smut and language!

Word count: 1400+

A/N: First Cas smut, I tried pretty hard on this. Let me know what you guys think!


 Bang. Bang. Bang.

With each shot you took at the target, you got father and farther away from your intended goal. Your mind handed been in the right place lately. Dean had already scolded at you for being “off your game.” You had insisted you weren’t, but there was no telling the eldest Winchester otherwise.

After you had finished emptying the clip into the target, none of the shots hitting the grey are you needed it to, you sat the gun done on the counter, huffing out in anger. What the hell was going on? The only thing that was really coming to your mind was that you hadn’t seen that one particular angel in over a week. There was other business that Castiel had been attending to, not giving the two of you a lot of time with one another.

“Dammit!” You shouted, your voice echoing against the walls. You reached down under the counter into the ammo bin, grabbing a fistful of the .9mm bullets. Sliding the clip out of the gun, you began to load the clip back up, thumbing the ammunition into to place. After pushing the clip back into place, you set the gun back on the counter.

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How DID d.va end up joining Overwatch?

Red lights flashed.  Alarms blared.

D.va was ejected from her ruined mech, becoming Hana Song once more.

There couldn’t have been a worse time.  Not when the infamous Reaper was the one who ruined her mech in the first place, not when they were in the freezing cold of late spring in Russia.

At least it wasn’t winter…

Hana automatically reached for her light pistol, emptying clip after clip into the wraith.  She didn’t question why he didn’t fire back until the hardlight projector that generated the pistol’s bullets overheated, leaving her in what must have been the world’s most awkward staring contest.

Hana’s teeth were chattering when Reaper finally spoke.

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Author: Katie

Request: Hi! I was wondering if I could get a Daryl imagine where when all the stuff happens at the prison and everyone gets split up, instead of Daryl ending up with Beth he ends up with you and you two are dating and just cute stuff please??- sent by smashleetayler

Word Count: 1,141

Warnings: violence, swearing, arguing

‘Get behind me!’ Daryl growled, grabbing Y/N’s wrist and pulling hard, making her stumble. She ripped her hand from his grasp and picked up her gun, shooting a walker that was behind them, then another two. She heard Daryl curse and fire his crossbow, quickly reloading it. She had no idea how he did it so quickly, she nearly always injured herself when she tried.

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Right now im at the point where if you put a gun to my head and told me to play Overwatch or do anything Overwatch related, i’d tell you to empty the fucking clip.

a bunch of you guys were really interested in the background to my jason todd design, so here’s another pic and some more info! 

so, my jason is a revenant, which is essentially a resurrected dead person whose soul has been put back into their body. the soul never fits back in the way it’s meant to – you end up with kind of a loose binding of body and essence, essentially a ghost “haunting” its own body, the same as it might a house or other buildings. it has some interesting side effects, both pretty cool and pretty awful. one of the good ones: you can empty an entire handgun clip into him and not put him down; same for other kinds of usually fatal injuries. he CAN die, but it takes a lot of damage. makes for good scaring of bad guys who think they’ve killed the red hood.

one of the bad ones: when he’s experiencing any kind of serious psychic or emotional trauma, his soul’s grip on his body gets much weaker. the wounds that killed him start opening back up, he gets cold, and he kind of loses his grip on anything but the anger and terror he felt when he died – think every terrifying vengeful ghost in any horror movie, then give it a corporeal body. that’s jason in a bad moment. (the cure? LOVE AND AFFECTION FROM HIS FAMILY. it really is that cheesy. :’))

the cheek scar is the first blow the crowbar landed; it broke his jaw and split his left cheek all the way up to the ear. it’s the first wound that opens back up; when he’s under a lot of duress sometimes he’ll sew it up himself, just to keep his face from, uh, splitting open. it’s not real convenient in the middle of a fight.

thanks so much for all your interest in my art! :)

2/100 - 100 days of rain


A/N - I should just rename this 100 Days of Sexual Tension because that’s basically what a few of them are. I’m trying to avoid getting angsty, especially with some of these themes its easy to fall into that. But this was so much fun to write! I hope you have fun reading it as much I had fun writing it! hubs had a huge part editing it again and that was fun too~~

Booming echoes resonated off the dirt ground. The shooting range private to military personnel was empty except for a single body. She laid on the ground, hair loose in the wind, protective glasses on her face. Riza Hawkeye held an automatic rifle tucked into her right shoulder. Rhythmically, she aimed and shot at the target with precision. After emptying each clip, she reloaded from the array of full-metal cartridges she had neatly arranged on right.

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Morgan spent most of season 6 refusing to kill – even those who posed a threat to the group. That’s likely going to change during season 7.

“I think the path he’s walking is a path he’s trying to walk. He’s not locked away in a shed with a goat, so he’s out in the world” James said. “When he shoots that Savior in order to save Carol, I think one bullet would have done it, but he emptied the clip. Those people who are begging for Morgan to [be a] killer: be careful what you wish for, guys.”

God, I just had the dumbest dream. Someone was trying to break into my house and he kept threatening me and my mother. Then he pulled a gun on me and after I wrestled it away from him, I shot him (emptied the clip, really). Then the police arrived and during the investigation it came out that I was an alumnus (their words) of the Scooby gang. I hadn’t seen them in a while but somehow the cops investigating me led to Freddie getting arrested for a bunch of crimes he didn’t commit and Velma and Daphne having to go into hiding because they were secretly assassins. Also somewhere in there, someone got killed by angels because she was trying to summon a bunch of demons to scour the earth clean of humanity.

I do not even know what my brain is doing anymore.