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The pet care shown in the ratblr tag is honestly horrible. 

Rats shouldn’t be kept in those tiny plastic cages. Rats shouldn’t have an empty cage with one hammock and food bowls. They need multiple hammocks, boxes, places to hide and sleep. None of the wire platforms covered (congratulations you’re going to give your rat bumblefoot). The substrate used, also horrible and likely to result in respiratory infections.

Rats are not “easy” or “cheap” pets. They are hard to care and provide for. They are expensive, they require specialized small animal vet trips, and are prone to lots of diseases and illnesses. They’re also destructive. They’ll chew through all their hammocks and toys, and will pee on everything, so you’ll need to buy new ones often, and you will need to clean their cages at least weekly.

It’s very obvious majority of the people in that tag, have put no proper research into the pet care required for rats and aren’t providing the basic care to their pets which will more often then not, result in the early death of their rats.


Here are all the non-story achievements I unlocked, and how I did so:

-Use Byers on the piano. Changes the music, a very cool one.

-Guessing by the “30″ in the background I assume it means trying to use Byers on 30 different things. I think I unlocked it while using him on some of the posters near Joey’s closet.

-Trying to dance (both types, probably) at the hula figure in the basement.

-Looking at the empty pigeon cage with Jude.

-Used the bent spoon on the pile of spoons.

-This one might be story required? I’m not sure. I assumed that it wouldn’t put up with my bullshit no matter what I put in there, but… well. Xefros will just have to put up with “BEES?” as the name of his lusus. (I named the other “Mula” after Avatar Wan’s deercat.)

-Use Byers on the vent. Results in a pretty funny response.

-Offer the Bubsy poster a treat.

-Use the ballet shoes on the Slinky.

-Use the med kit on Byers.

-Attempt to enact great justice, but alas. The pogs would not be put in the trash.

-I guess this is for finding the E batteries? Was there a place I could have used them at some point, and I avoided it, thus getting through the game with a spare item? I really don’t know.

Besides the story achievements, there are still 11 that I have not unlocked. This includes the BOROS one, which I assumed would be granted upon loading a complete save, but apparently not. If you have an achievement I don’t, please add it. Also, I can confirm that dying to the monsters by dicking around excessively during the rush to the attic will not net you an achievement. Unfortunately. That’s the only Game Over state I am aware of, and I tried my damnedest to make the game kill me. If anyone knows another one, I’d like to know.

Οι καρδιές των ανθρώπων που έχουν ερωτευτεί την άγρια ομορφιά της ελευθερίας είναι γεμάτες συναισθήματα που συγκρούονται μεταξύ τους αναζητώντας το καθένα το δικό του ζωτικό χορό.

Ένας χορός πάθους, εντάσεων, ρίσκου, αντιφάσεων, που στη διάρκεια του ξετυλίγονται με μοναδικό τρόπο όλοι εκείνοι οι λόγοι για τους οποίους οι άνθρωποι αποφασίζουν να αρνηθούν τους προκαθορισμένους ρόλους και να ριχτούν στις μικρές και μεγάλες καταιγίδες του αγώνα.

Απο την μέσα πλευρά των τειχών, λοιπόν, αν η μισή μας καρδιά βρίσκεται ανάμεσα στα αγαπημένα μας πρόσωπα, δίπλα σε όσους μας στηρίζουν καθημερινά με το δικό τους ξεχωριστό τρόπο. Ανάμεσα σε στιγμές που θα επιδιώξουν να επανακαταλάβουν το νεκρό χρόνο της φυλακής. Η άλλη μισή βρίσκεται σε κάθε γωνία του πλανήτη, όπου τα όπλα της αντίστασης στοχεύουν στους εχθρούς της ελευθερίας, σε κάθε οδόφραγμα, κάθε εξεγερμένη γειτονιά, κάθε επαναστατικό σχέδιο. Επιζητώντας να διευρύνει το χώρο και το χρόνο, που οι κλεψύδρες του δικού μας χρόνου ανατρέπουν την κυριαρχία των βεβαιοτήτων. Εκεί που η αναρχία κάνει την εμφάνιση της σε πείσμα των πολλών.

Μια εσωτερική σύγκρουση χωρίς νικητή και ηττημένο, που προσπαθεί να κρατήσει έναν συνεπή αξιακό προσανατολισμό. Εκείνο του αγώνα της ελευθερίας.

Για εκείνη την πιο όμορφη μέρα, που ο καθένας με το δικό του υποκειμενισμό βιώνει ξανά και ξανά μέσα στο κεφάλι του, όταν επιλέγει να ρισκάρει για αυτή. Για αυτή τη μέρα λοιπόν το σίγουρο είναι ότι αξίζει.

2016 Φυλακές Κορυδαλλού-Νίκος Ρωμανός.

So having seen this post from maythefoxbewithyou I feel the need to make something abundantly clear:

Do not get a pet without researching first.

This even applies to ‘low maintanence’ pets, because truthfully, there is no such thing as a low maintanence pet. Every animal has specific needs and they must be met in order for the animal to live a happy, healthy life, regardless of how short that life may be. Fish require more than just a box of water. Rodents need more than just a wheel (in fact, from what I understand, wheels are bad for rodents with long tails). Animals need more than the bare minimum, and if that is all you are prepared or willing to provide, do not get that animal.

A lot of animals will turn out to be a HUGE handful -more than might be expected from a relatively small package. The person in the post above learned the hard way how foxes behave naturally; but they could have saved themselves -and the fox- a lot of discomfort by simply reading their literature first. This applies to all pets, common ones included! You may think you know how to handle a dog, but dogs vary wildly in temperament and behavior from breed to breed and have hugely different needs in terms of exercise. Goldfish, widely regarded as the easiest pet to keep, are in fact one of the most difficult, if you don’t want them to die. You get it.

If you are interested in a particular animal and want to keep it as a pet, here is what I suggest you learn right away:

Life expectancy. If your fish dies in 3 weeks, something is wrong.

Dietary needs. You want a rabbit? You’ll need more than some iceberg lettuce, and pellet foods are often insufficient on their own. Birds need more than a seed mix. Furthermore, feeding things you may think or harmless to certain animals could be deadly.

Housing/habitat. You should not only learn what specific type of cage or related enclosure your animal requires, but also what brands are the safest. Look for reviews on places like amazon. They will often describe any issues with the cage design (in the end, this helps you determine just how much money you will be spending on an enclosure. When I kept rats, the cage was the largest and most important expense).

Social needs. Does your animal need a companion in its own species? For dogs and cats, this isn’t a pressing matter, but a lot of your small, furry friends need friends of their own to keep them feeling secure. Some animals may even become depressed without a buddy.

Exercise/play. Nobody wants to sit around in an empty cage all day. Animals need a chance to roam, explore, inspect, and act like little goofballs. Learn everything you can about how long your pet should be out, what toys you might provide, and how to ‘pet proof’ a room to avoid damage to your property and to them. You may need to invest in a playpen, or make one yourself.

Health issues. Every animal has quirks particular to its species. Certain dog breeds may be prone to hip problems. Rodents have a tendency to contract respiratory issues. Teflon, that stuff that keeps the food from sticking to your frying pan, can poison and kill birds simply by being heated up. If you don’t know these things, it can lead to a lot of grief and confusion later on.

Behavior/compatibility. Does this animal chew? Does that animal mark its territory by peeing? Does that one make loud noises in the middle of the night? How can you tell if it’s happy, angry, scared? And will it get along with your other pets? Out of everything previously mentioned, I feel these are the major reasons people rehome their animals. They don’t learn about these little eccentricities, and once they start to emerge, they are unprepared to deal with them, consider them strange or bad or ‘disobedient’, and shunt their unfortunate pet onto somebody else. So many times I have read a craigslist ad with the words ‘we just can’t deal with him/her anymore’. 

Pets are a big deal. They require a lot of work, dedication, and money; but they will pay you back. Anybody who ever loved a pet will tell you this. When you care for a pet properly, you will be rewarded with a happy, healthy critter, who probably loves you a hell of a lot and will do their best to show it -just make sure you know how to recognize that behavior!

And put your rats in teacups.

If anybody has anything to add to this, feel free. I probably left out some important stuff. Also, if anybody wants to know anything about rats, send me an ask. I’ll be happy to help. (You can ask me about other animals too, but I can’t say I’ll know the answers.)

Όταν κλείνει μια πόρτα πίσω σου ανοίγει μια άλλη μπροστά σου. Έτσι αισθανθήκαμε όταν άνοιξε η πόρτα της φυλακής κλείνοντας πίσω μας την πόρτα της εποχής που ήμασταν ελεύθεροι… Ένας καινούργιος κόσμος εμφανίστηκε μπροστά μας. Ένας κόσμος στενός, τσιμεντένιος, που οι καλημέρες και οι καληνύχτες καταργούνται.

Όμως ο λύκος μέσα μας παραμένει ξάγρυπνος και πεινασμένος. Όλες αυτές τις μέρες, όλους αυτούς τους μήνες, όλα αυτά τα χρόνια τον ταΐζουμε με σκέψεις, με επιθυμίες, με ανησυχίες, με σχέδια, με οργή και καταπίνει κάγκελα, συρματοπλέγματα, κλειδαριές για να τρέξει ελεύθερος ξανά κάποια άγνωστη μέρα. Μέχρι τότε στη φυλακή οι λύκοι της άρνησης περιφέρονται μοναχικοί μέσα σ’ ένα πλήθος από σκιές που τους περιβάλλουν. Γιατί η πλειοψηφία των κρατουμένων αποτελούν θλιβερές σκιές ανθρώπων που η φυλακή γίνεται η μοναδική τους πατρίδα.

-Σκέψεις απο τη χώρα του τίποτα

“SeaWorld could be in trouble because of “Granny,” the world’s oldest known living orca. The 103-year-old whale (also known as J2) was recently spotted off Canada’s western coast with her pod — her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. But while the Granny sighting is thrilling for us, it’s problematic for SeaWorld.

First of all, SeaWorld has claimed that “no one knows for sure how long killer whales live,” when simple figures or even living and thriving examples — like Granny — can give us a pretty good idea. The Whale and Dolphin Conservation project estimates that whales born in captivity only live to 4.5 years old, on average; many of SeaWorld’s orcas die before they reach their 20s.

Another key aspect of an orca’s life — which is missing in captivity — is the ability to swim up to 100 miles per day. When Granny was spotted earlier this week, she had just finished an 800-mile trek from northern California along with her pod.

According to animal welfare advocates, long-distance swimming is integral to orcas’ psychological health and well-being; SeaWorld, however, has gone on record claiming that orcas do not need to swim hundreds of miles regularly, ostensibly to defend the parks’ cruel practice of keeping massive, powerful orcas confined to cramped tanks.”—thedodo.com

apanoplyofsong  asked:

OKAY I think I finally came up with an actual prompt?? Something to the effect of "we adopted a pet together and now my mom/whoever definitely thinks we're dating whoops"

10/10 any prompt with pets in it is an excellent prompt. hope you like it and thanks for being such a great friend! (ao3)

The thing about Bellamy Blake, as Clarke well knows, is that he’s incapable of not caring for things smaller and more defenseless than he is. Not when he could help instead. She knew this when he moved in with her. She knew it from the first time he gave drunk Raven a piggyback the whole way home.

What she didn’t know was how it would affect her life once he becomes her roommate.

It starts innocently enough, with Bellamy hanging a bird feeder on the balcony after he finds a nest built into a crevice there.

“How much research did you do last night?” Clarke asks, amusedly interrupting his verbal pros-and-cons rundown of different models at Home Depot. She’d come along in part because she thinks it’s funny, how worried he is about these birds who can ostensibly take care of themselves.

(She’d also come along because it’s really cute, but that’s neither here nor there.)

“I may have looked at a few comparison charts online,” he admits, smiling sheepishly. “I don’t want to spend good money on something that isn’t going to work the way I want it to.”

“I didn’t know there was a wrong way a bird feeder could work.”

“Hence the research.”

She shakes her head fondly and taps the smallest option. “Just get this one. We’re looking to feed one family, not the whole forest.”

He stares for another moment, then nods and starts putting the rest of the boxes back on the shelf.

“How come you’re never this decisive when we’re picking a restaurant for dinner?”

“My muse is fickle, Bellamy.”


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PLEASE stop taking your children to aquariums, zoos, circuses that use animals, and places like Sea World. And PLEASE stop telling your children how happy these animals are, because they are NOT. Would you be happy if you had to spend the rest of your life in a small cage or a bath tub? I don’t think so. ….Take them to a farm sanctuary instead, teach them love, compassion and kindness to animals. Not cruelty, captivity, and slavery.