empty spaces

Consider that you can see less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum and hear less than 1% of the acoustic spectrum. As you read this, you are traveling at 220 km/sec across the galaxy. 90% of the cells in your body carry their own microbial DNA and are not “you.”

The atoms in your body are 99.9999999999999999% empty space and none of them are the ones you were born with, but they all originated in the belly of a star. Human beings have 46 chromosomes, 2 less than the common potato.

The existence of the rainbow depends on the conical photoreceptors in your eyes; to animals without cones, the rainbow does not exist. So you don’t just look at a rainbow, you create it. This is pretty amazing, especially considering that all the beautiful colors you see represent less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum.
—  NASA Lunar Science Institute, 2012.
The Second Kiss

Fic Request:  a fic where Stiles has a major panic attack and the whole pack is there. Malia tries to help but it doesn’t do anything and then Lydia manages to help him (kiss him!) like the first time.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, Angst, Comfort, Thriller

Author:  panicattackkisses

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empty spaces of my body

“It doesn’t always work,” begins Deaton, “but if someone has the power to pull you back from the dead, it means their body can also have a strong pull towards you, not just their soul. The anchor can tighten your hold around each other in certain circumstances, and the emotional connection can offer physical strength. If Lydia’s been draining herself mentally because of her powers, the best way to replenish them quickly is to use that connection.”

Stiles, for the first time, speaks.

“So,” he says, voice thick. “You’re saying that the best way to heal Lydia is for us to have sex.”

AO3 // FFnet

something is missing. it’s like the first time you ever lose a tooth and you find yourself absentmindedly gliding your tongue over the empty space, trying to figure out why this excess room is so bothersome. why you’re so uncomfortable with loss.

the words he said, or didn’t say, migrate to the center of your chest and press down. like leeches to a bruise or bricks on your shoulders. it hurts, this is the difference between minor and light. this is where it’s painful. after they’re done indenting your chest, the words seep into your ears. like, ‘what am I doing?’ 'who’s that person with my lipstick on their collar?’ 'what do you see when your eyes are closed?’ is it me? was it?

you’re sitting with him but he isn’t sitting with you. he’s somewhere in the tropics with a beer in his hand and you’re trudging through a tundra kicking ice off of your boots. maybe. or maybe not. you run your tongue over your incisors and press your palm flat to your torso. you almost wish you’d pass out, or become violently ill, so that there would be a reason for him to touch you. to feel how cold your skin is.

here is where the lakes and rivers and oceans and gulfs all begin to quiver and leak out of the corners of your eyes. you’re just so livid and upended and everything is too much and you don’t know why he keeps happening to you anyways, why you keep letting him. here is where your body trembles and your breath flees and it crosses your mind that this may be what weakness feels like. here is where the pressure on your chest is unbearable and you stick gum in the place where your tooth was. here is where you think it can’t get any worse.

it can. you two are finally in the same room but this time you wish you weren’t. because he’s talking but it isn’t so much talking as it is yelling and it isn’t even that he’s actually yelling but you want him to yell - you need him to yell - because right now he’s so calm. how can he be so calm when everything is shaking? this kind of catastrophe deserves screaming and fighting and red faces to match red fists but that isn’t what you have. he is talking like he’d talk to a cashier at the grocery store and all you can do is hold out your hands and show him all of the teeth you’re clutching.

everything is missing. this is what true devastation looks like. an absent mouth. a swiss cheese body. desert eyes.

what’s still left?
your heart
your heart
your heart.

—  the richter scale of emotional intensity, cgc
Sterek Endgame: Senior Scribe

This doesn’t really seem like queerbaiting. Out of all of his friends, Stiles was the only one who noticed Derek’s name out of the thousand initials that were on the scribe. This has to mean something. The fact that the camera actually depicts this whole situation, gives us a clear shot of Stiles’ focus and reaction to Derek’s name, must mean something. The parallel of Stiles and Derek to Scott and Allison is also extremely obvious. 

That isn’t something that was meant to be fanservice; it was obvious, and it was clear to those who don’t even ship Sterek; Derek means something special to Stiles in a way his friends, even Malia, doesn’t. 

Lydia chooses a empty space to write her name. Away from Stiles’. I don’t know if this is supposed to symbolize or foreshadow separation between Stiles and the pack, but really? If it were me and my friends, I would definitely want our names together. That should be what Stiles wants, with his whole rant about wanting to stay together and whatnot.

Also, Malia writes her name down next to Lydia’s, and therefore away from Stiles. A girlfriend would want their name next to their boyfriend, right? This could hint at Malia’s development; Malia has opened up and views herself as a part of the pack instead of a lone wolf. However, as Stiles’ girlfriend, I would assume that Malia would want her name next to his. Unless Malia and Stiles are not as serious as we thought they were…?

Does this mean that Stiles chose to write his name next to Derek’s? No. Definitely not. There’s no hundred percent, and I guess that we will never know. However, I do think this might bring more substantial Sterek moments to the table. 

Homophobia is so ingrained into society that even with this kind of evidence, Sterek is not actually viewed as canon. Hell, Jordan and Lydia had less screen time and chemistry, and there was a scene where they almost kissed. If Sterek was a heterosexual pairing, they would’ve been going strong since Season 1.

Even if Davis has his fair share of mistakes; the level of detail and subtle hints he puts into scenes are detailed and beautiful. Rewatching old episodes have allowed me to see things in a new light, and things that I have dissed as ‘errors’ or ‘faults’ in the canon in season 2 have turned out to be hinting at the season 3 and 4 finale.

People who are willing to write the Sterek scribe moment off as a fluke are welcome to, but ‘flukes’ aren’t Davis’ style. In the past, many important hints towards the endgame have been written off as inconsistent writing, but it turned out to be heading along that path all along. Sterek is going to be endgame. I can fucking taste it.

Hmm, so…

  • I predicted forced fusion (and theorized that Jasper was one) over a month before Keeping It Together was even announced
  • Only two of the predictions I made in the StevenBomb 2.0 bingo failed to come true (and they were both literally just hopes I had that I put in because I had empty spaces left over)
  • And last night I had a dream about an episode list which listed the then-unannounced fifth episode in StevenBomb 3 as “Friend Ship”, which to my shock and disbelief is in fact the name of that episode

What do you guys think–future vision or lucky guess?

I just thought of the New Avengers standing all together in one of those typical superhero group poses, but there’s a giant empty space in the formation, and out of nowhere Pietro speeds in to fill the void. The entire team just stares wide-eyed, and Pietro delivers his most famous line: “You didn’t see that coming?”


Here’s a small map for the general idea! Of course this isn’t to scale so there’s no real frame of reference to how far away from each other everyone is but they’re all pretty far away

Those blocks on the boarder of this map are more populated areas (”civilization”, or close enough to it) but because of mountains/ocean these areas aren’t as heavily populated, but do have small accumulations of people in some areas for things like ports and markets (like that empty space to the east of Annwyn’s river)

Tremia’s ocean location is, in fact, an ocean; so that further populated area is still VERY VERY far away.

Here is also a list of everyone who knows each other in person/visit each other frequently.

  • Regara hasn’t met anyone in the game face to face!
  • Goshen doesn’t live anywhere and is always traveling, but knows Calazi and through her Pulvis and Umbras. Likewise all four of them know each other.
  • Selcis lives fairly close to the twins and has turf wars with them, and he and Annwyn visit each other frequently since it’s convenient to travel with Scorpiondad’s tunnels. He also knows Pulvis.
  • Heketi, Amonra, Pulvis, and Annwyn all know each other through FLARPing but Thuose has only met Heketi, as she visits every now and again.
  • Pulvis frequently hangs out with Calazi and sometimes Annwyn.
  • Umbras and Calazi visit each other frequently and go hiking together.
  • Tremia has only met Pulvis and Umbras face to face.