empty spaces

Hey~ I downloaded this recording app on my Samsung Galaxy Note and tried it out and hey ho! Now I can record myself doodling or sketching! YAY!

As you know, most of my digital art is done on my Samsung Galaxy Note. I use an app called Artflow to draw.

Here’s today’s doodle done in the car while waiting for my bro bro. The last two were done while waiting for food at a restaurant, just filling in the empty space! And yes, I did say doodle!

Doodle: to draw or sketch aimlessly to kill time.

It’s kinda crappy as I am currently exhausted and sleep deprived. So I’m gonna crawl into a hole and get my sleep now.

“All Our Days” - Stitchers, Camsten, FLUFFY FLUFFNESS

In case anyone needs some happy fluffy nonsense after that finale:


Kirsten woke up to the scent of coffee, black and strong, and the realization that her head was at entirely the wrong angle.

She sat up, disoriented, to find that she had apparently fallen asleep on the couch the night before. Ed’s, her mother’s, and her father’s files were still spread out on the table in front of her, the ones that had been on her lap and the couch next to her moved re-stacked there as well. They had been replaced by a blanket, carefully tucked in around her shoulders, and a mug of coffee sitting in the one empty space left on the table. From the kitchen, she could hear the sounds of someone cooking breakfast.

Chest warm, she left the coffee and blanket behind and headed into the kitchen. Cameron was at the stove, cooking what smelled like scrambled eggs and vegetables, and she promptly fitted herself against his back and hooked her chin over his shoulder. It impeded his movements, but he’d never once protested her doing it. “You could have woken me up,” she murmured, sliding her hands around his waist to anchor herself. “Made me go to bed.”

She felt him shake his head. “You haven’t been sleeping that well lately. I didn’t want to risk it.” He tilted his head, briefly nuzzling his cheek against her hair. “I missed you too, Princess.“

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// how i bullet journal // 

  1. The second row of pics show my yearly overview and color key
  2. Third row: Start of the month. Four boxes for personal, academic, career-oriented, and spiritual goals. Below is a section for prayer requests (aspects of my life that are worrying me, basically) and this month’s focus
  3. Fourth row: Overview of month split into deadline list, month calendar, weekly to do on the right side, and three boxes split into “Things To Change”, “Progress to Make”, and “Achievements”
  4. Last row: Weekly planner, where I block out time using the colors on my key, and daily planner where I list goals, wake up time and bed time, habits (the five circles represent how much water I drank, for example), my shot at a very simplified chronodex (to see where I spent most of my time), and some empty space to write down important or special things that happened that day.

So, I was pouring myself a drink just now and I noticed as I was listening to it, that the more you fill it, the quieter the sound for filling it gets. Mainly due to the fact there’s not a lot of empty space for sound to travel. This got me to thinking.

When someone’s not content with how things are going, they complain about it because naturally, they are unhappy. They want more out of life and that’s fine!

But, the more we are filled with content, we are happy and we become quiet as a whole. We have everything we need after all, so there’s no need to kick up a fuss.

See where I’m going?

A person’s contentment is like a glass of water: as it fills, it starts off loud and gradually quietens until it becomes full.

…Or maybe I’m talking a load of bollocks at 5am and over analyzing a drink because I’m an insomniac.