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Don’t mess with my chips!

Pairing: Jared x reader

Summary: You’re pregnant and out of potato chips.

Words: 576

Warnings: don’t mess with a pregnant woman’s food

A/N: So @thing-you-do-with-that-thing asked to send @ellen-reincarnated1967 some love and Sam/Jard fluff because she’s sick. So here you go! A little drabble in hopes to make you feel a little better! Get well soon!

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Your blood started to boil at the sight in front of you. There was nothing behind the little wooden door you had just opened, an empty shelf staring back at you. And that was exactly the reason you were pissed off right now.

“Jared?” you called out for your husband, anger resounding in your words. The tall man walked in carelessly and asked what was wrong in the most innocent voice, which aggravated you even more. “Where’s the bag of potato chips I bought yesterday?” You turned your head towards him, staring daggers into his body.

“Jensen and I ate it when he came over yesterday,” he shrugged like nothing was wrong.

“Jen-Jensen ate my potato chips?” you asked, your voice low and laced with venom.

“Yeah, he did,” Jared spoke slowly. He narrowed his eyes at you and tilted his head slightly. “Babe, are you okay? You’re acting a little weird.” Your husband stepped closer to you, but you pushed his arms away when he wanted to embrace you.

“You know I crave potato chips and ice cream and now we’re all out!” you whined with a sad frown etched in your features. “Do you know what it’s like having a humongous baby growing inside of you? Because it’s not easy! Why do you Padalecki’s have to be so freakishly tall? Seriously, I could strangle you right now!” Your fingers curled up in front of you, emphasising your words by mimicking what you were picturing in your head.

“You aren’t tall enough,” the man in front of you joked, chuckling at his own comment. You smacked his arm harshly before hissing out your next words.

“You’ve sunk low enough for me to reach.” That comment only made your husband erupt into a fit of laughter. Your mouth dropped as you stared at him in disbelief. “You think this is funny, do you?” Jared ignored your pushes and protests as he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you tight against his chest as close as your baby bump would allow.

“Babe,” he said firmly, making the waterfall of words stop from coming out of your mouth. “I already bought a new bag of chips and a whole gallon of ice cream. So what do you say we cuddle up on the couch and I massage your shoulders while we binge watch some series. Does that sound okay?” You nodded your head with a small pout which Jared kissed away quickly.

“Thank you for putting up with me,” you mumbled against his lips. “I know I can be a bit of bitch with all of these hormones.”

“Don’t feel sorry, babe. In a month you’re going to give me the greatest gift I could ever ask for, so I’ll take your grumpiness in return any day,” he chuckled. “Now make yourself comfortable on the couch while I’ll grab the chips and ice cream.” He pecked your lips one last time before disappearing into the kitchen.

“Can it be America’s Next Top Model?” you shouted towards Jared, but you didn’t await his answer as you had already pressed play on the recording. You knew your husband, he’d be okay with anything you wanted to watch.

Not long after that you were both cuddled up on the couch, watching the contestants pose for pictures while you stuffed your face with your favorite pregnancy food craving and Jared rubbed circles over your swollen belly, your baby kicking against his hands.

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December 23rd

by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee

Chapters: 1/1 (7757 words)
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles
Additional Tags: Swearing, Dry Humping, Semi-Public Sex, kind of, Strangers to Lovers, maybe even strangers to friends to lovers?, Blow Jobs, Panties, Blow Jobs in a Car, really REALLY good customer service, really good, Jay makes a small appearance in this, just in case that might be a bit upsetting

Written for the @hlchristmasfanfictionexchange


He scanned the shop floor, disappointment starting to bubble in his gut before he spotted the familiar face emerging from the back room, efficiently stacking boxes onto a previously empty shelf.
“Well! If it isn’t my favourite curly-haired little elf.”
Harry spun around with comic speed and a grin split his face immediately.
“Louis!” He said, looking like he was about to fling himself into Louis’ arms, stopping himself at the last second. “How’s it going?!”
“Not bad, you?”
Harry just nodded, straightening that same green hat upon his head.
“Need some help?”

Louis enlists the help of a blushing, curly haired shop assistant to find all his Christmas presents and ends up receiving one of his own.

A foolish man once asked me why I wear black
so I told
I told him I wear black because I am it and it is me
I told him I wear black because it exudes from my pores like oil mines
I told him I wear black because it’s the only color I got in my closet a million shades strung up by their necks and draped around my hangers
Next to the skeletons
Near the empty shelf I saved privileged
Across from the door I had to pry open labeled opportunity
I wear black because it draws attention like a flower to bees or swaying bodies in magnolia trees honey dripping from my mouth or blood trickling from the leaves or a corpse floating down the Mississippi River and into the Louisiana delta
Delta like a delta
Iota and omega
Devine was I to find in wearing these black garments a
A power
In these well worn hand me downs my ancestors wore with pride a struggle sewn into every stitch like
Every seed sewn by nigger hands a nation built upon the backs of a people who will never reap its harvest so I wear black as
A reminder of this burden
I wear black because my people are in constant mourning
Mourning the lives we’ve yet to live
So I asked him do you think I had a
Choice in the matter
Do you think I was in the room when God decided to cascade this black silk around my body to form my skin
I wear it because I have to
But yet I stand in it because I want to
That is why I wear black
—  Original poem “Wearing Black ” by Nazhier Smith
You’re Four Years Younger Than Michael, But He Promises To Wait For You

A/n: So sorry this is late! You know, I read these requests and then I write them, and then when I read the request again I always think I should have done it differently! I hope this is okay for you Ana xxx

.Michael x Ana

.Ana P.O.V


“Mikey, stop it.”

You cursed your friend as he continued to sneak random stationary items into your basket.

“Michael what… What the hell do I need a pineapple shaped stapler for? Put that back!”

Trying to mask your grin was becoming increasingly difficult but you allowed yourself a moment to compose yourself as your red headed friend disappeared slyly off towards the back of the store.

Stopping by an almost vacant shelf, you emptied about eighty percent of the contents of your basket onto the free space, frowning at the variety of useless items Michael had managed to slip in without you noticing.

“Hey Ana, what about this pencil case? It’s in the shape of a gorilla head but its sparkly pink and wearing neon sunglasses.”

You didn’t even want to see what that could possibly look like so you held out your hand and shook your head.

“Don’t bring it any closer Mikey or I swear I will lose you and leave you in this shop.”

That was enough to get him to behave and start walking by your side rather than skipping around the shop and manhandling every display in sight.

It was the start of summer and just after the holidays you would begin college, and finally start the important studies towards your career. In preparation for this you couldn’t wait to begin purchasing all new stationary and equipment you might need and of course, Michael was here to help.

Your relationship with Michael was a difficult one… you both liked one another and you both knew it but being four years his junior, it wasn’t really going to work out as a relationship in the eyes of the public.

Maybe you were a little young to know what you really wanted but Michael had been a constant in your life for so long now that you couldn’t bear the thought of being without him.

Surely, Michael stayed around you because he felt the same?

“Erm, why don’t you go ahead and pay for your things Ana and I’ll meet you outside? There is just something I want to look at.”

Michael was wandering off before you even had chance to reply, so with a shrug of your shoulders you proceeded to the checkout.

Michael swung around by your side about five minutes later with a thick box tucked under his arm, but he didn’t mention it as he smiled coyly down at you, causing you to blush.


Nodding enthusiastically, you skipped into step besides your friend and headed for the nearest ice cream bar to enjoy the rest of your afternoon in peaceful relaxation.

It was only when you were sat down and sipping thick liquid through your straw that you could tell something was wrong with your friend.

Michael was fidgeting and absentmindedly tearing strips on his napkin. After a few minutes, you pushed your hand forward on the table and touched the tips of your fingers against the side of his palm, causing his face to lift as his light green eyes snapped up to yours.

“You alright?”

You smiled lightly but Michael didn’t share your grin.

He watched you carefully for a few seconds before turning his hand to lace his fingers with yours, an action that caused heat to burn against your cheeks and your body to stiffen; you had never displayed your small affections in public before.

“Ana… I know it’s still a few months away and I don’t really want to bring it up but I need you to know, to understand… I know you’re going to be moving away to go to college and you’re going to be gone for a few years. I don’t expect you to hold back and think that you’re tied to me because you’re not. I want you to experience everything a girl your age should and have fun, but I want to make you a promise… I will wait for you. Whether you want me or not after the next couple of years, I don’t care. Just let me wait for you just in case there is a chance between you and me.”

You stared wide eyed at your friend who was fixing you with a hopeful look.

Indeed, it was a little early to bring up the subject of you leaving, despite the fact you were out purchasing stationary for the occasion.

“You would… you would wait for me?”

Michael grinned as he rolled his eyes with a shake of his head.

“Duh, I’m not going to let someone like you slip away… not if I can help it anyway.”

He smiled handsomely at you and it caused your cheeks to flush with heat.

“Okay then.”

You finally gushed with a bright smile.

“You know though, you should have just kept quiet about your plan because now I have to endure three years of waiting too.”

Michael squeezed your hand as he shook his head.

“No Ana, you have to promise me that you won’t throw away any chances just because of me. Promise me you’ll experience college life to the full.”

Nodding slowly, you smiled as you squeezed his hand reassuringly back.

“I promise Mikey…”


Summer passed within the blink of an eye as it always does, but this year, it was as if it had travelled by twice as fast.

The car was packed to the brim and running in the drive, your parents waiting inside the vehicle for you to finish your conversation with Michael, who had come over to say a final goodbye before you left.

“This is for you.”

He informed as he handed you a large square shaped box that was relatively flat, wrapped roughly in blue paper.

“You didn’t have to get me anything Mikey…”

You mumbled quietly as you accepted the gift without any joy; you didn’t want to think about leaving without him.

“Don’t be silly, it’s just something small.”

Michael reassured, but you placed it on the floor straight away in favour of wrapping your arms tightly around his waist, sighing in content when he held you back just as securely.

“I’m just a phone call away, but I know you’ll be fine.”

He sounded convinced, but you knew you would struggle a little.

After what seemed like seconds but it was probably more like minutes, Michael pulled back slightly and placed a soft, lingering kiss against your forehead that seemed to leave a burning mark.

“Text me to let me know you got there okay, but don’t worry about calling… go and mingle with people.”

Michael insisted but his comment caused you to smirk.

“Say’s you, Mr ‘I’d rather stay in my room all summer.’”

Michael smiled at you as you leaned down to pick your gift back up and with a heavy sigh, you mumbled.

“See you soon, Mikey.”

“See you soon, Sweetheart.”

You friend squeezed you close once more before letting you go to climb into the car before your parents drove you down the road and out of sight.

It took you about half an hour of resisting before you decided to tear into your haphazardly wrapped gift, and smiled fondly when you were greeted with a photo of Michael and yourself. You were both cuddled close with Michael leaning across to kiss your cheek; you remembered being terribly unprepared for his kiss which was why you were looking a little startled, but the memory caused you to grin.

The photo was stuck onto the front cover of what appeared to be an empty photo album with a messy scrawl of Michael’s writing underneath.

‘Fill with memories Ana, I want you to share them all with me over a milkshake when it’s full… Mikey xx’

Holding the book close to your chest, you watched the world zoom by outside your window as you mumbled quietly.

“I promise.”




Collage seemed to go by so slowly when you were actually there but now, driving yourself home after completing your final year, you couldn’t believe how quickly it had gone.

You had made so many friends and had the time of your life, there was a little bit inside of you that didn’t want to come back home, but another part of you wanted nothing more.

You had promised Michael that you would have fun and enjoy yourself and you had; to the max, and you had an album full of photos to prove it… all but one space anyway.

Michael always kept in touch over the years but the conversation had dropped slightly recently, and it caused your chest to ache. You may have spoken but you hadn’t seen him since the day you left and you were eager to see him again.

Unfortunately, it was too late to do much when you go back home but the first thing you did when you awakened the next day was to send a text to your friend.

You had been writing and deleting comments for the past five minutes, unable to think of something to say, wondering if he would even want to meet up… In the end you settled for a simple:

‘I would love to see you… Milkshakes at 12? Ana x’

That would do, you decided you would turn up and if Michael didn’t, you could enjoy a drink by yourself before walking home with your tail between your legs.

Turning up at your old Milkshake parlour meeting point ten minutes early, you expected to be the first, possibly only one there, but you stopped dead in your tracks when you saw Michael.

His hair was no longer red but a fluffy blonde colour and you could even tell from your far distance away that he was nervous. He was fidgeting and tapping his fingers against the table, not being able to sit still.

Taking a deep breath, you walked forward and into the store, coming to a stop at the side of the table Michael was sat at. Clutching your bag nervously, you spoke as confidently as you could.

“Hey… Michael.”

Your friend seemed startled when he looked up at you and his expression caused you to blush.


You stepped back slightly as Michael scrambled to his feet, your cheeks darkening as his lush green eyes glanced up and down your entire body.


You could tell he too was a little nervous and unsure, so you decided to just go with it. Placing your bag down on the bench, you stepped forward and wrapped your arms tightly around his neck, pulling him close and inhaling his familiar scent.

“I’ve missed you.”

It took him a few seconds to react but when he did, his arms crushed you against his torso, holding you desperately close as you relished being in each other’s arms once more.

“And I’ve missed you. You look so different Ana, I hardly recognised you.”

You both loosened your hold on each other before Michael indicated for you to sit down.

“Take a seat, I’ll get you a drink.”

You only had chance to smile at him before he clumsily walked off in the direction of the counter and you couldn’t stop the nervous flutter in your chest.

When he arrived back with your favourite flavoured milkshake, he sat opposite you as you took a sip.

“How did you remember this was my favourite?”

You smiled but Michael just shook his head.

“Good memory…”

He smirked and you couldn’t help but think of how handsome he looked.

“I have something to show you.”

You enthused as you pulled out your worn photo album and Michael’s eyes lit up in surprise.

Taking the book from your hands, he proceeded to open it up to the first page, his eyes instantly shining in amusement.

“I can’t believe you filled this all out…”

Smiling, you stood up and moved over to take a seat on the bench next to him, giving you chance to look through the photos together and for you to explain them.

The more you looked through the book, the more the ice between you broke and before you knew it, you were laughing and joking just like you used to.

It was only when Michael flipped to the last page that he stopped.

“Why is the last space empty?”

He questioned softly and you felt yourself blush once again.

“I was saving it, for today.”

Michael looked slightly confused by your confession but regardless, you pulled your phone from your pocket and cuddled up close to Michael’s side. He seemed to get the idea and leaned in close as you held the phone up to take the photograph. Just before you pressed the button however, you turned your head and placed a sweet kiss against the side of Michael’s cheek.

Judging by the evidence on the photo, you had achieved the desired effect and you couldn’t help but giggle when you compared it to the photo on the cover.

“I got you back!”

You grinned as you looked up to see a light blush on his cheeks.

“You’re incredibly beautiful Ana…”

He announced out of the blue and you smiled warmly as he leaned in close to rest his forehead against yours.

“Thank you for meeting with me today.”

You mumbled softly as Michael reached a hand up to lightly caress his fingers against your jaw.

“I promised I would.”

His warm breath fanned over your neck and the butterflies in your chest were fluttering like crazy; you had waited forever for this moment.

“Michael… Did you wait for me?”

His fingers were gentle against your cheek as he replied with the same husky whisper.

“Three long years of it, Sweetheart.”

He grinned and you leaned into his touch as he dropped his face just that little bit further to place a tentative, loving kiss against your lips.

The more he kissed you the more you didn’t want to let him go. You clutched desperately at the front of his shirt and held him close as his lips moved against your own.

You had never done anything that caused you so much relief and pleasure and it wasn’t until you felt your lungs burn that you had to pull away with a soft gasp.


Michael panted softly against your lips as he slipped an arm around your back to pull you closer.

“I am never letting you go again.”

You grinned widely as he leaned down to seal your lips once again, quickly becoming totally oblivious to the people around you as you were finally able to get comfortably got lost in one another.


A Treaty Trickster // L.H

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credit to the original owner of the gif

Requested: no

Pairing: Luke x Reader

The other Halloween imagines: Luke’s no. 1 - Calum’s - Ashton’s - Michael’s

Description: A small fight erupts late at night because of the last pack of candy.

You hurried around the shelf as you felt the clock ticking, stressing you out even more. You had completely forgotten about the upcoming holiday and had completely forgotten about candy for trick or treaters. Therefore, you drove to the closest store so fast it was lucky the police didn’t catch you. So finally, you were running around the supermarket, trying to find some sort of variety pack on the shelves before closing time. Unfortunately, buying this kind of stuff the night before Halloween was not easy since every shelf was empty. You hurried around another corner and saw a bag of chocolate lying lonely on a shelf. The relieve spread through your whole body as you slowly walked towards your destination.

That was until a tall stranger stood at the other end. You stopped as he stared at you with blue, deep eyes. He then glanced at the variety pack before running towards it. It took you a couple of seconds before you speeded up. The stranger was fast and he was closer to the bag than you were, but somehow you ended getting one end of the pack while the stranger got the other. Your first reflect was to pull away until the stranger would give up, but you quickly realised that he was much stronger than you were.

“Okay, we need to figure - STOP PULLING - we need to figure this out,” you said and the stranger smirked, not letting go of the chocolate pack. You took a glance at the stranger, seeing all his features clearly. His eyes seemed deeper up close as his lips were still formed into a beautiful smirk. His arms flexed every time he would pull the bag and his broad chest pumped, as he was almost out of breath. He was so much taller than you were, almost two meters at least. You looked up at him, waiting for an answer.

“I need this candy,” he whispered in a serious tone. You squinted your eyes at his terrible argument and felt him holding the bag tighter.

“So do I,” you yelled with chest held high as he sighed deeply.

“Listen, I just toured the world and I just need to get this fucking Halloween candy, because the kids in my neighbourhood-“

“I don’t give a shit,” you chuckled and pulled the bag closer to you, instantly regretting it as he pulled it too, making you stumble on your feet. “I saw it first.”

“That’s a dumb argument,” the stranger murmured, biting his lip.

“Really? And your argument is you need it?” you grinned, trying to find a watch to see the time. Being locked up in a supermarket with this guy wasn’t a wish of yours.

“I’m not gonna let go,” he said stiffly and stood straight. You sniffed and followed his actions.

“Neither am I,” you replied with a fancy accent. The both of you stood there, waiting for one another to let go. You had no idea how long you had been standing there, but a woman appeared around the corner with a confused grimace on her face.

“What are you two doing here?” she snorted as she saw the mean expressions on your faces. The woman stood beside you with warm eyes and a bright smile. You gave her a small smile as you watched the stranger sending you death glares.

“Oh dear, that’s the last one, isn’t it?” she exclaimed with a high-pitched tone as both the stranger and you nodded rapidly to her question. She sighed before looking at the two of you with wide eyes.

“Well, you have ten minutes to figure it out and then I want you out of the door!” Suddenly the woman’s warmhearted aura disappeared and a commanding tone took over her voice. She walked away from the two of you.

You looked at the stranger with deadly eyes before he sighed again.

“I’m not quitting,” he said with a smirk. You clicked your tongue before replying.

“I’ll pay you,” you rambled as the stranger’s eyes grew wide. “

“What, no! That’s not what-“

“Double the price of this bag, I’ll pay you.”

“NO!” The stranger shouted, making your lips thin as you watched a grin grow on his face. “I’ll give it to you on one condition.”

“Really? What?” you exclaimed and smiled as the stranger nodded proudly. You were willing to do anything.

“You’re gonna go on a date with me,” your smile faded as soon as the stranger spoke. The stranger held his chin high as you sighed, thinking it through. How bad could one date be? Expect, you already hated this guy, and you had barely talked to him.

“Fine,” you then mumbled as the stranger let go of his tight grip and you pressed the bag to your chest, scared that he might change his mind. You turned around with the stranger following you. You paid and the stranger thanked the woman for her patience to which he only got a grunt as a response. The stranger followed you to your car and as you threw the bag in, he was typing your number on his phone.

“I’m Luke, by the way,” Luke said with his eyes on his phone. You frowned and exhaled deeply, already regretting the decision.

“I’m Y/N,” you mumbled as Luke smirked at you. The darkness was lying over you now and you felt the moon staring down at you two.

“Now remember, you promised me a date…”

“I always keep my promises, Luke,” you grinned while getting in your car. He nodded approvingly before you drove away with a feeling of excitement. 

A/N: There’s another imagine coming up tomorrow - it’s an Halloween themed one too. And then we’re done. Let me hear your thoughts!


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Florida Gothic

*It is June and there is construction. It is December and there is construction. It is May and there is construction. There is always construction. No one knows what is being built.

*it’s thursday and you mow your lawn. two days later, the weeds are back. you’re busy and ignore them. two days later, the weeds are as high as your knees. it chokes the blades of your mower when you try to cut them. two days later, the weeds have grown so thick you can’t open your front door. you start to worry. two days later, the windows no longer open. you’re out of food. the neighbor starts to mow his lawn.

*every time you go to the store, you buy a gallon of orange juice. you don’t know why - you hate orange juice. still, it goes on the shelf beside the milk and you go on with your business. the next morning, the shelf is empty except for the milk. you will need to buy more orange juice today.

*the weight in the bag is not correct. please scan again, says the register, in its mechanical monotonous voice. There’s a line forming behind you. The cashier offers no help. You set the spinach aside and try the milk. please scan again. you set the milk aside and try the soda. the weight in the bag is not correct. please scan again. you set the soda aside and try the orange juice. the cashier smiles at you. the machine lets you pay with a gentle reminder that they only take debit. when you leave the store, you feel oddly relieved.

*a vulture sits in the tree. two vultures sit in the tree. fifty vultures sit in the tree. Three hundred vultures sit in the tree. The tree is a writhing, rancid mess of vultures. You cannot see the tree. Only vultures.

*When you open up the front curtains, you see nothing but rain. It comes down in sheets, erasing the land from view. When you open the back curtains, the sun is so bright that it’s almost blinding. You close both curtains and decide that you don’t need to go out today.

*There’s a juice stand set up on the corner of your block. It’s always there. When you pass it, the children shove a glass of orange juice into your hands. It’s red. “Blood oranges,” they tell you. “It’s homemade.” The children don’t look away until you drink it all. It doesn’t taste like oranges.

*It is in every tree. It has always been in every tree. It will always be in every tree. Fire cannot hurt it. Blades cannot stop it. They only anger the moss. It hisses at you in Spanish whenever your gaze lingers too long.

*Didn’t there used to be a tree there? A house? A neighborhood? “No,” insists your mother, but her steps get a little quicker. “That’s always been forest.”

*Don’t stop. No matter what you hear, no matter what you see, no matter what runs out of the forest and in front of your car. Don’t stop. The kudzu moves fast. It will over run you if you stop, even for a moment.


Taurus, you are everything you were destined to be.

Gemini, loving you is not a chore or inconvenience.

Cancer, do not forget the friends who always asked about the best part of your day.

Leo, not everyone has to like you in order for you to be powerful.

Virgo, you are entitled to a safe environment- this city is yours, too.

Libra, it isn’t practical to imagine you becoming anything less than remarkable.

Scorpio, persuading others to care doesn’t require you to prove that you’re hurting.

Sagittarius, how you identify does not have to be the defining aspect of who you are.

Capricorn, glorious and kind things are said about you behind your back.

Aquarius, let no one mistake your emptiness for a shelf.

Pisces, avoid abandoning people as soon as they get close enough to know your faults.

Aries, the stories living inside you are relevant and valuable.
—  MAY HOROSCOPES, by Blythe Baird (2016)

I am seething with rage right now

Had this dumb fucking anti-vax mom come through with her screaming kids, asking about food for her dog with ‘only meat in it’ (impossible in a dry food) telling us how she never vaccinated her dog (lmao probs not the poor kids either) and claiming she doesn’t use any flea products bc they’re not ~natural~

Her kids tear through shit, deface isles, I hear them talking about poking the betta. they leave.

THIRTY MINUTES LATER I discover a spill of water in my isle, get confused by it, and FIND AN EMPTY BETTA CUP ON THE SHELF. EMPTY!!


I found the poor baby sticky and half-dry on the floor and quickly got him in water :( but he’s probably not going to make it :(

If someone had fucking TOLD ME, I could have gotten him into water immediately!

Dumb fucking kids and dumb fucking woman for not teaching her spawn to control themselves in public


A Drabble Games fic requested by @immathrowabrickatyou and @toknowtheweirdingway, featuring Dwalin

02: “I think I’m in love with you and that scares the hell out of me.”
57: “I see the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.” 


The little pool of light from a lone lantern in the armory was the only hint of Dwalin’s presence, and you walked carefully to avoid debris on the floor as you balanced a bowl of hot stew and a mug of ale in your hands.

He looked up in mild surprise, even sheepishness, from the axe he was halfheartedly sharpening.

“What brings you here?”

“No one’s seen you since breakfast,” you said, offering the food and drink. “I thought you might need something.”

“Aye,” he admitted, after a pause. “Thank you.”

He stood to take them from your hands, setting the mug on an empty shelf while he scooped a large bite of stew into his mouth, grimacing and taking a swig of ale after he’d swallowed.


“Well, Bombur’s doing the best he can with limited provisions,” you pointed out. “It may not taste like much, but it’ll keep you alive.”

“Aye, ‘least until Thorin gets the fight he’s spoiling for and we all end up on slabs,” Dwalin answered bitterly.

It was the nearest he’d come to denouncing the friend and King whose descent into dragonish madness was breaking his heart, and you fell silent, chastened.

“I’m sorry,” he said, more gently, shaking his head with regret, “’m not very good company just now.”

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They slipped into the building silently, one up onto the roof and through the hole; dropping herself onto an empty shelf below. She made her way to a side door and then someone was next to her. They moved like shadows, slipping through the darkness aisle by aisle, slipping whatever they found into the backpacks they carried: a bag of unfrozen peas, a can of spam, a swiss army knife. The shotgun they found on the body was too big to fit, so the one with the limp quietly cocked it and held his bag out for the girl to carry. 

The sound was enough however. Minutes later another noise broke through the silence that followed the pair, a growl and the falling of a shelf.

“Shit, they’re here.” There was no more pretense, no more reason to be quiet. They made their way towards the exit, slower than they should have, but it was the fastest that the boy could go. One shot was fired, then another.

 The zombies approached quickly, some crawling, some running, one dragging a shopping cart caught on his wrist. The boy pushed the girl behind him. “Inej, you have to run.”

But she wouldn’t. She stayed, firing bolt after bolt and the monsters that rushed towards them, backing up a step each time she reloaded. Then there was a knife in her hand, and the shotgun was thrown to the ground, empty. 

They were at the door now, splattered with the rotting blood of the hoard that had fallen upon them, but the noise had attracted some from the outside. The boy turned, leaving Inej to face those left inside, and slashed at the one directly behind him, but it slashed back. 

He fell, hindered by his leg, and she was next to fall. There was no protection, they had made the run. They had known the risks and it was simply a stroke of misfortune, but that was all. Inej reached for the boys hand but that was all she could do. 


They rose again. Splattered in their own blood, they drifted apart, hands falling to their sides. There was no longer a difference between themselves and the mindless creatures that shuffled around them. The sound of a car rushed by, and they were off, moving to chase it in the hopes of another meal, no thoughts of one another left in their brains.


(Geez Sammy you’re right that sound’s wrong XD)

I Grunted as I made myself comfortable- or, as comfortable as I could given that I was shoved into an empty library shelf. I could feel the plastic knife poking me from inside my jacket pocket, but ignored it as I surveyed the area. I spotted Alex and John talking, Sammy entering and sitting down with them. I narrowed my eyes in suspicion. Not because of Sammy- though admittedly, her twitching fingers gave off the impression that she was about to murder someone -but because of the bright yellow I spotted under the table, narrowly avoiding alerting Sammy of her presence. My eyes widened as I realized who it was, and who she was after.

“Peggy you savage.” I whispered to myself.

A moment after I realized she was there, I witnessed one of my best friends become a monster. She grabbed the plastic knife from her shoe, and stuck Alex right in the chest. He seemed surprised for a moment, before just looking slightly annoyed as he handed over his own weapon. I felt my heart pound in my chest. It was true- murder week had begun. Soon enough it would be in full swing. I had to leave the building before-


I jumped and yelped as I clattered to the floor in surprise, turning red in embarrassment as I turned to see- oh no. “What are you doing on a shelf?” Philip Hamilton was laughing in front of me. My hands went for my pockets, assuring me that my knife was there. I let out a sigh of relief. “I-I was- uh-“ I stuttered to think of an excuse. Luckily though, it seemed I didn’t have to.

“Why don’t we take a walk outside- you seem kinda… like you need fresh air.” He suggested jokingly. My heart ached at the thought, but I knew what I had to do- murder week was calling my name, and I had no choice to answer. Murder, or be murdered. I nodded, still slightly red faced as we made our way outside. I kept my head down, feeling insanely exposed just walking out of the library like a citizen, which I no longer was I suppose. We made it out just as Peggy jumped out from under the table and killed John, who was shocked but had a good laugh at her success.

Perhaps Philip could sense my tenseness, or noticed how my eyes avoided his own. “Hey… you okay?” He said. I nodded stiffly, although I don’t know weather he believed me or not. I stopped. He walked a few more steps before he noticed, turning to me with a worried look. “Filly… are you really okay?” He asked. I sighed, looking down, my hand still resting on my knife, his name written on it in marker.

He took a step closer, and if it weren’t for the circumstances, I may have blushed. But this was not the same me. He put a hesitant hand on my shoulder. “…Filly?” He said quietly, worry lacing his tone. “I… I’m sorry.” I said. I could imagine his eyes widening in surprise, before I retrieved the knife and stabbed him. He gasped, his eyes widening as he fell to his knees.

“Filly! How- how could you-!”

I sniffed, rubbing my eyes with my sleeve. “I’m sorry Philip- it’s murder or be murdered. You should have known that.” I said. He gave me one last betrayed look, before clattering to the concrete. I swallowed, dropping to my knees and pointing my eyes towards the sky.

“Goodbye my love…” I muttered morningly.

I heard Philip’s head shoot up from the ground and look at me with wide eyes, blush dancing across his face. “W-What was that?” He stuttered. I widened my eyes as well once I realized what I had said. “I-I- um…” There was a moment to silence before I got up, flustered. “J-Just give me your knife! D-Dead people can’t talk!” I stuttered, looking down with rose red on my cheeks. He handed me his knife and I turned around, scanning the name of my next victim before racing off to find a hiding place to chill for a while- maybe even lunch. I had to skip lunch with my friends- now they were only fellow murderers.

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“What happened?”  I said to the perky Lush employee when I saw the almost entirely empty shelf that should contain bath bombs

“Have you heard of tumblr?”  she said in response.

Apparently the tumblr/instagram bathbomb picture trend has caused a worldwide shortage of Lush bath bombs. 


“I doubt zhat, I highly… doubt zhat.” The Doktor looked around the room, checking to see if anything else had wound up missing. Looking back to the cat boy, he went and stood before him, arms crossed. “Vhere iz zhe jar of cotton ballz zhat I had sitting over zhere?” He pointed to an empty space on the shelf. No one else would have taken them, so it had to be Schrodinger!


the girls are going missing.
i hear voices in convenience store buzz
and see a crime scene in
the cherry pie on an empty shelf.
eastern hum; the sound of
emptiness floating over the water.  
here, the trees speak in tongues
that the land taught them.

the empty houses are howling–
who taught them about loss?
ghost of memories in their bones
like a birthday party, or communion,
or something equally as sad.
buttercup eucharist, i ate you
stem and all, yellow for the body
and green for the soul.

the girls are being swallowed.
the shore keeps spitting up glass,
and bones, and the snakes in the rocks
refuse to come out.
stadium lights after midnight.
the sheriff’s car is eating up
the land, searching for something
still breathing.

stand long enough among
the shivering trees to hear
the groaning on the back of the wind.
carpet of ferns to soften the step.
sometimes the image in the bark
reminds me of a dirt road, a
missing girl. stagnant sight, empty
mind. something is off.


Had a re-organise of my shelves to include a couple of favourite skulls and lots of little curios and trinkets. I made the triangle in the middle from card and brown paper tape - very effective. 

The idea is, that, as I go through autumn and pick up natural treasure on my travels I can add them into the empty spaces of the shelf, an interactive art installment. 

I still need to dust and tinker with the next shelf up - the ‘bird shelf’.