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Standard: Considered the ‘original’, the Standard Girafarig originated in the Johto region. Preferring plains and loose bush, they are the most commonly seen and owned. Their watchful and nurturing nature makes them good companions for children.

Plains: A more wild variant, Plains Girafarig live almost exclusively on the savannah. Traveling in small herds, they are known to be aggressive and stubborn, violently lashing out at anything they perceive as a threat with both heads.

Polar: Found only in areas that experience snowfall all year round, in addition to their pale colouring, they are notoriously difficult to encounter. Both genders grow antlers, with the males’ usually more impressive, and shed them towards the beginning of Summer.

Jungle: Recently discovered in the depths of the dense jungle surrounding Fortree City, precious little is known about this variant. They are suspected to live solitary lives outside of breeding season, and their horns are shortened and blunt to avoid getting caught in thick vegetation.

Shorthorn: With perhaps a bit of a misnomer, the Shorthorn is a mountainous variant of Girafarig that is commonly used for labour and travel purposes. Despite the threatening horns, they are steadfast and friendly, making them a favourite among rural communities and farmers.

Lucky: (Shiny) Amicable and loving, Lucky Girafarig are quick to grow attached to their trainers. Their rarity and unique coat mean they are highly sought after, and competition to obtain a single egg is fierce.

Why no strings attached makes me feel like a marionette controller

I feel
And I’m not sorry about it.
That’s a lie. I’m actually pretty sorry.
Sorry if I used his emotions as a tool
To get rid of mine.
But he was there,
And more than willing,
And frankly, I would’ve done the same thing sober.
But dear,
(As you called me yesterday when I got to your house)
I got so much further with him in the space of 15 minutes,
Than I did with you in the span of six months.
Because you never even tried to kiss me for longer than three seconds.
As much as I wanted you to.
So yes,
Maybe I’m manipulative.
Using his overflowing feelings for me
To fill up the empty vessel
You left in me when you withdrew your own.
And although he and I said
“No strings attached”,
I could feel the strings he attached to my lips with every kiss, every touch.
Giving me the control,
When the whole point of this tryst was for me to lose it.

Vanish in the Dark Pt 10

Pairings: None at the moment(Kind of)

Warnings: Language, nothing major

Word Count: 1600+

Summary: Assassin’s Creed AU and Marvel AU crossover.  The Brotherhood has spent years hiding in the shadows keeping the Templars in line as the years pass on. When the Templars company Abstergo Industries strikes up a deal with Hydra, things have to change. The Brotherhood decides to step out of the shadows, reaching out for the help of the Avengers. What could go wrong?

A/N: Yaaassss, shit’s gonna go down next part! I’m excited, are you excited, cause I am! No but for real, I wanna take time to thank YOU GUYS for reading and sending me love! Seriously, it means so much to me! I’m not super close to the end of this series but it’s getting pretty close. I hope you guys enjoy this part! Also, reblogging and like lets me know if you guys like it or not! Enjoy!!

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Part Nine | Part Eleven *Coming Soon*

“Wait a minute. What?”

Y/N had to hold back the eye roll she felt coming on. Tony wasn’t stupid, so she wasn’t certain why he was continuously questioning every shred of information she fed them. Right now, she was trying not to pummel him.

“Do you need a hearing aid, Stark?” Y/N spoke through gritted teeth.

“No. I just wanted to double check. You’re telling me, they’re in a dormant volcano. In Russia?”

“And Georgia. Don’t forget Georgia.” Aubree added, twirling her knife between her fingers. Tony shot her a glare, but otherwise ignored her.

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Okay, I’m on another playthrough of FFXV.

I was in Zegnautus Keep the other night, and while I was running around looking for Prompto - I have Ardyn taunting me.

Nothing new there.

But he metnions how the people of Lucis had so ‘callously’ called the magitek troops ‘empty puppets’ or ‘empty shells’. And then Ardyn reveals that all of those troops had once begun as babes in Zegnautus.

And then he taunts Noctis for killing so many of those troops. Something akin to:

not so empty after all.


em ty


Floppy trash snake is terrible at eating food, has gross empty puppet body, bugs eyes out while being held, smooshes mushy face against any available surface, is generally unphotogenic.

If he could, C-word would be like a male anglerfish and permanently attach himself to a lady and slowly atrophy into a weird little pouch of male gonads.

Who should you fight, Organisation XIII edition
  • Xemnas 

 Who wins: You could, but not for long

This is a bad idea. The guy can manipulate the void, and even if you beat his ass, you’ll end up in the domain of darkness. Good luck with getting out of there. In addition to that, there are 12 other versions of this guy and you can bet your ass they WILL be coming for you. Don’t fight Xemnas. On the other hand, if you’re looking to be thrown into the void, just ask him. I’m pretty sure he’ll be happy to put you down there. 

  • Xigbar 

Who wins: Him

I mean, it should be pretty obvious at this point. Unless you have mastered teleportation and/or actually are a Keyblade master, I would not recommend fighting Xigbar. He’ll laugh at your face and it’ll be over before you know it. 

  • Xaldin 

Who wins: Run, and don’t look back


  • Vexen 

Who wins: You

 I mean, as far as we know, the only things he knows how to do is to create empty puppets and fill them up with memories. And, the said puppets weren’t exactly a success. Sure, he controls ice, but have you seen the guy? He’s probably too busy thinking about weird science or fixing his eye glitch to actually fight you. Beat his creepy ass. He deserves it. 

  • Lexæus

 Who wins: Not you, but he doesn’t either because you’re not crazy enough to fight him

 Honestly, why would you fight him? The guy is like 6'4" tall and odds are he’s probably two times larger than you. Don’t fight him. Play chess with him or something. He’ll probably enjoy that better than fighting you.

  •  Zexion

 Who wins: You, but why are you fighting him? 

Knowing how he is, he’ll most likely wait for everyone to be dead to jump into the battle, so you might be a bit tired. That’s not the problem though. If you get past the illusions, he’s easy to beat, however to be honest I’m pretty sure he’d just rather go home. Present him a chemistry textbook instead of fighting him. 

  •  Saïx 

Who wins: Him, for sure

Now, fighting Saïx is a pretty stupid idea. The guy thinks like a robot, so he’d have no mercy for you whatsoever. In addition to this, have you seen how he wields his weapon? The thing is twice as big as him and he doesn’t care one bit. I mean for fucks sake, he fights with the power of the moon! Werewolf style! He’ll destroy you. Don’t fight Saïx. 

  • Axel 

Who wins: Do you really want to do this? 

With a bit of luck, you might beat Axel, but why would you fight him in the first place? He is the sweetest person around, and to be real here, he’s quite miserable. Let him buy you ice cream and tell you bad puns instead of fighting him and getting third degrees burns.

  • Demyx

Who wins: Him, but he’ll probably apologize afterwards

Let’s face it, you’re not fast enough to destroy 30 water clones in 15 seconds. You know it, I know it. We all do. So, if you engage battle, you’re going to lose. However, let’s face it, Demyx is most likely willing to show you how to play the sitar than to fight you. He really doesn’t want to be here anyway.

  • Luxord

Who wins: Him

Considering that Luxord can control time and can also transform you into a dice, you are going to lose on this one. You could challenge him into a rap battle, but once again, he’d be most likely to win.

  • Marluxia

Who wins: You, thanks to the power of rage

Let’s face it, his weapon is ridiculously long, and hightly unpractical. Step on a flower in front of him and he’ll probably faint. Marluxia is weak. Don’t let his boss status impress you. You will kick his ass. If you’re afraid to go after him, think of how he’s treated Naminé. You angry? Me too. Destroy him.

  • Larxene

Who wins: If you’re looking for a quick way to die, then you win

Larxene is vicious and ruthless. She’ll stab you a thousand times, then use the healing spell on you so that she can do it again. Seriously, you will get wrecked. You may engage in a sass constest with her, but I can’t guarantee it won’t anger her.

  • Roxas

Who wins: Not you for sure, but you might make him cry

Roxas is very powerful. I mean, he’s the first Keyblade wielder in the KH series to have the ability to dual wield, so that’s saying something. He’ll drag you for sure, but really, why would you want to fight him? Roxas is confused enough, and he’s very sad most of the time. Leave the poor boy alone. In addition to this, if you fight him and win, you can bet Axel will track you down and destroy you.

  • Xion

Who wins: Why would you fight her, you monster?

Xion is a beautiful cinnamon roll, too good, too pure for this world. Her only crime is being too cute for my heart to bear. If you fight her, not only will she win while looking 10/10 adorable, but Roxas and Axel will join in and you will get wrecked. And you’ll deserve it. 

empty-puppet  asked:

Me again (sorry if I'm bothering you) but please tell me more about the whole Barry being kidnapped thing you mentioned in your last ask meme thing???

Why, yes, I absolutely can do that! Also, I was going to answer this in drabble form, and then… uhm, well, I accidentally ficced?? (Is that a thing?) So, er. Enjoy! (Pssst you’re not bothering me, I live for excuses to write stuff like this!)

(And if anyone else is wondering, the meme being referred to can be found in my headcanon tag – or here is a direct link to that particular ask)

Title: Fear Itself

Pairing: Barry Allen/Oliver Queen

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Violence, trauma, sexual themes

Summary: Barry gets himself kidnapped, and Oliver is at his wits end trying to get him back.


Fuck,” Oliver chokes out, tears prickling his eyes.

Beside him stands Felicity, who is clinging onto his arm, sobbing into his shoulder and Diggle, who just looks furious.

Oliver, though? Oliver’s feeling so many emotions at the one time that he can barely concentrate – concern, fury, heartbreak and he just- he needs Barry. He runs his hands over his face, letting out a shaky breath.

Of course, if Barry were there with them, his emotions wouldn’t be going into overdrive right now.

They’ve been led to an abandoned warehouse – a wild goose chase, of some sort. But, of course, the figure that they’d been chasing must have wanted him to be here. The fact that someone is trying to send him a pretty strong message is clear as day. On the table before them lie several photographs, and a note written in extremely messy scrawl, pretty much telling him to wait for further instructions.

As soon as he had clapped his eyes on the photographs, he felt sick to his stomach. Even from a distance, he could spot the red suit instantly, and it hit him like a blow to the gut.

Upon closer inspection, though, it’s even worse. Barry is completely bound to a chair, his face battered, bruised and bloody all over, but there’s a small part of Oliver that’s relieved at the fact that he at least seems aware enough to give the camera his best defiant glare. The rest of Oliver, though? The rest of him is screaming internally, because this just cannot be fucking happening.

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I jumped aboard the Pokemon Variant Bandwagon and I’m not even sorry. Luxrays for everyone!

Standard: The standard Luxray breed, originating from Sinnoh. Powerful and Loyal, they make great battle partners for trainers. Because of this, and their regal looks, they have become very popular and can be seen through most known regions.

Maneless: By far the most aggressive of all the known breeds, these sharp-eyed felines form Prides in plains and savannahs. They are known man-eaters, and the majority of human attacks link back to them.

Polar: Painfully shy and elusive, this species dwells on ice and snow covered mountains, far from human settlements. Notoriously difficult to breed in captivity, tamed Polar Luxrays are incredibly rare and valuable.

Clouded: Native to tropical climates, wild populations can only be found in the Hoenn Region. Much like their Polar cousins, they are shy and avoid most human interactions, choosing to hide amongst the treetops.

Melanistic: While beautiful, these Luxrays are a result of a genetic mutation. They are sought after by Co-ordinators for their gorgeous pelts and pleasant disposition.

King: King Luxrays are bred for their unsual Mohawk-like Manes and unusual pattern. Far more stubborn than any of their other cousins, Kings are difficult to train and will bond wih only a single trainer.