empty netters

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Okay but backstrom and oshie killed me last night cause backstrom could have easily went for the empty netter and got more points cause he's on fire rn and he gave it to oshie to let him get that hat trick and i know a lot of guys on the caps are so selfless they do that stuff but like it's still so sweet to me that he did that.(:


Oh look puck possession and an empty net, let me just pass to Oshbabe, surely he has a better chance at it, he’s like two whole inches closer! Maybe his Bäckström instincts just kicked in

Like you said, Caps are just a fantastic team together and a lot of the guys are so selfless. And Nicky has a history of doing stuff like this: 

Also, TJ and Nicky were just Up to No Good that night. 

This team has so much fun. I love it. 

This was such a Typical Blackhawks Game ™

Let the blues get the lead in the first minute. Then they can’t get a lead to save their lives until the end. Someone (anisimov) got injured. Then a fight. Then they couldn’t count to 5. Then an empty netter. And they pull off the win.

I’m never surprised when this happens bc it seems like it’s the Hawks thing.


Figure 1. Jamie Benn scoring from behind his own goal line.

Not pictured: Jamie Benn at the 2015 All-Star Game Skills Competition (because he was not invited).