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Why I’ve been so inactive

When I first started this blog, I was new to the askblog community. In truth, I had no clue what I was doing. I made this blog on a whim, and the muse was only a half-finished OC I whipped up within the matter of days. Soon I began to realize something- I didn’t like my blog. More specifically, I didn’t like the muse of my blog. As more and more time passed, my resentment of Suzanne grew. I had forgotten how to draw her, and I began to not do anything related to her on this blog. Part of it was because my inbox was empty, another part of it was because I was making fanart for other blogs. Eventually I realized I had no motivation to continue. I felt extremely bad about this; I felt like I was failing my now almost 70 followers. 

On multiple occasions, I thought of just deleting the blog without a word. I’ve also thought of just leaving the blog open as an archive. Eventually, I decided the best choice would be to just renovate the blog. Forget about everything Suzanne and just make this my personal blog. I won’t delete any of the Suzanne posts, I’ll keep them up for anyone that wants to look at them. Just know that this blog isn’t about Suzanne anymore. 

This also means that the blog will no longer be fully BATIM related. I’ll still draw BATIM stuff, but it won’t be the main focus of this blog. It’ll now include other fandoms, and possibly even things not related to any fandom. 

If you want to unfollow because of this, feel free to. If you hate me now because of this, I won’t blame you. I just felt that this was the best choice, because I’m sorry, but I can’t force myself to continue to run an askblog featuring a muse I despise. 

(NOTE: The new URL is lil-miss-eevee. I’ll be reblogging this for a bit to make sure everyone sees.)

hey hey admin angel here!!!
sorry for like the 2+ days of silence, i’ve been busy & had sum family drama
mod em’s house caught on fire
& helper alex has been on vacation in arizona

so, there’s been a bit of radio silence & situating, but im on to answer questions today!!! <3 <3 will do moodboards after i empty inbox


so uh, about aizawa,

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Angst trash soulmate au where there are no obvious tattoos or timers just a vague sense of knowing unrelated to how long you’ve known the person

-Victor and Yuuri meet at a young age and know instantly

-It (accidentally) gets swept under the rug as one of those things kids tend to say because they don’t understand

-Yuuri and Victor still believe but they’re kids and have a 4 year age gap so they just become friends and don’t really talk about it much

-Little by little Yuuri begins to internalize it

-It gets worse when Victor goes off to college and Yuuri goes to high school

-Senior year Yuuri is stressed (he’s still a figure skater) over his future and the uncertainty around his status with Victor starts to get to him

-Someone teasingly brings up the story of how they proclaimed they were soulmates as one of those wacky memories and Yuuri inwardly snaps

-He’s embarrassed, confused, and angry that no one seems to believe him and ends up taking Celestino’s offer to train at a university in Detroit and leaves asap to the bewilderment of those who know him

-Victor comes back home from college ready to compose songs and choreograph for his soulmate but is greeted with the fact that Yuuri left

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“you can’t be here now.” Jim is hiding a secret & its making him distressed & lose sleep and pining!Bones tries to confront him

Five Word Prompts

It’s rare that Leonard uses his medical override, but he has it for a reason after all, and now seems as good a time to use it as any. “Jim-” he starts as soon as the door slides open.

Jim jumps up from his desk, his hair wild and his eyes near desperate. “Bones!” he shouts. “You can’t be here now!”

Leonard crosses his arms over his chest and prepares to stare Jim down. He tries to ignore the way his heart squeezes painfully when he looks Jim over. His skin is pale, his cheeks a sallow, and the thick smudges under his eyes have gotten even more pronounced. From a medical position things don’t look too great, as Jim’s boyfriend- “Jim,” he says slowly. “You look like shit.” He’s tried tiptoeing around this already, and so far, Jim’s managed to brush him off. But there’s only so much he can take.

“Gee, thanks, Bones,” Jim replies sarcastically.

Sighing softly, Leonard invites himself into Jim’s room. “Look,” Leonard says softly. “I don’t know what I did but…I understand if you want to end things between us. Normally I wouldn’t push, but it’s effecting your work. Hell, even Spock’s worried in his own Vulcan way.” Honestly, Leonard had thought things were going well between them. After two years of being in a steady relationship, both on and off Earth, Leonard had been positive that they were far beyond this.

But Jim hasn’t spoken to him for nearly two weeks now, and ‘shit’ doesn’t even begin to cover how bad Jim looks. As Jim’s doctor, hell as his friend, Leonard knows he should just put Jim out of his misery.

“Consider us broken up. There, I did it for you, no need for you to stress anymore,” he says softly, fighting down his own disappointment that it had apparently come to this. He doesn’t want to leave Jim but…if it’ll help Jim, if it will let him sleep and do the job he loves, Leonard is more than willing to make the sacrifice, make this as easy as possible for Jim. “If you want, I’ll even request another assignment I wouldn’t want-”

“Bones!” Jim interrupts him, if anything, looking even more harried and desperate than before. “No, that’s not it at all. Don’t break up with me, please. It’s just-” Jim drops his eyes and runs a hand through his hair, making it stand up even worse than before. “This isn’t how I wanted to do it,” he mutters, clearly more to himself than Leonard.

Taking a deep breath, Jim closes the distance between them and takes Leonard’s hands carefully into his own. “I’ve been planning this for weeks, but I haven’t gotten anywhere really, and I can’t stand not being able to talk to you because I’m afraid I’ll spill the secret, or you thinking that I want us to break up. It’s…fuck. It’s the exact opposite!”

Leonard stares at Jim in confusion, not daring to hope that Jim’s saying what he thinks Jim is saying. Of all the ways he’d thought this conversation might go, this hadn’t even crossed his mind.

“Leonard Horatio McCoy…will you marry me?”

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"There's too manny taakos in the community" never talk to My Brother, My Brother, My Brother, My Brother, My Brother, My Brother, My Brother, My Brother, My Brother, My Brother, My Brother, My Brother, My Brother, My Brother, My Brother, My Brother, My Brother, My Brother, My Brother, My Brother, or Me ever again


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Could you please make me a Lams icon, but Laurens is J.D and Hamilton is Veronica from Heathers?? Sorry if it's too much to ask...

I was so excited and then it turned out pretty bad but here it is!

Transparent and with background!

If you’re not the requester, please ask before using! Thanks!

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I just realized you drew Amajiki Amarillo in a bullet for my Valentine shirt and I'm dying.

I was listening to them while drawing!! As far as BnHA goes I enjoy listening to that band a lot because their lyrics fit on a lot of characters that otherwise have nothing in common (ie, both Bakugou and Izuku! It’s really interesting) anyway I felt like Mirio could like the band so I gave Jiki the shirt haha

Anon said: Fran, what do you think Bakugou and Uraraka relationship is ? like are they friend, rival, acquaintance or couple ? and what’s your opinion on Bakugou x Uraraka ?

If you’re asking me if I ship it, then nah I don’t - I guess as far as I’m concerned they’re on friendly terms? Uhhhhh liiiiikkkkkeeeeeeeeee it’s not like they particularly like each other, but they don’t dislike each other either? I’d say they have a sorta civil coexistence going on. It’s the same type of relationship Bakugou has with Iida or Tsuyu, I guess. 

Like, she’s friendly towards Bakugou and Bakugou still hasn’t tried to kill her for it, but I wouldn’t count her between Bakugou’s friends-friends? It’s sorta the relationship he has with the half of the class that doesn’t figure between his actual friends or rivals… you see her interact with Bakugou once or twice, but everyone does in the class. Mineta has more iteractions with Bakugou than the whole dekusquad put together but I’d never count him between Bakugou’s friends lmao

Anon said: Ahhhh thank you so much! The manga app I was using said mangahere had dropped bnha when it got licensed, but I downloaded the mangahere app and it’s there ^^. Time for some binge reading!

You’re welcome!! I hope you’ll have fun while at it!! Also an anon sent in this ask “I would recommend the app ZingBox for reading manga. It has one main website it uses, but if what you want doesn’t show, or the copy doesn’t have everything, it has the option to search other sources, plus you can download chapters to to your device, favorite mangas, and it’ll give update alerts” so!! There’s this option too! :D

(thank you other anon for the info, btw!!)

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