empty empty barrel


Raleigh’s Room

Raleigh Samson’s room is perched above Skyhold’s garden. On warmer days he can smell whatever pretty things are blooming below. Sunlight streams through two windows, one lets sunlight warm up the foot of his bed in the morning.

The door locks from the inside and he has a key to lock it when he leaves. He’s not fool enough to think there aren’t a few copies jangling on someone else’s keychain, though. 

He passes by Madame de Fer’s sitting area every morning on his way down to the courtyard for work. He keeps his eyes down as he passes. Her wit and tongue are too sharp for him before he’s had breakfast.

With supper sitting thick in his belly, he makes his way back through the rotunda, and up through the library. Some days he stops to pick up a new book. He’s overly fond of biographies. Dorian never admits to it, but Samson usually finds a new book about some religious figure or famous adventurer near the door that leads out of the library and up to his room.

Laying in bed, he reads by the soft glow of candlelight for a few hours until his eyelids grow heavy. He has a bad habit of leaving books face down to mark his spot. Samson snubs out the candles, and stretches out on his stomach with a groan. He feels the day’s work in his legs and arms, but he’d rather feel that than the lingering pains from the red and the twitch in his leg.

He stopped leaving a chair wedged under the door handle while he sleeps a few months ago. He laughs at himself for going soft. 

Samson quickly drifts off to sleep inside the four walls he calls his room.

When you have a noncanon ship, you gotta fill in the blanks yourself. This is just an empty room I found in Skyhold and decided to headcanon that Samson lives in it in my AU. In game, he only exists in prison if you sentence him there. He disappears if given to Cullen or Dagna.

Do you want to commit a murder?(Do you want build a snowman /BBC Sherlock style)

Do you want to commit a murder? 
Come on let’s go and play
I never see you anymore
Come out that flat,
It’s like you’ve gone away.
We used to be arch enemies,
and now we’re not. 
I wish you would tell me why.
Do you want to commit a murder? 
It doesn’t have to be a murder.
Okay bye..

Do you want to commit a murder? 
Or set fire to London?
I think some company is overdue,
I started talking to the corpses in my halls.
(Come on now Mary~)
It get’s a little lonely,
all these empty rooms,
Just emptying the barrel of my gun.
(Bang, bang, bang, bang)

Come on, I know you’re in there.
People are wondering where we’ve been.
They say “It’s quiet.” , and I’m bored of that
Just come out that flat, or let me in.
We only have each other, 
It’s just you and me.
What are you gonna do?

Do you want to commit a murder?

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