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Amnesia chapter three.

“Yuri, what is the last thing you remember?” Yuuri asked.
“Huh? Why to you want to know? What the hell are you two oldies blabbing on about?”
There was silence in the room; Yuuri looked at Victor and signaled to leave the room. Victor caught on quickly and exited, closely followed by Yuuri.
“What are we supposed to say?” Yuuri stressed.
“That he got engaged and all of a sudden he was hit by a damn car?!”
Victor attempted to calm Yuuri down.
“Look, if he doesn’t remember anything, his mind is in a earlier state.”
“I know what amnesia is Victor!”
Yuuri snapped.
Victor could tell Yuuri was in a lot of distress.
“Well… I don’t know what to do with him but whatever happens let’s just keep a close eye on him. We can’t exactly tell him straight up, maybe we could try and get him to remember by bringing things from his house?”
Yuuri stood for a few moments.
“I.. I have an idea.”
Victor raised an eyebrow.
“Well, he’s known Otabek for a long time, since the GPF, maybe he could help?”
Victor sighed.
“Otabek has a broken ankle, he won’t be able to do much yet.”
“Visiting hours are over Sirs”
A feminine voice said unexpectedly.
Victor and Yuuri turn to see a short and attractive young nurse. A smirk went across Victor’s face.
“Victor, no.”
Yuuri whispered; Victor looked back at Yuuri.
“Victor yes.”
He winked; Yuuri rolled his eyes. Victor charmed his way into getting extended visiting hours for Yuuri and him. Yuri was having none of it.
“Hey, I don’t want you two oldies hanging round’ get lost!”
Yuri whined.
“Nope, were here until you get better.”
“I’m not sitting here only to listen to you two talking like I’m fucking five; fuck off, both of you.”
Yuuri was slightly offend by Yuri’s harsh words but was used to it as he had to sit through a few years of Yuri’s name calling.
“Ugh, what now?!’
"Hey, not so loud; anyway, do you know someone by the name of Otabek?”
Yuri sat for a few moments and had a confused expression on his face.
“The name sounds familiar.”
Yuuri unnoticeably smiled.
“Well, Victor and I best be going.”
“W.. What? Yuuri?”
Yuuri yanked Victor away from Yuri’s bed and towards the door. Knowing full well Yuuri wouldn’t do that without reason Victor just followed. Yuuri turned around and said.
“We’ll be back tomorrow!”
Yuri scowled at them as they exited; the doors closed and Victor had some questions.
Victor folded his arms and waited for an answer.
“Victor, he remembers! He may not remember it entirely but he remembers a little bit!”
“Yuuri, what are you talking about?”
“Yuri and Otabek met when they were kids did they not?”
“Well yes but-”
“Yes buuuut they only saw each other they didn’t get to know or become friends with each other.”
Yuuri paused to see if Victor had caught onto what he was saying.
“They only became friends after they met at the GPF”
Victor still looked confused; all of a sudden his face lit up, he had just realised what Yuuri was trying to say.
“So he has kept some memories!”
Victor seemed happy until he got a tap on the shoulder, his face went neutral as he turned to face the same nurse as before.
“I’m sorry for the inconvenience but you really have to leave now.”
Victor turned and Yuuri did the same, they eventually reached ground level of the hospital and entered the empty carpark. It was cold enough to see your breathe so Yuuri cupped his hands and breathed into them to warm them up. Victor noticed Yuuri do it out of the corner of his eye and had an idea; he slowed down so Yuuri would walk ahead of him a little bit. He crept up behind him and wrapped his big, long coat around him.
“ Victor, what are you doing?”
Yuuri giggled.
“You looked cold.” Victor said sweetly.
“I… Uh.. Thanks Victor.” Yuuri smiled.
They proceeded until finally reaching their car; they made their way home safely and they had a hard time sleeping. The next day they didn’t want to bother Yuri so instead they went to see how Otabek was coping. They make their way through the areas that have a lot of people into the smaller area of the hospital where Otabek was recovering.
“Otabeeeeek!” Victor squealed.
Otabek was startled to the sudden break of silence that Otabek had been waiting in. He looked at the door way to see victor and Yuuri enter the room. Otabek had a worried look on his face; Victor and Yuuri stood by Otabek’s bedside.
“Where’s Yura? Is he okay? What happened?” Otabek questioned.
“Oh shit, he doesn’t know about Yuri..” Victor thought, Victor and Yuuri exchanged looks like
‘are you going to tell him or am I?’ Yuuri sighed.
“O.. Otabek… I’m so, so sorry…”
Otabek’s face turned white.
“He’s not dead is he?!” He asked in a shaky voice.
“No just… He dealt a huge blow to the head and… He has amnesia and can’t remember anything since the GPF, before you met..”
Tears prickled in Otabek’s eyes, he looked down at his hands and buried his face in his hands.
“It’s all my fault, if I had just gone straight home none of this would have happened!” Tears rushed down Otabek cheeks pooling into the palms of his hands.
“Otabek, it’s not your fault.” Yuuri attempted to comfort him.
“Yes it is! I could’ve said that I wanted to get a ride with you or not gone to watch the stars, I’m so stupid!”
Victor grabbed Otabek by the shoulders and shook him slightly.
“Otabek, he’s alive and well, mostly and that’s because you got him out of the way before more damage could be done. You saved his life, he’ll get his memory back, I promise.”


Cliffs and Courtesy

stiles gets lost on a hiking trail and derek helps him get un-lost

(approx 2′500 words, gen rating)


Stiles is definitely not lost. He’s for sure not lost because he recognises that rock with the moss shaped like BB-8 on it. So therefore, he can’t be lost, because he-

Okay. Stiles is lost.

There’s a quick fix for that though which is google maps on his phone.

The app isn’t responsive though. It’s telling him it’s searching for his GPS location, which is great, but it has been for the past few minutes. The blue circle just slowly pulsing and taunting him as it expands and contracts endlessly.

Stiles passes the BB-8 rock for the sixth time and then spins around a few times and heads in whatever direction he’s facing. It’s as good a strategy as any.

His phone’s on 70% charge so he’s not too worried, but he does want to get home soon-ish, even if just for his growling stomach (because he misjudged how long it would take him to walk the trail in his unfit state).

Stiles just keeps walking and staring at his phone with a concentration unrivaled by any moment in his life so far, which is why he’s so taken aback to be grabbed suddenly by his backpack and pulled onto his side.

He falls on top of someone else’s arm.

“Hey! What the hell,” Stiles yells, shocked. “You can’t just yank strangers onto their asses. Seriously. What the fuck!”

“You’re almost walked off a fucking cliff. Sorry for stopping it,” comes a sarcastic, growled reply.

Stiles manages to get himself back on his feet and turns around to see an attractive man lying on the forest floor with leaves in his thick, dark hair. Stiles can’t help but appreciate the view for a second before it clicks what the man just said.

“What cliff?” he asks.

The man rolls his eyes as he stands up, then points over Stiles’ shoulder.

Stiles turns and, lo and behold, he’s standing a few feet away from a cliff edge.

“Holy fucking shit,” he takes several hurried steps back, not liking the look of the jagged rocks he can see. In true Stiles fashion he ends up bumping into the guy.

“Watch where you’re going,” he says, pushing Stiles away from him.

“Yeah, definitely will be doing that from now on, thanks.”

“Whatever.” The guy adjusts his backpack straps and then looks Stiles over with a slightly bored expression. “Tip for you, don’t look at your phone when you’re hiking. You’ll trip.”

“Are you saying that about me specifically, or hikers in general?”

The man eyes Stiles again, then says with his chin uplifted, “You specifically.”

“I’d say I’m offended, but if you knew me you’d know that is actually justifiable.”

The guy barely smiles. In fact, he looks like he’s starting to regret saving Stiles from going headfirst over a cliff.

There’s an awkward moment where Stiles isn’t sure whether he should try and keep up the conversation or extricate himself. The other guy makes the decision for Stiles when he nods his head and then turns around and starts walking away.

Stiles takes a moment to stare at his ass before it hits him.

“Hey! Hey, guy. Wait a sec.” Stiles can hear the guy’s sigh even over the sound of his feet crunching twigs as he jogs to catch up with him. “So, look, the thing with the phone and staring at it and almost walking off a cliff is because I’m lost. And I was trying to use the GPS to get myself back to my car, but the blue dot was just–”

“There’s no cell reception in this far,” the guy says, turning to Stiles.

“Yes. I got that,” Stiles replies bluntly, before realising he’s offending what could be his best ticket home. “What I mean to say is, you look like you know where you are, and I do not, so… could you show me the way back to the carpark?”

The guy stares at Stiles but Stiles can’t back down.

He honestly thinks the man would have left him stranded there if his stomach did not choose that moment to make its hunger known.

Stiles presses his hands into his abdomen like that will dampen the sound, which of course does nothing but draw more attention to it. Stiles watches as the guy flicks his eyes down.

“How long have you been walking out here?”

Stiles checks the time on his watch. “Almost four hours.”

“And you planned to be here…?”

“No more than two.”

“Right.” The guy looks off for a moment, thinking it over. Stiles crosses his fingers and toes, hoping that this man will take further pity on him and let him be like a little duckling, and follow him home. “Alright, okay. I can take you back.”

Stiles lets out a massive sigh and drops his hands. “Thanks so much man,” he smiles relieved, “you’re my saviour. Twice. I owe you two lifetimes worth of debt.”

Stiles shuts his mouth sheepishly when the guy shoots him a look. He starts walking and Stiles falls into step beside him.

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Working On His Moves - Part 4

Still no dancing?? What am I up to??

The date - part 1 - MAJOR (sexy) dancing coming in Part 5.

Warnings: FLUFFY FLUFF – bit of angst, swearing? Is that even a warning any more?

Word count: 1755

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

You played with the hem of your dress as you sat next to Dean in the impala, nervously glancing up at him every couple of seconds, admiring his profile as he focussed on the road ahead but trying not to stare. His fingers were tapping along to the music that was flowing from the speakers, and a content smile played across his features which was only illuminated by the street lights as they passed by.

“So where are we headed?” You tried to sound nonchalant.

“Ah, you’ll see, sweetheart,” he winked at you. Dean was so relaxed it was actually kind of irritating. He chuckled to himself as you headed out of town, away from all the diners and bars you usually ate in. Your excitement grew as you realised you really had no idea where Dean was taking you, just that it was somewhere new. You settled into a relaxed conversation with Dean, stopping now and again when there was a song either of you liked playing to listen.

When you pulled up to the restaurant, you realised you had been driving for almost an hour and you had absolutely no idea where you were. You were so engrossed in Dean you hadn’t even noticed the car had stopped until Dean motioned a “Ta-Dah.”

You looked up through the windshield to the old building in front of you, the name of the restaurant in Italian above the door. It was beautiful.

You couldn’t stop staring at the building, so far from what you had imagined and for the second time that night you were dragged from your thoughts by Dean, now standing holding your door open.

“I mean you can stay there if you want, but I’m going in to eat…” he joked, although there was a nervousness in the way he stood.

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III. and in the shadows of their dreams

summary: they’re in japan and nothing seems to make sense, so they hide in hotel rooms and pretend they can’t see what’s right in front of them, and it works, for a while. (badlands au chapter 3- based off of ‘drive’)

word count: 5.8k (chapter 3)

warnings: lots of swearing, alcohol, mentions of sex, kind of smut but also not lmao

a/n: this chapter is longer than i expected it to be and i spent so long writing it that i thought my eyes were going to fall ouT but i hope you like it, messages and feedback is always appreciated <3 also, thank you for all the support for the series!!! it seriously makes me so happy that people are enjoying it and i really hope you enjoy this chapter as well <33 as always a massive thank yuo to @adorablehowell for betaing amy you are the BEST <333 read it on ao3 here!! // chapter 1


It still baffles me that caring too much about someone drives that person away. What, is it because you’re scared of being responsible? You can’t reciprocate? You’re afraid of not being able to do the same? Because if that’s the case then I don’t want this kind of modern idealization of love if it means I’d have to hide how I feel about someone all the time just to keep things interesting.

— Keen Malasarte, tired of this bullshit convention.

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What it meant to be alone;

Donning on that large black-rimmed glasses that she uses whenever she wants to disguise herself, though she notices that it hadn’t been particularly useful, a cup of Starbucks in hand, and just wandering around the outskirts of Osaka. That’s how one Oshima Yuko likes to spend her day-offs.
In front of a large almost-emptied carpark, she sets her tripod down, punching some keys around in her too-big-for-comfort DSLR, and stands in front of it; a look over her shoulders, a faraway look, the zoned-out yet looking at the camera look, and a couple of other looks later, she nods. It’s good enough, she supposes. The vintage-looking building standing a few feet away, those large windows and the messy overgrown grass seem good enough for yet another shoot and she props the tripod (and her heavy camera) up, walking towards the new target.
And the routine continues until the sun goes down over the hills and darkness along with bright neon lights fill the street. This amount’s good for the day, she nods to herself as she slings her camera bag over her shoulders, making her way home.
Making her way home to be the actress Yuko that she is, on working days…


AN: I did the edits because I really love the 3 photos she posted today. And the words that accompanied it…well, I didn’t really know what I was writing. AU? Semi-AU? Idk man, just words. :3 

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Ok, so I thought I'd share, I'd never talked to this guy but I had been hanging out around him. We had been giving each other the 'eye' there was such sexual tension between us, we went to the cupboard in Spanish too get books, we brushed against each other and he threw me into the wall and we made out. After school he drove me to an empty carpark and he fingered me, I gave him head and we had hard sex for two hours. I couldn't walk into my house. Best sex ever.

because of Pokemon GO i found a squad of drunk teenagers chasing Pokemon up and down and empty street past 9PM, i saw a local drug dealer face-down in an alleyway while his friend told me ‘ignore him I’m just looking for a Pidgey’ and we saw two tiny kids standing in an empty carpark searching for Pokemon. this is the most surreal beautiful bizarre thing to ever come out of a game im so happy.

Okay but imagine Cal as your daughters nursery teacher, who she absolutely adores. As her dad was’t in the picture - or any real male role model-  she looked up to him like one, and when the other girls sometimes made, unintentional, but mean comments about how she didn’t have a dad, he always made sure to assure her that you loved her more than all of the other kids mums and dads put together, and you couldn’t thank him enough. If you were honest you probably liked Cal more than she did, when you had those inevitable days where you broke down as you felt like you were failing your daughter, Cal was always there to pick you back up and remind you that you were doing just fine. But fathers day was looming and your daughter had been in a bad mood for a while despite your best efforts to try and cheer her up. Nothing was working though. You felt particularly bad as this morning she was crying and you’d promised that you’d take her for ice cream after school but you had to call her school and ask if they could keep her a bit longer because you had to stay at work. So walking into the empty carpark of the school made you feel like a crap mum as you had to work extra and lost quality time with your daughter. As you rushed into the school you were greeted with Cal who had fluffy curly hair today with feathers in it , wearing an oversized flannel covered in glitter, and his tanned skin splattered with paint. You raised your eyebrow at his appearance and replies, “fathers day card making today,” with a soft chuckle as he lead you to your daughters class. You felt you heart sink and guilt washed over you, Cal clearly picked up in your shift in attitude as he turns to you and pulls you in for a hug and tells you she has had a great day. When you see you baby girl you run over to her and give her a big hug kissing her forehead from where you’ve missed her. She wriggles out your grip and excitedly shows you the card in front of you, it felt great to see her even smile considering her mood this morning. On the front of the card were three people you and your daughter holding hands and then someone holding your daughters hand who you didn’t quite recognise. You point to the stick figure and ask, “who’s that sweetie”, receiving a “Cally obviously mummy,” in a duh tone of voice, “he say’s he thinks you’re reallyyyy pwetty and he likes you a lot.”, whilst swinging her tight clad legs back and forth and went back to colouring. You stood dumb founded as to whether this actually happened or if you’re daughter was just saying this because she didn’t understand what he actually said. But the thought of him actually saying it made your heart flutter as obviously he’s insanely attractive but he’s so good with kids he’d be the perfect boyfriend. A cough caught you attention and you turned to see Cal leaning on the door frame with a slight blush on his face, “I erm did say you were pretty and I did hear a mention of ice cream, so I was wondering if I was allowed to take you beautiful girls out for maybe ice cream and a movie?”. You obviously agreed and your daughter was insanely excited at the thought. As you three walked out of school Cal and your daughter both high fived and he whispered a “good work” to her just loud enough for you to hear.  Earning a “Did you two plan this whole thing” from you to which they both giggled “maybe” with innocent looks on their faces before running off together to your car. You shook your head and had a wide smile even though you weren’t quite sure if you just signed up for a boyfriend or another kid.

idk I’m sad so this is kinda sad?