empty bottles & alcoholism

no one else

the morning after a few too many drinks, you discover you called someone you haven’t spoken to in months, someone harry’s not too happy you contacted.

i always feel really uncomfy writing smut its just not my thing but i’m trying for you guys lmao

that said, warning: smut.


let me know what you think

There was a soft knock at my apartment door and my friend Julia kicked me in bed, “Get the door,” She muttered, “Pro'ly your boyfriend.”

I took my time getting out of bed and Harry knocked again. I swung the door open and barely looked at him before climbing back into bed.

"Hey,” Harry said, scanning the room full of scattered alcohol bottles all at various stages of emptiness, “Heard you had a rough night.”

“Don’t talk so loud.” I said and pulled the covers over my head. I felt the bed shift as he sat down and rubbed a hand down my back. I sighed and pulled the covers down so I could see him and he was smiling slightly at me, a bit of sympathy in his eyes. “Can you hold me for a bit?”

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genre: angst, fluff

word count: 1.5k

How can i love you, when i love someone else?

You sat at the table as everyone around you cheered loudly and took shots, your date was somewhere in the mix and for the first time since the wedding started – you were happy.

Happy you were on your own.

Happy you were drinking.


“Is this seat taken?” a voice asks.

Happy until he came along.

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For the Drabble thingy... My dream would be skinny dipping with Harry in his pool... but I can only imagine doing that and having someone like one of the boys or maybe Gemma walk in the backyard and seeing you 😳😳

Blurb Night #2

Maybe you’re all at the LA house you share with Harry, maybe you all had a late night the day before after a family barbecue and everyone’s still in bed this early in the morning, except for you and Harry who have emerged to clean up the garden of half empty bottles of alcohol and general rubbish that’s been left around. He’s just got his boxers on because nobody else is going to be up for a while (and it’s hot outside) and maybe you’re just in a silk sleep shorts and cami helping him, and when you come back around to the pool after taking one of the bags of rubbish round the corner, you see Harry’s boxers lying next to the pool and him sitting happily against the side in the water, waiting for you.

Harry, tell me you’re not naked in there?” 


What?” You laugh.

You told me not to tell you that I’m naked in here,” he smirks.

Your mother is upstairs, H, and your sister, and your step father, you can’t be naked.”

They won’t be down f’ ages, love. Come in wit’ me?”

No!” It’s a whisper but a high pitched one, you definitely don’t need his family waking up right this second.

And he pleads and pleads, trying to grab your ankle as you walk past, telling you he just wants to have a swim with his girl, some morning loving, in the quiet this early in the day, with the sun already burning down on your skin. And then he gets you and before you know it, you’re sat on the edge of the pool, checking the windows of the house to make sure nobody is looking down and seeing what’s going on, taking off your cami, the slight breeze hitting your stomach, and he pulling off your shorts before he pulls you in with a splash and you cuddle up against the pool walls, him leaving kisses along you soaked skin.

BLOODY HELL, GET A ROOM YOU TWO!” You’d hear Gemma scream with laughter as she walks out in to the garden. “I was gonna swim in there later, now I’ll have to fumigate the thing!”

And you’d try to hide behind him in the pool and he’d just giggle in front of you, helping to keep you covered because he doesn’t want the whole world seeing your naked body, the scream of Gemma probably waking up his mother and Robin too.

S’my house, Gem, ‘m allowed a little time with m’ woman,” he’d tease as he shooed his sister away so you could climb out of the pool in private, still giggling as you find a spare towel and grab your discarded clothes.

Hey, baby, come back, I need you t’ keep me warm, pool’s cold…”

❝30 texts to send to my muse:❞ | Sentence Starter

Warning(s): Alcohol

  1. [ text ]: I woke up to a half empty bottle of cider on my dresser. I drank it and have no regrets. Morning.
  2. [ text ]: I’d ask why there’s pictures of Kayne West all over my bedroom floor but I don’t actually want an answer at this point.
  3. [ text ]: I can hear your life falling apart through the ceiling.  Shut up.
  4. [ text ]: I just googled ‘Rarest Pepe’ and I’m crying.
  5. [ text ]: I just brought the Spice Girls Greatest Hits.
  6. [ text ]: I’ve had nothing to do all day so I’ve been learning the lyrics to ‘Trap Queen’.
  7. [ text ]: Be proud of drunk me. I managed to only eat HALF of a large pizza this time.
  8. [ text ]: We all got really drunk and communally agreed Bucky Barnes was a ‘cute little button babe’.
  9. [ text ]: What a massive egotistical penis.
  10. [ text ]: Does today require people clothes or can I just wear my pyjamas?
  11. [ text ]: I’m certain he heard me shout and LOUDLY ‘nap time comes before pants time’.
  12. [ text ]: I’m not responding to this because I have died. I’m dead. Dead people don’t answer texts.
  13. [ text ]: I think I’m going to retire and become a hermit.
  14. [ text ]: I want Lucky Charms.
  15. [ text ]: I’m not surprised he didn’t show up. He didn’t arrange it.
  16. [ text ]: I miss hugging you and smelling your hair (in a non-weird way!).
  17. [ text ]: Why are you saved in my phone as ‘Prison Wife’?
  18. [ text ]: I was in the middle of a check-up and the doctor quoted Jurrassic Park at me.
  19. [ text ]: I replaced your apple juice with whiskey six months ago.
  20. [ text ]: Why did you send me pictures of yourself dressed in all of my coats?
  21. [ text ]: I’ve watched so much Peppa Pig I am reaching my point of insanity.
  22. [ text ]: What a complete ball of Human-shaped trash.
  23. [ text ]: You need to stop shouting about Communism in public places.
  24. [ text ]: I was just legitimately asked if Human was a form of meat.
  25. [ text ]: The Devil has a British accent.
  26. [ text ]: You kept making train noises all night. Are you okay?
  27. [ text ]: I just brought some muscle cream and I smell like a herb garden.
  28. [ text ]: I think our neighbour may have gone rabid.
  29. [ text ]: I realise we were joking at the time but are you considering a stripping career?
  30. [ text ]: I don’t want to go out today. I’d rather wear wet socks all day.

love$ick by mura masa plays in the background, asap rocky’s voice filling the room as the cheap, flashing lights danced around the room.

the smell of marijuana clouded the room, and alcohol filled people’s systems as half-emptied bottles lay carelessly, scattered and unforgotten.

couple’s would grind and kiss in the dark apartment room, and the dim light tv playing some low-budget film played soundlessly in the background. and you were stood in jeans and a shirt, besides two girl’s holding each other, and you softly swayed to the music, the beat moving your hips.

and your breath would get stuck in your throat just as a warm, brown pair of eyes met yours — slowly sliding down your body, from head to toe, before they were looking back into yours, the owner of said eyes holding a smirk. you turned, pretending like you hadn’t seen him, but he was already quickly approaching and then his tall figure was in front of you, the tiniest bit of stubble on his chin and above his lips and his hair grown from the last time you saw him, his plump lips looking as inviting as always, as were the black coloured clothes hugging his body.

you had never related to a lyric so much before as asap rocky spoke — “i’m a lovesick fuck. i need you.” and it seemed he had been thinking the same as he smirked cheekily, taking another step forward and into your personal space, large hands on your hips and bodies pressed together.

calum sighed softly, pressing a gentle kiss upon your face, your forehead, your cheeks, your nose, your chin. his lips were everywhere but the place you wanted them. “hi babygirl.” he would speak in that raspy voice and you would close your eyes, the party fading from your mind and senses and all that was left was him.

“you look good tonight,” he spoke with no care in the world, the music and his voice the only thing you could focus on. “i missed you. a whole fucking lot. and now you’re here, and our song is playing, remember that? you loved this song so much when it was playing, when i was on top of you that night.”

you closed your eyes at the memory, the feeling of his lips upon your body that night and his hands trailing everywhere and cries of pure bliss, the morning after filled with moans of pain at the bruises he had left behind. “you’re a fucker, you know that, cal?”

calum chuckled into your neck, his tattooed arms winding around your waist and holding you close, you having no choice but to wrap your own arms around his neck, pressing a kiss to his raging pulse.

“i guess you can say i’m just a fucking lovesick fuck, ey, babygirl?”

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relevant to the story abby told abt finding wine bottles in the men's room, not to relevant to the blog: mom works at a university and told me about one of the teachers who got fired, and when they emptied his office they found various bottles of alcoholic beverage everywhere. feels very safe having an alcoholic not only teaching, but also managing some heavy machinery around the students! i don't know why he was fired though...

Maybe they knew he was drinking while working. I’m guessing that wouldn’t be the kind of thing they’d advertise to staff or students because, for the reason you mentioned, it’s a liability. He could have hurt someone with that heavy machinery. -Abby

               5 things            

tagged by @ghostcookie0114, thank you love ♥

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

green ice tea, wallet, phone, 20 different lispticks and tissues (and other shit cos i dont clean it at all lol gross i know)

5 things you’ll find in my room:

oh boi the last time i cleaned my room was like 2 years ago.. empty water and alcohol bottles, books, snacks, make up stuff, cds

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in my life:

move to canada/usa or wherever else, going to concerts more often, meet my favourite singers, graduate univesity lol, travel a lot

5 things that I’m currently into:

r’n’b, tinder (lol), chocolate with salted almonds, turtlenecks, red eyeshadow

5 things on my to-do list:

study more (haha funny…), finsh my essay, start learning a new language, make myself a coffee (its 10 pm but who cares) and thats it

5 things you may not know about me:

my alcohol consumption is higher than it should be, i believe in reincarnation, im socialist, i support pineapple on pizza, im addicted to watching make up tutorials on youtube

i tag @black-infinity-parked-outside, @ppiquechu @yourgirlcarmen @you-are-way-too-cool @nostalgicrollercoaster @yumirovna70 :)

Prompt: “I meant to text the contact above you in my phone’s contact list for a booty call but i didn’t realize i hit your name until i sent it so now i’m just sitting here feeling those little three dots judging me hardcore.”

Originally wrote for this prompt ages back, but I didn’t like it. Still don’t, so have a rewrite.

Jonathan tossed back another shot of alcohol, the half empty bottle of bourbon sits next to him on the floor. He presses his forehead to the tops of his knees and sighs, he should’ve stopped drinking hours ago; he can feel the bottle calling his name and Jon feels only slightly proud that he hasn’t ditched the shot glass yet. The last time Jonathan felt as if he wasn’t human, wasn’t apart of his body, he just drank straight from a bottle of vodka and woke up next to Luke.

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In freshman year biology, they taught us that a heart has four chambers. Something about its anatomy– I don’t remember that anymore. I only distinguish them by the story we created.

The first goes to my love now. He is warm and safe in all the right places. Nobody gives us weird looks like we are pyromaniacs, setting fires wherever we go, the way they might have if it was you I was with. Loving him is easy, a natural reciprocation, kind of like heads resting softly on shoulders and fingers wrapping neatly around each other. We fall into place without leaving behind empty bottles of alcohol or interrupted kisses or secrets that we had to keep.

The second belongs to meeting you for the first time. We did not fall into place; we collided like a million atoms changing phases heated by roaring flames and that’s what it felt like being with you: weightless, a gas filling up the entire room the way our laughter always did. Being with you was spontaneous, two energies could not have been more drawn together, I think if the globe had to run on our being together, we would have had the potential to light up the whole world.

The third holds the summer and then everything after. We were two drunk kids with nothing but lives to live and in that moment life existed on your lips. We took each other in like the earth reversed itself and oxygen came in our kisses. If I could tell you anything about passion, it was the way we fell into each other that night. How everything was unapologetic, unplanned, unexpected, how I knew exactly what love was but you kissed me like nobody had ever done before and maybe it wasn’t as simple as feeling full because you made me feel love in a million pieces and I’m sorry this might sound a little elementary, but did you know you can feel love in between your toes? And we could have taken it further– you wanted me to agree to something more but I could never imagine the thought of loving a girl out loud. I couldn’t see us in the stars or even as fireworks in the sky even though that’s how I felt on the inside. So we died out, like a a fire contained in a box, we ran out of room to breathe. I tried collecting our embers but you only let them burn me.

The fourth is reserved for my poems to you. I still think about you every day and I don’t regret making my choice, but I can’t say I don’t question it. Losing you was letting a part of me get away and the blood is still spilling. But until Zeus forgives Prometheus for showing us the fire, until the stars have mercy on lost loves, until I can learn how to love explosions without worrying about the aftermath, your name will be written in red all over the walls of the fourth chamber of my chest.
—  Four Chambers and the Ashes of Our Fire
You Are My Sunshine

When I first saw the boy in green I was little. He was my imaginary friend, well my only friend. I remember a little bit of our time together but I was so young. One day I asked why he was my friend and he told me, “One day I’m going to fall in love with you. And I want you to be safe now so that day can actually come.” As a child I obviously didn’t know what he meant so I just hugged his leg and said “I wub u too Petah.”

As time sped up, he left. He told me I would never be alone and that one day he would come back for me, he just had to wait until I was lost.

If by “lost” he meant sitting in a alleyway with a almost empty bottle of alcohol in my hand crying then yeah, I was lost. I had lost myself and my family in a house fire. Being in and out of foster homes sucks and I ran away. I remembered a song Peter used to sing to me and as I cried I sang it softly.

“You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me happy
When skies are grey
You’ll never know dear
How much I love you-”

“So please don’t take my sunshine away.” A soothing voice cut in. I looked up to see the boy in green. He was WAY cuter than I remembered, with his shaggy light brown hair, nice build and beautiful green eyes. I slowly got up and ran into his arms and began crying in his shoulder. We sunk down to the dirty ground of the alleyway and he held me tight. “I’m so sorry Y/N, it killed me to watch you suffer but it was the only way.” He spoke into my hair. “Please, just take me away.”

— Big Sparks

( — @seunghyun247 )

Most guys seemed to have their blazers hanging on chairs to make them feel slightly more cooled down in the crowded hall — and probably also not to hinder their moves on the dance floor. Yet Jiyong wouldn’t let his outfit be incomplete by doing it as well. However, maintaining the polished and carefully thought-through look wasn’t the only reason for him to still wear his embroidered blazer, without even ditching his velvet cravat in the meantime. Inside the inner pocket, a silver flask was hidden. Before heading out, he sneaked into his father’s office where he also had his liquor cabinet. It didn’t have a lock or anything, so it was no struggle for Jiyong to grab an already half-empty bottle and get alcohol for the punch he would be sipping on later.

Holding a full glass, his cheeks flushed with a brighter shade of pink as a subconscious smile rested upon his lips. Standing by the long table, he suddenly realized that there was little fun in drinking alone. So he glanced here and there, hoping to spot a potential companion. Luckily enough, he did. Taking another glass, he poured some punch in and afterwards he added the so magical liquid his flask contained. Getting closer to the guy, he recognized Seunghyun in him. They were practically strangers but now they could finally bond. “You want a drink?” Giving him a faint nudge, Jiyong offered one of the glasses he was gripping.