empty arena match

Jerry “The King” Lawler enters an empty arena to face Terry Funk [1981]

After months of battling with Terry Funk and never quite reaching a conclusion due to interference, Jerry Lawler challenged Terry Funk to an Empty Arena Match. He definitely got what he asked for, as the two battled in an arena that consisted of only the two wrestlers in the match! And a camera man. And a photographer. And a commentator. Oh, and a referee.

View the match here.

monkeychusetts  asked:

how are you supposed to make money off an empty arena match?

By how it ends. People will watch the match and see what happens in the end and it makes them want to show up the next time there’s a show to see the backlash from it.

For example, Terry Funk runs out of the arena screaming after Jerry Lawler fucks his eye up. At the next show, will Lawler celebrate the victory? Will they have a rematch? Will Terry Funk’s crazy ass go insane and try to murder Lawler?

Mankind pins The Rock with a forklift. Will it be reversed? Will The Rock get a rematch? Will Mankind have a new challenger?

It’s a match tailor made for the future events that go down, same as any match, really.