Acrimonious - Sunyata, 2012.

Śūnyatā, translated into English as emptiness, voidness, openness, spaciousness, or vacuity, is a Buddhist concept which has multiple meanings depending on its doctrinal context. In Theravada Buddhism, Suññatā often refers to the not-self nature of the five aggregates of experience and the six sense spheres. Śūnyatā is also often used to refer to a meditative state or experience.

Either we have been in a desolate wasteland without any spoilers at all, or the CS gods suddenly decided to open up the heavens today and rain bounty upon us, and lo, there was green in the desert of the hiatus, and hark, the shippers verily recalled that blessed were they among fangirls.

Probably a bit of both.

And it’s wonderful.

Soy la chica aburrida a la que nadie mira, la que se queda en casa los viernes, la que no tiene amigos ni sale a una fiesta, la depresiva, a la que le han golpeado el alma, la de la mirada vacía, la anorexica que se pasa día tras día mirándose a un espejo porque no se siente bonita, la insuficiente, la que llora cuando nadie la mira.
Empty Worlds Save Created for TS4 New Beginnings Challenge  Can be placed in your current save file!!!!

OK, so I made this world for the challenge being put on by @suebarr753 and @cyberqueen13 “TS4 New World Challenge”. All the worlds are empty save for the three special lots in Windenburg.  These are still available.  I also made another save that left Magnolia Promenade untouched.  

These files can be placed in your save folder along with your other saves.

They will show up as either “Empty Windenburg” or “Empty With Mag” Depending on what file you download. You CAN download and place both in your folder.  There is no conflict.


I have changed the save file number to a very high number, so it can be put into your regular save file.  There should be no issues, but things happen. Please backup your save folder just in case of this. The only time there may be an issue is if you have more than 50 game saves….  If so, send me a message and I can help you out.  

I only evicted the families, so they will still be in the families folder.  The hidden areas are still there too.  All I did was evict the families and bulldoze the lots.  Nothing special!

I hope this helps someone.

Please let me know of any issues!!!

Download Completely Empty World  HERE

Download  Empty World With Magnolia HERE

Tsubasa - World Chronicle - Niraikanai-Hen