This abandoned, half-built futuristic ‘eco-city’ looks like it’s on a different planet

Masdar City, located in the Arabian desert, was slated to be the world’s most sustainable city. Abu Dhabi officials had plans for it to be a city with zero carbon emissions, zero waste and zero cars.

But construction has been slower than expected and current plans suggest that only half of the city’s power will be renewable. And as of now, only around 300 people live there.

French photographer Etienne Malapert documented the buildings, streets and plazas for Masdar City, in awe of the loneliness he felt walking around the silent streets.

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I am not quite sure what is wrong with me…“ she said, her voice a whisper in the dark.

“I just feel…empty. Hollow. Like I’m missing something, and that something is everything.”

Her eyes were shinning now, lost in the emptiness she felt.

A shell of a person, cracked and beaten by the cruel and empty world that surrounded her.

She couldn’t identify it, couldn’t place it.

Because it was herself, her very being.

—  How do you tell an empty soul they are lost?