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I'm on mobile, and I don't know if this is where you usually take prompts, but I'll request Tim and Bruce. Bonus points if it includes the line, "One of us is going to have to sleep eventually."

This is officially my favourite thing I have ever written. Thank you so much for the prompt :D

They’re at a stalemate, have been for days now. All because Bruce had dared to suggest Tim stop drinking coffee and get some sleep. A reasonable suggestion, Alfred had assured him, since Tim is, after all, only fourteen years old and much too dependant on caffeine to keep him going than anyone should be. Unfortunately, Tim hadn’t seen it that way.

No. Tim had slowly lowered his newly-filled coffee cup from his lips and stared at him until Bruce had shifted uncomfortably. Then he had smiled sweetly and asked mildly, “Are you going to take your own advice?”

And that’s where Bruce went wrong, Alfred was quick to point out six hours later when he came down to invite them up for breakfast. Because he should have just said yes, poured his own coffee down the sink and gone to catch a few hours sleep between his thousand-thread-count sheets. But he didn’t. Because Bruce is a grown adult dammit. And more than that; Bruce is the goddamn Batman. He couldn’t just give in to the sass of a teenager, even if that teenager is a sleep-deprived, more-caffeine-than-blood Robin. 

His second mistake had been saying something of that effect to Tim, who had rolled his eyes and taken another gulp of coffee before stating that he wouldn’t stop drinking coffee, nor would he sleep, until Bruce did so as well.

So here they are.

Three days later.

And Bruce is beginning to regret his entire life.

(“Nothing new there,” the painfully Jason-like voice in his head snorts.

Bruce reminds himself hallucinations are normal after forty-eight to seventy-two hours with no sleep.)

“One of us is going to have to sleep eventually,” Bruce sighs. He runs a hand through his hair, looking sidelong at Tim’s equally mussed locks.

Tim takes a pointed sip of his lukewarm coffee. “I vote you.“ 

From somewhere in the depths of the Cave, Alfred sighs and mutters something about stubborn fools. Followed a moment later by a louder rumination about good role models. Bruce chooses to chalk that one up to auditory hallucinations; Alfred generally prefers to give useful yet sarcastic advice to his face.

"Don’t you have school?” he wonders in Tim’s direction, sure the boy had vanished form the cave for several hours each day but not entirely sure that’s where he’d gone. “Don’t your teachers ever question why you look so exhausted?”

The teen glances up from the case files he’s poring over to give Bruce a flat stare - he wears the expression so often Bruce is beginning to think it’s just his resting face. (You know, if he ever rested.) “Yes. And I tell them it’s because the hours I should be spent sleeping are spent running across Gotham’s rooftops in tights,” he deadpans.

Bruce blinks.

Tim blinks.

Alfred sighs. Bruce knows it’s definitely real this time because he’s suddenly standing behind them with a tray “More coffee, sirs?” he offers drily. “Or have you seen sense yet?”

Tim takes a mug and sniffs it warily, nose crinkling in disgust before he hastily sets it back on the tray. “That isn’t coffee, Alfred, it’s decaf.” He sounds so outraged that Bruce laughs. It may or may not be a touch hysterical.

“I’ll have you know, Master Timothy, that you’ve been drinking decaf for the last two days.”

“Hah!” Bruce points a mocking finger at his young partner. “Alfred wins.”

“I wasn’t aware I was even playing,” Alfred comments over Tim’s indignant, “You’ve been drinking it too!”

That makes Bruce pause, his sleep-deprived mind working over the facts of the Case of the Decaf Coffee. He frowns into his near-empty mug as realisation washes over him. “We both lost,” he tells the unfaithful liquid. It ripples ambiguously.

“I’ll just get a blanket then,” Alfred is saying, “Perhaps a pillow as well…”

And when Bruce looks up, blinking sluggishly, several minutes have passed and Tim is fast asleep, as though the very suggestion that his bloodstream had no caffeine in it was enough to knock him out, head cushioned on his folded arms, an errant sticky note stuck to his ear. Bruce reaches out to poke him just to be sure he isn’t foxing, but his hand doesn’t quite make it, flopping onto the table and brushing Tim’s fingers with his own. Then his eyes slide shut and he too is asleep.

(They find out several hours later - at a more reasonable hour of the morning - that not only did Alfred win, he cheated. The last mugs of coffee were laced with a mild sedative. Bruce can’t even bring himself to be more than a little irritated because at least Tim finally slept.)

Out Of Sight Part Two - Auston Matthews

Originally posted by matthewsdangles34

Word Count: 1160

Warnings: I think one curse word?

Part One / Part Two / Part 3 / Part 4

 Luckily, Willy lived in the same building as you, only a couple floors down. You knocked on the door and waited a couple seconds. You’re looking down, playing with your hands. Tears still falling but your arm muscles are tired from reaching up to stop them. There’s a strange feeling in your mind. It’s blank. Not being able to create a thought.

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Best of Wives & Best of Women

Lin-Manuel x Reader

in which the workaholic writer seemingly neglects his love despite their pleadings; their relationship is put on the rocks and Lin is too oblivious to see.

words: 1,345

warnings: loneliness and sadness

Finally! here’s the lin fic I’ve been promising for weeks. Sorry for the wait and if its awful bahaha!

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As I sat in the dark
I felt that old feeling
The familiar sensation
The good friend called loneliness
Start slinking back to me
At first it whispered
Its presence filled the room
The cold emptiness washed over me
And brought the hole in my chest
The tear stained pillows
The sleepless nights
The endless worry
It dragged me down
And just when I gave in to the ache
And my shoulders started to shake
Aloneness grabbed me and kept pulling me deeper
Never to be brought back to the light.
—  Written by Me ( evanescentbeings )

reach into the mirrors in your eyes (~2.2K words)
evana - takes place after ikke snakk til meg and the text update we got later today (yesterday for me). [inspired by this because i love angel haze]

there’s something different with sana and eva does not like it.

sana isn’t one to drop out of things. she also isn’t someone who keeps quiet. but when eva looks at her now, she can see the raging storm in her eyes, and eva simply doesn’t know how to reach out to her.

she misses sana.

she misses sana’s laugh and smile. she misses when sana reaches for her hand. she misses when sana jabs at someone else; the quick wit which only sana has.

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Seungcheol - Toothpaste

Pairing - S.Coups x Reader 

Type - Humour/ fluff 

Warning - none

You sighed tiredly as another yawn escaped your mouth. You shut the textbook before you and walked to your bed, your shoulders slumped in exhaustion. Your last exam was tomorrow and you had lost a lot of sleep to studying endlessly. The sleepless nights you’d spend clearly showed through those dark circles under your eyes.

You smiled in content when you got cozy under your thick, warm quilt. Your phone rang loudly just as you had shut your eyes. You ignored it but when the person trying to reach you didn’t give up, you groaned angrily, shoving the blanket off of you and grabbing your phone, accepting the call.


“Noona? Are you free?” the smooth voice on the other end of the call asked hurriedly. You guessed the voice immediately.

“What’s wrong Jihoon-ah?” you sighed, standing up. You grabbed your coat and your keys from the living room and walked to the front door of your dorm.

“Could you please co-“  he was interrupted when the phone was rudely snatched from his hand.

“Jagi, please get a tube of toothpaste if you could? Thank you, see you soon,” your boyfriend of two years said briskly before ending the call, giving you no chance to reply.

You hit your head on the door repeatedly as you questioned the sanity of the boy and twelve other kids who were as close to you as they were to their leader. You had known them for a about three years now. You had met Seungcheol when you had transferred to his school and had instantly hit it off. Soon, he introduced you to his members and the rest is history.

Just as he had requested, you had stopped at a convenience store near your dorm and bought a rather long tube of toothpaste, already interpreting the situation you were about to face. When you reached their dorm, you could hear faint yelling but it was loud enough to wake the neighbours up.

You opened the door. Your eyes widened at the sight in front of. Jun had firmly held Seungcheol by the waist and the leader had a wrinkled toothpaste tube in his mouth. The other members were busy laughing at the two.

When you cleared your throat to make your presence known, Jun immediately let go of Seungcheol and the others quietened down. You folded your hands across your chest and raised your eyebrow questioningly at Seungcheol, demanding explanation, your annoyance rising by the second.

First, you had no sleep so you were moody. Second, these boys call you at four in the morning asking for a toothpaste when you had an exam just three hours later and then you see this before your eyes, therefore, your anger was deemed reasonable.

“We ran out of toothpaste,” he muttered.

“You’ll wake the neighbours. That’s how loud all of your voices were,” you said irritably.

The other members tried their best to control their laughter. Though, poor Seungkwan, could barely hold it in as a little giggle escaped from his mouth. His eyes widened and he slapped his hand over his lips. This made it even harder for the members to hold themselves together. But who was anybody to blame those poor children. It was very rare for them to see their leader get almost yelled at and boy, was it fun to watch.

You gave up trying to explain anything to anybody, sighing as your vexation dissipated a little. You handed the new toothpaste tube to DK and walked to the empty couch, fatigue finally washing over you. The others resumed their respective work as Seungcheol walked towards you, sitting next you and extending his arms at you. You snuggled closer to him as you sighed for millionth time that night.

“How long do you have?” he asked, his cheek resting on your head as his eyes shut in content.

“Ten minutes. I have an exam tomorrow,” you whispered.

You noticed the shrivelled toothpaste lying beside him on the couch and smiled sneakily when you came up with an idea. All the weariness forgotten about. You snuggled deeper in Seungcheol’s embrace so that he wouldn’t catch onto what your were about to do. You slowly extended your hand to the tube and squeezed the last bits of the paste onto your finger.

You looked up at him and placed a peck on his cheek. He smiled down at you but it dropped when he noticed a mischievous glint your eyes.

“What are yo-“ he started but you didn’t give him a chance to finish as you rubbed the paste on the tip of his nose and a little under one of his eyes. You laughed, standing up and running away from him. He too, stood up, grabbed the new tube from Hoshi- who was trying to get some paste on his brush but failed when it was snatched out his hand yet again- and ran towards you.

He grabbed you by the waist and brought the mouth of tube close to your nose but before he could get anything onto your face, Jeonghan’s voice boomed across the dorm, “We’d rather save that tube Coups and also the money put into it. Don’t waste it. It’s going to get over in three days anyway but please let it last for those at least.”

You giggled at the boy’s words. “Yeah Cheol-ie, listen to him,” you said.

The leader sighed and let go of you. “Let’s get you home now jagi. You need sleep before your exam,” he said, guiding you to the door and grabbing both of your coats along the way. You frowned at him as you wanted to spend more time with the boys but you knew you had to get back to your dorm.

“Bye boys, see you soon,” you yelled across the room making Seungcheol slap his hand over your mouth and shush you. You glared at him but he simply smiled innocently at you. He cleared his throat and said in the most squeakiest voice possible,

You’ll wake the neighbours jagi.”

Nurse Chuuya loses his shit

Pairing: Dazai Osamu/Nakahara Chuuya
Words: 768
(Nurse!Chuuya and Patient!Dazai)

For @curiouscat99 (sorry this took so long orz. I had a shit tons of stuff to do and idk how to really write this so this is really really short and probably crappy)


Along the quiet and peaceful outskirts of Yokohama; among the dozens of people parading around; among the thousands of cars passing by, no one seemed to notice that lone figure standing outside the safety railings of the bridge.

He grips the railings tight — his knuckles turning white. There’s a soft smile on his face; one so uncharacteristically out of character before he pushes himself off the bridge, eyes closed and waiting for his said demise.

Dying is like falling, isn’t it?


Dazai blinks.

His brown eyes snapped shut; a groan emitting from his lips as his nose registers the smell of antiseptics and blood. Someone had foiled his suicide attempt once more. For the nth time, Dazai wakes up in a hospital — a machine attached to him and the dreadness of emptiness washing over him.

There’s a slight movement on his right making Dazai snap his head. He feels the soothing temperature of something cool against his skin. Noticing that he had just been injected, Dazai groans slightly.

“Good Morning, Sir.”

Dazai blinks. It’s not every day one can render Dazai Osamu speechless; but it’s not every day Dazai gets to see his living fantasies walking in two legs. Without even meaning to, he opens his mouth; words spilling like ink turned over. “Thank God I’m finally dead.”

The nurse blinks at him, confused. “Sir, you’re in the hospital.”

“Are you sure this isn’t heaven?” Dazai probes innocent, tilting his head before he winks at the unsuspecting nurse. “Cause you sure look like an angel.”

There’s silence looming over them as the nurse blinks at him; his face full of surprise and utter disbelief. Dazai manages to keep his laughter as the nurse stares incredulously at him, mouth open in disbelief. “Are you fucking serious?”

“I don’t know about serious but I sure do know about the fucking part.”

“Did you just… flirt at me? The first thing you do after waking up?”

“Of course not,” Dazai smirks. “The first thing I did was stare at you.”

The nurse’s face turns beet red — in anger, in embarrassment? Maybe a little mixture of both making Dazai smirk even more. He stares at the nurse’s dark, deep blue eyes; one that you could drown into. His hair; though it had a beautiful shade of orange-like, Dazai wondered if the barber who cut it was an amateur. Who even has hair like that these days?

“I feel so honored having you stare at me, Nurse-chan~”

Silence broken by Dazai’s statement, the nurse moves forward, glaring at him. “Staring and glaring are two different things. Maybe you damaged your eyesight too.” Then, like an afterthought, he added. “Sir.”

“Ah, how honored I must be to be attended by such a cute nurse.” Dazai ignores the former’s statement, exaggerating his own; going as far as to put his hand on his chest. “I could die happy now.”

The nurse grits his teeth. He shows Dazai a forced smile; gathering his things. “You have three broken ribs, Sir. Why did you even think of jumping?” He adds the last part, like a mere whisper. “It may take a while to heal, Sir. We tried to search for any identification but we could not find anything. Would you like us to call someone?”

“If you give me your number, I’m going to call you.” Dazai winks, a small smirk on his face.

“Sir, please.”

Dazai tilts his head, a small smirk on his face. He tries to shrug (although he ends up failing miserably) causing the nurse’s eyes to widen in surprise and immediately running towards his side as if on instinct.

“Sir.” He calls, inspecting Dazai’s shoulder. His eyes; although a gentle shade of blue is now full of slight anger and his fists were clenched to the side; as if he was preventing himself from lashing out. “Your shoulders are also fractures, be careful in moving them.”

Dazai groans in pain. “I think that’s not the only thing that’s fractured.”

The nurse’s eyes widens. “Sir, are you in pain?” He asks immediately; helping Dazai in sitting up. Dazai groans once more, slightly amused by the whole thing.

“I think you just fractured my ego, Nurse-chan.”

The nurse stares at Dazai; his worried face replaced with a red, upbeat and angry one. His eyes were fuming of anger; gritting his teeth as he glares at Dazai. “Fuck you.”

There’s a couple seconds of silence, one so uncharacteristically impaled. The nurse’s eyes widens momentarily; as if his outburst had just finally sunk in. “I mean…”

Dazai just grins, winking at the nurse. “Sure, why not?”

Dreaming in Silver and Gold

CHAPTER: 16, Klaus/Liz, Rated: E

Prologue \ Ch. 1 \ Ch. 2 \ Ch. 3 \ Ch. 4 \ Ch. 5 \ Ch. 6 \ Ch. 7 \ Ch. 8 \ Ch. 9 \ Ch. 10 \ Ch. 11 \ Ch. 12 \ Ch. 13 \ Ch. 14 \ Ch. 15 \ Ch. 16 \ Ch. 17 \ Ch. 18 \ Ch. 19  \ Ch. 20 \ Ch. 21

Demon au requested by @his-beloved-mrs-mikaelson thanks for getting my butt back in gear and giving me awesome prompts. <3

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Misunderstandings Pt. 3

Genre: Angst (SFW for now)

Pairing: Jumin Han x MC/Reader/You

a/n: Here’s part 1, part 2part 4, part 5, part 6.

With each step you took, your heart broke a bit more. 

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Procreation: Ch 10 (I didn’t expect this fic to last this long but alas we continue)

Summary: After the Exodus disaster, about 150 people have survived and found a way to repair the Ark. They don’t know if the 100 are still alive, so the council decides to do what it takes to ensure that the human race will survive, and edicts a new law: Each person between the ages of eighteen and fifty are obliged to have a child. Strictly Kabby.

FF.net    AO3

“This is very simple.”

Bullshit. Nothing is simple. Nothing was simple.

“There is only one rule.”

Abby then was tossed onto a bed. She gasped and immediately raised herself on her elbows. Her sight was lost again, the tie was back around her eyes and Marcus had just carried her to his bed. She still felt the mess on her body from the whip cream. Her head was spinning.

She waited his body to land on top of hers but it didn’t. Instead, he was walking away. She felt empty. Cold air washed over her chest and she shuddered when he spoke again.

“You… will say no.” He was back, probably standing at the edge of the bed.

Abby supported herself on her elbows and frowned. Then deciding she wouldn’t look attractive that way, she let her body fall back down on the bed. It was torture that she couldn’t see anything. His reactions would have been her guide but now… it was all assumptions, it was all black.

“What are you talking about?” She allowed herself to ask, still breathless from their previous make out session. Also, she realized she liked the way Marcus carried her. She wouldn’t have minded if he did it again.

“You wanted to resist, didn’t you?” His voice was low, strained, came out almost predatory. Was he still standing over her? Was he watching her? “So, you will resist.”

“I…” She swallowed, struggled to find her words. Her hand caressed the sheets, the other moved up to hide her face, her blush, her embarrassment. “I didn’t mean…”

“Yes, you did.”

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The World in Her Eyes- A Kris Wolf!Au (part 4)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 , Part 5

Kris visited you many times since that day, and he always remembered to keep his tracks covered to ensure you were safe, the others hadn’t attacked yet, in fact they hadn’t even been seen since the incident, but he was sure it was only going to be a matter of time. It felt like the eye of the hurricane, it was calm for now, but he was sure trouble was waiting for them right around the corner.

He felt his chest swell with happiness the moment he saw you come out of your house, with an ear to ear grin on your face, running straight towards him to wrap your arms around his furry body. You often played with his fur, tangling it between your fingers, and nuzzling your face into it as you held him tightly. You felt protected by him, you felt safe, and most oddly of all, you felt at home.

Eventually, you started sitting outside your house, in the clearing, waiting for Kris to come visit you, and he always did, at the same time, almost every day. It was a pattern, a tradition that neither of you could bring yourselves to break. Whenever he left, you felt a wave of emptiness wash over you, seating itself in your heart, until he returned. And he struggled to pry himself from your side.

He couldn’t deal with the non-verbal communication anymore, he needed to get to know your properly, he wanted to introduce himself, and tell you everything about himself and the pack. He wanted to bring you home. But how does one simply break it to someone that the large wolf they had befriended is actually a person?

He tried asking Suho for advice, but he could simply come up with logical advice, and the younger members of the pack only suggested crazy things that would simply not work.

“Dude, she is friends with a wolf. I’m sure if you just tell her you are the wolf, she will be okay with it.” Said Sehun at one point, rolling his eyes. Only then did Kris realize how right the youngest boy had been. You hadn’t even questioned the fact that the wolf could understand everything you said, and you had welcomed him into your life openly, why would you ever judge him when he told you? You were his soul mate after all.

So there he was, standing hidden between the trees, in his full human form, his chest heaving, his breathing jagged, his heart beating erratically against his ribs, and his palms slightly sweaty from nervousness. He looked at your house, hoping to catch a glimpse of you through the window, as he struggled to steady his breathing.

“Come on Kris, you can do this.” He said to himself, a small lame pep talk to help him calm himself.  He took a deep breath, and made his way out of the forest, into the clearing of your property.

He looked down at his clothes nervously, wondering if he looked good enough. Suddenly he felt a lot more exposed than he wanted to be, he wished he could just run back into the forest, shift back into a wolf, so you couldn’t tell just how nervous he was. What if you didn’t think he was handsome enough? What if you thought he was awkward? Or too cold? What if you thought he was insane?

He had never really given much thought to what would happen if the person he had bonded with rejected him, especially not after Suho had bonded. I mean, his mate ended up at their house after he ran away from her, and they even spent their first night together the same day they met. In his mind there was no way a soul mate could possibly reject their bonded wolf right? But what if he was faulty? What if he had bonded with someone who wasn’t into romantic relationships? What if he had bonded with someone who literally just saw him as a pet? What if she thought he was insane?

His heart started beating so fast he thought it would leap straight out of his chest, and while his exterior appearance was that of a cool and composed man, inside he was just a scared boy, terrified of what could happen if everything went wrong. There was no one else for him now. He had bonded, that was it. No one else would ever compare to you.

The image of your smiling face crossed his mind, and suddenly his heartbeat slowed down, your happiness calming him, soothing him, there was no other, it was you, always you. He had no fear, as long as you were there.

You looked out of your living room window after having stared at your wall clock for almost an hour, waiting for Kris to come, impatiently, and were surprised to see a tall, handsome man standing there awkwardly, as he stared at the floor and straightened his clothes back.

You gasped as you took in his beauty. He was tall, incredibly tall, with a strong build, muscular arms, and blonde-ish hair, and his hands! The size of that man’s hands! He could probably cover your whole face with his hands, and for some reason you couldn’t stare away from them.

Your heart started beating faster in your chest at the sight of him, and somewhere inside you, you felt the inevitable need to run out of your house and hold him. You needed to be near him. You felt a strange pull, urging your body to move towards that man, that gorgeous man you couldn’t keep your eyes away from.

You looked at the wall clock once again, before taking a deep breath and mentally preparing yourself to go outside. You looked down at your clothes, cringing because you honestly could have worn something much nicer than a simple white dress and some low top converse shoes, but it would be too awkward to run upstairs and change now.

Were you being irrational right now? A random stranger was standing outside your house in the middle of the woods, and you were more than willing to go outside and meet him. Was that crazy? Were you being stupid? You honestly didn’t care.

You opened your door, and gingerly stepped outside with your eyes glued to the stranger. You couldn’t see him very clearly due to the distance, but you didn’t need to, it was like he was glowing, like he emitted a faint light that could have led you in the darkest of tunnels.

The stranger lifted his head at the faint sounds of your footsteps, and you saw the slightest of smiles flash across his face. You didn’t understand why, but his smile made you want to smile too.

You finally reached the exact spot where he was standing, stopping in front of him, and rising your eyes to meet his. His beautiful brown eyes.

“Hi…” He spoke awkwardly, smiling slightly, as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“Hi” you breathed out, unsure of what to say to this man. You watched him open his mouth, and close it again a couple of times, nervously, hesitatingly. There was something he wanted to say but couldn’t bring himself to, and you wished you could help him out somehow. He closed his eyes tightly, and took a deep breath before opening them again, and staring straight into your eyes. You gasped.

“You are probably wondering who I am and what I am doing here. My name is Kris. Yes, Kris. I am the wolf that you have been spending time with recently, I am a shape shifter, I turn into a wolf at will. I live with my pack in a house somewhere further away, inside this forest. You probably wonder why you feel like this towards me, it is because us wolves bond with the people that are supposed to be our soul mates, our partners for life, and as it turns out, you are mine. You probably think I am crazy, and if you don’t believe me I can shift in front of you right now, but please believe me. I am Kris.”  He semi told you, semi begged you, his eyes burning into yours as he explained everything he had been preparing for days.

Kris was beginning to panic, he was nervous, and his palms were growing sweatier by the second. His eyes searched yours, trying to catch a glimpse of what you were thinking at the moment. Would you laugh at him? Would you turn him down? Were you thinking about running back inside screaming? He didn’t know. All he knew was that he had just opened up to you completely, and he had never felt so naked before, so exposed, even though he was wearing all his clothes. His heart was beating furiously in his chest. You smiled at him. His heart stopped

“I know.” You responded simply, before cupping his face with your hands. He smiled, his eyes growing sparkly, as he held back the tears.

“How did you know?” he asked you, his heart feeling like it was about to burst from his chest. You laughed.

“It’s your eyes… I could tell those eyes apart anywhere.” You replied, before wrapping your arms around him and holding him close, your head resting on his chest. Kris smiled, after all, you definitely were the one.

A/N: So… Lay’s wolf Au is coming up next… anyone excited about it or is it just me?

☁      Just go

Title: Just a Cloud

Pairing: Yunhyeong x Reader

Genre: Angst

Length: ~700

A/N: messiest thing i have ever written tbh i was just a mess because of iKon’s just go song. listen to it here while reading. idk what is this please don’t judge lol it’s not even real writing it’s just moyo being a mess.

My heart is becoming unlike mine

“I’m breaking up”, it was autumn when you heard these words for the first time. The trees were shedding their leaves as the wind shook up the whole world to fill the mousy ground with some color. The sun was shining behind the clouds and although the sky looked grey, it was a peaceful atmosphere.

“I’m breaking up”, Yunhyeong told you as his mouth twitched into a broken smile and his eyes were screaming for help. Your heart felt at ease and somehow you felt relieved but the more time passed by, the more you noticed the person who you used to love so much shatter to pieces. His hands were shaking and his eyes were telling you to stay, begging you for help.

But you– you couldn’t say anything. Maybe you wanted to go, maybe you were scared.

It’s okay to go to him
I’ll accept that thought, don’t worry about me

Yunhyeong was the sunshine that radiated through out the whole world with his 7 rays to light up the dark corners and empty hearts that got lost on their way. There was no place for you, you were just a cloud, a cloud that covered his rays, taking away his gleam. He found you once and he had lighted you up. 

Now it was time to go.

I’ll let go of your hands that I’m holding.
Before i change my mind, don’t regret.
Just go. Just go.

“Just go”, he mouthed, not being able to speak. He was on the verge of tears and you wanted to run away. He was holding onto you but you couldn’t let go. His grip slowly loosened and in this moment, you wished that he didn’t because you knew you would run away. You would be selfish and run away, leaving the sun by himself. The sun who needed his clouds the most right now.

You took a step backwards as you saw tears coming out of his eyes. You didn’t say anything- you couldn’t. You were just a cloud who would take away his rays. Yet you knew all he needed was you– no, you couldn’t, you were just a cloud who would take away his rays. You were selfish and Yunhyeong was too good for you.

In your heart where my place is already gone,
It’s like I’m forcefully squeezing myself into it.

There was no place in your heart for a person like Yunhyeong. You weren’t supposed to have a person like him in your heart. “I will go”, you choked out somehow. The were no words, no letters to form anything you were feeling right now. You didn’t know, you just wanted to be a cloud and be blown away by the wind, blown away from his sight so he could shine again.

“Goodbye Yunhyeong”, a smile. A real smile because he could be finally happy and find someone who belonged to him. A moon maybe, so they could shine together. Someone who would be even there at night, to shine on him for once instead of taking away his rays, who would take care of him and not spend most of the time outside with other people, other boys.

I feel sorry to see you being so lost,
Don’t be sorry. The more you do,
My heart burns.

“Goodbye”, his eyes weren’t screaming anymore. They turned empty and washed over you with such sorrow, you wanted to go back to his arms. You wanted him to warm you and protect you with his rays like he always did– but– but you were just a cloud who took away his rays.

And still, you couldn’t turn around. You took a step forward but then he turned around and walked away.

You were just a cloud after all, he didn’t need you… he was the sun and you were just… a cloud.

It started to rain. 

The sun disappeared entirely and you wondered where it would shine now. Rain, it rained harder and more heavily as you walked back home. 

It is still raining.


Dating Luke Series 

Pairing: Luke & Y/N

Words: 1.3k+

Warning: SFW 

I’m actually so in love with this part, it’s sickeningly sweet and fluffy. I will probably add more smut in the next part to this non chronological series! x

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Royal! Killua and POW! Gon AU, Killugon. 

Chapter 1 

He remembers the sound of the storm cascading over the soil beneath his feet, the wetness of his clothes as they cling to his body, and the cold weight of steel on his shoulder as he gets ready to load another shot. His orders were clear: take out the general. Chop off the head, and the rest of the army dismantles.

They’d been on the battlefield for days, the fields stained with Azian blood – they had everything to lose.

He aims.

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Sick (Bobby scenario)

Title: Sick

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None

I should be writing an essay, but this was much more fun, I hope you like it, anon! Fluff for your soul!


You stared tiredly up at your ceiling, silently cursing the universe for your current condition. Your eyes were constantly watering, one nostril was completely stuffed, the other felt like a desert, your throat was burning and it felt like someone was hammering nails into your head. You really hated being sick. You didn’t have a fewer, so it was probably just a cold, but still, you felt like dying.

Sighing, you sat up, grabbing the teapot on your nightstand to pour yourself your nth cup. A groan escaped you when you felt the teapot being empty and regret immediately washed over you. You put down the teapot and moved your hands to your neck, trying – and failing – to make the burning feeling disappear. The groan seemed to start a domino effect, sending you into a coughing fit, which only worsened the condition of your poor throat.

Laying back down, you dried your wet eyes. You really hated being sick.

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Pull That Trigger (part 2) - Demon!Dean x reader

Summary: You tried to escape, but what will be the consequences? Will Sam be there in time?

Pairing: Demon!Dean x reader

Words: 1599

Warnings: violence, torture, language, angst

Tags: @drewkelli, @simone987, @tiffanylynnca

A/N: I hit 50 followers!!!! WOOHOO!!! And as a celebration I’m posting a part 2 to Pull That Trigger!

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Part 1

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cookiemini4-deactivated20160907  asked:

Hi can I have a Jaebum smut where his gf is teasing him in front of his members. They all watching a movie

Jaebum Smut Scenario ~ 

Thank you for waiting so patiently! I loved this ask a lot, I’m so glad you sent it in ^.^

Originally posted by jjaenyoung

You didn’t even need to ring the bell anymore, you knew where Jackson always hid the key. It wasn’t like under the doormat was the most secretive and subtle place to keep it concealed.

What hit you first was how quiet it was in the dorm. It was never quiet in the GOT7 dorm.

You set your bag down and put your coat on the hook with all the others. They were home, you knew already. BamBam’s favourite pair of black ankle boots were still in the entryway, he barely ever left the house without them.

“Guys?” You called out, so quiet in the flat that your voice echoed. You didn’t even recall hearing an echo in this flat before. “Are you home?”

From the end of the hall, Jinyoung appeared. He was dressed in pyjamas with a mug of something hot in his hand. He grinned happily at you, immediately setting his mug down and making his way over to you with his arms spread.

“Hey! What are you doing here, I thought you had work.”

“I did.” You chuckled, melting into a much needed hug. “I called in sick. I heard you guys had a couple days off.”

Jinyoung gave you a small squeeze, still refusing to let you go. “We haven’t seen you in ages, it’s good to see yo-”

“Hands off.”

Jinyoung immediately let you go and backed away slightly, both of you turning to the end of the hall where jinyoung had been moments ago. Jaebum was there, a small smile playing across his lips despite his strong tone.

He moved towards you and engulfed you in a hug, that usual warmth radiating off of his body and his familiar cologne filling your senses.

“Hey.” He whispered into your hair, his hands resting on your waist. “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too.”

It was silent for a very brief moment before down the hall a couple more voices were heard.

“Ewwwww!” Jackson and Bambam cried as they saw the display of affection in the hallway.

Yugyeom, who had emerged behind them, ran towards you and Jaebum and wrapped his arms around you both. “You’re here!” He beamed at you, giving you both a tremendous squeeze.

“Are you staying?” Bambam asked you as everyone shuffled into the living room.

“If that’s okay with you guys; I mean I can go home if it’s a bad time-”

“No it’s fine!” Mark and Youngjae exclaimed, emerging from the kitchen already passing you a drink.

“You can sleep in my room, I can stay on the couch.” Youngjae offered, sitting next to you on the couch. You thanked him and settled back into the couch, already feeling the warmth you usually got when you spent time with the boys.

“We should watch a movie!” Jackson suggested, already standing up and heading in the direction of the movie collection which was stacked against the left wall.

“Horror movies.” Mark suggested immediately.

Everybody seemed to agree so Jackson pulled out a couple of movies and stuck the first one on the top of the pile into the player, Bambam already turning the TV on.

You felt Jaebum shift next to you as if he was uncomfortable. You shot him a look but didn’t say anything, no one else seemed to notice. You brushed it off and sat back, resting your head against JB’s shoulder. He wrapped one arm across your shoulders and pulled you closer against him, earning himself a playful dig in the ribs from Yugyeom.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Halfway into the first film and the axe wielding murderer was getting more and more brutal.

Jackson didn’t stop screaming every time there was the slightest jump scare and Jinyoung, Bambam and Youngjae had been rather quiet while watching the movie, seeming very unfazed by the multiple jump scares. Yugyeom and Mark were cuddling on the end of the couch and had been still for some time so you figured they were both asleep.

Jaebum seemed unfazed by the movie, he was enthralled with the plot but didn’t seem to flinch at all when the axe serial killer made another gory mess.

You were not interested in the movie at all.

Because GOT7 had been doing promotions for a long time now, you hadn’t seen Jaebum in about 2 months. At least not properly anyway. And to say the least, you could feel a sudden urge to experience your boyfriend all over again.

The movie progressed and your thoughts began turning to utter filth. You imagined yourself with your legs spread, panties around your ankles as Jaebum proceeded to eat you out, his tongue skimming over your slit. You thought of his hand being pressed against your mouth to stop you from moaning too loud, his fingers pumping in and out of you at a tremendous pace.

Your sex was quickly becoming wet just thinking about it.

It seemed scandalous, but you had always wanted to try it. You tried to catch Jaebum’s attention by intimately touching him in front of all of his members.

Subtly, your hand trailed into his inner thigh. Immediately he tensed up, his eyes not yet moving away from the movie but you knew he had felt your touch. You pressed slightly harder, trailing your palm further and further up until you rested against his crotch. You tried looking him dead in the eyes but his gaze was determinedly set on the action happening on screen.

You moved closer to him, reaching up to his ear and whispering ever so softly “I’ve been craving you for so long…”

Immediately your hand felt movement under the material of his rather revealing skinny jeans. This was going to be fun.

You bit on his earlobe, gently sucking on the skin there. You knew it was his weakness, you had him trapped now.

He let out a short cough, probably hoping you’d take it as an indication to stop. You knew he wanted you, you wanted him, so why stop there?

Your palm started moving in small circles on his crotch area, his bulge increasing by the minute. He was starting to get flustered as he bit on his lip to hold back a moan. He needed you right now, but his members would know exactly what was going on and he had some dignity.

He reached down and held your hand, hoping you would just stop teasing him like this. Your thumb slipped out of his grasp and started circling the tent in his jeans. His breathing hitched in his throat as he finally looked at you. Enough was enough.

He pulled you up from your spot on the couch, so suddenly that everyone turned to look at you two as he dragged you out of the room. His forcefulness was even more of a turn on, the clouded lust in his eyes enough to make your panties moist.

Jaebum threw the bedroom door open, quickly closing it and picking you up bridal style. He launched you onto the bed, him following just after you, hovering above you. He wasted no time in making work of your neck, his tongue sketching the veins that lay there, his surprisingly cold hands slipping under your shirt and caressing your sides, slowly getting further and further up.

“It’s been too fucking long.” He growled, him gradually starting to rub his hard on onto your aching core through the material of both your jeans.

“Fuck me, Oppa.” You whispered low into his ear, your fingers digging into the skin of his back as they found their way under his shirt. “Punish me.”

He shuffled down you, pulling his shirt over his head and exposing his toned body beneath. You made quick work of his belt, hastily launching it across the room.

You’ve never seen anyone move as quickly as he did as he ripped your jeans from your legs, taking your underwear with it.

You instinctively spread your legs, he grinned at you. “God you want me that bad, huh?”

Without warning he  plunged two fingers into your heat. You cried out loudly as he pumped his fingers in and out, curling them to find your g-spot. When he found it he was unforgiving, hitting it every time to make you cry out in pleasure.

“You’re going to have to be quieter than that, (Y/N)” He grinned from the space in between your spread legs. “They’re only in the other room.”

He continued to vigorously thrusted his fingers into you, suddenly adding a third digit. “I’m going to-” you exclaimed, feeling your climax approaching. A sudden empty feeling washed over you as he pulled his fingers out. You sat up on your elbows and stared at him.

“You don’t think I’m going to let you orgasm after that little incident, do you?”

You blinked at him, waiting for one of you to move. Jaebum shamelessly watched you, checking out every inch of your body.

“I swear to God, I’m going to drill you so hard.” He growled, his voice raspy and hot.

He roughly pushed you against him, his throbbing cock aligned with your dripping entrance. He leaned down close to you, one large hand pressed against your mouth. “We need to be quiet, remember?”

Before you could respond, he thrusted into you without any signal. He began fucking you hard and fast, slamming into your very core every time. The sound of your skin slapping together and the bed creaking was very evident in the quiet flat, meaning it was also very evident to the boys in the other room. However the way Jaebum pounded into you, you doubt he actually cared.

He leaned closer and began stroking your clit while the other kneaded your breast. You could feeling your walls already tightening.


You didn’t even have to say that your climax was building for him to feel it. He thrust harder and deeper than he ever had before, his balls slapping against the bare skin of your ass.

“Moan for me.” He commanded, a hand coming down on to your bare ass and creating a rippling sound of skin slapping.

You obeyed his command, earning a low grunt from him. His pace indicated that he was close too.

“Shit you’re so tight.” He breathed, you felt that knot in your stomach grow and grow until you could take no more.

You both came together, shattering the boundary between you and euphoria. Shuddering and curling in on yourself,  he pulling out of you and coming onto the bedsheets.

Jaebum was already grabbing tissues and handing you your jeans back within a few seconds while you lay there breathless. When you looked at him quizzically, wiping some sweat off of your brow, he only replied with  

“If we’re lucky we might get to see the end of the movie.”

Eren turned in his bed, his mind whirling with nightmarish thoughts that he knew would follow him into his dreams. He sighed. The soft snores from his fellow room mates did little to ease his headache. He sat up, careful to mind the top bunk, and then rubbed his face. Usually when he felt too wrung out from the worries of reality he’d slip away into fantasy and hopeful dreams with Armin.

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Optional Bias Angst

“You’re just a small bump, unborn, in four months you’re brought to life”

You remembered how his eyes had widened at the news, lit up. Literally. They had become stars, sparkling with euphoria. He was beyond happy. You could see it in his every action. His every word became more alive, more joyous, more meaningful. His hands elegantly danced aimlessly in the air as he told you all these plans for your unborn child. Names, toys, clothes, dreams, he told you it all. He promised you how great of a father he would be; he promised to be gentle; he promised to be truthful; he promised to help you through this; he promised to be there; he promised to always love you. You could only smile as you believed his every sincere word.

You knew that he had wanted this his whole life and when life had gifted it to him, he couldn’t contain his joy. “It’ll be my one and only” he kept saying, at which you’d frown and pout and ask “and me?” to which he’d respond with a deep kiss which told you his infinite promises of always loving you.

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This is my first smut imagine, please don’t judge! :) ENJOY!

Niall walks in the door in his loose singlet and shorts, covered in mud and sweat from an intense game of football (soccer) with the boys. It started to pour with rain in the last five minutes of the game and he was soaked, the dirt covering him turning to mud. You are currently cooking dinner as you turn around to find his blue eyes gleaming, hair disheveled, mud covering parts of his face and his smile beaming.

Niall smiles at you as you complain about him tracking mud through the house, but instead of going to shower, he pulls off his shirt, grabs a water bottle out of the fridge and opens it. He then drinks half of it and then pours the rest over his head. You watch from the kitchen as the water runs down his hair and over his chest. He shakes his head, sending droplets of water flying across the kitchen as his hair becomes more disheveled and sexy.

Niall begins to walk towards you, his smile un-moving from his face as he sees how dark your eyes have gotten. He grabs you and pulls you in for a heated kiss, you responding immediately. Niall then pulls away and laughs lowly. “You’ve got mud on your face now.” He says as he goes to wipe it off, but you slap his hand away. It’s your turn to tease him now.

“I’m going to have a shower.” You say as you walk past him, swaying your hips slightly, slowly unbuttoning your shirt and sliding it off of your shoulders. “Care to join?” You wink and then walk into the bathroom, leaving the door open. You strip off all of your clothes and turn the shower on. You make eye contact with Niall as he starts to walk towards you, his bulge apparent in the front of his pants.

You step under the spray and moan as the warm water beats down on your tense skin. You feel his rough hands start to massage your shoulders, moaning as he releases some of the tension from today. You turn around in his arms as his mouth starts to kiss and suck on your neck, trying to find your sweet spot. His hand comes up to start to massage your breasts, his thumb running over your nipples as a shiver runs through your body. You can feel his smirk as he knows that he is pleasuring you. You gasp as he finds your sweet spot on your neck and sucks it hard, surely bruising it, bringing blood to the surface.

He then moves down your body as he licks your nipples once, teasing you before he gets on his knees, pushing you lightly so you are up against the wall of the shower. He licks one long, slow lick up your slit, stopping at your clit then sucking it into his mouth. Your knees start to shake as he plunges two fingers into your tight heat. You can feel yourself start to grow close to the edge and so can Niall, so he pulls his fingers out and plunges his tongue in. He moans against you involuntarily, making you scream out his name.

He plays with your clit, rubbing it furiously, pushing you over the edge, cumming hard on Niall’s tongue. He pulls himself up and kisses you furiously, playing with your tongue with his, letting you taste yourself. “See how good you taste?” He says as he pulls away from your lips. “That’s all mine.” You go to get down on your knees, but Niall stops you. “You had a bad day, this is all about you.” He says, making you smile, but it doesn’t stop you from grabbing him and pumping him a few times. His head hangs back, letting a low groan escape from his throat.

He stops you and turns you around, your face against the wall, he grabs your hips. “You ready?” He says, grunting into your ear, making you more wet. All you can do is nod before he thrusts deep into you. You gasp, never getting used to his size as he doesn’t give you time to adjust to his size. “God, you’re so tight!” He says as he thrusts faster into you. “You’re just too big!” You say between gasps. “I’m so close Ni, please!” You say before cumming all over him. He groans before emptying himself into you.

“I need to check, on dinner.” You say, trying to catch your breath. He laughs lowly before picking you up and carrying you to the kitchen. He never pulls out of you, but he places you on the counter, close enough to stir the pot of stewed vegetables and meat, making sure that it isn’t burnt. Without warning, Niall starts thrusting again, but this time slower. As a total mood killer, the phone rings and Niall stops momentarily for you to answer.

“Oh hi Mum!” You say, trying to sound as perky as you can, whilst still feeling Niall’s throbbing erection in you. Niall smiles to himself as he thinks that he will have a bit of fun with this. He starts thrusting again, slowly, making you glare at him then close your eyes. You bite your lip, trying to hold back your moans.

“Mmm, that sounds, ah, great M-Mum!” Of course your Mother worries if you’re alright, but you just tell her that you have just stubbed your toe. She buys it, much to Niall’s satisfaction. He starts to thrust faster and faster until he’s doing his best not to moan into the phone, telling your mum to call back when he wasn’t fucking her daughter.

You actually moan, yes moan into the phone and your Mother starts to really freak out, saying that she’ll come over. She thinks that your ill, but you tell her that Niall just walked in the door and he’ll take care of you. She accepts it and decides to call back at another time, knowing that Niall is very protective of you. You put the phone back on the hook and turn to Niall glaring at him through lust fogged eyes.

“You, ah, are so, Fuck! Dead!” You say through gritted teeth as Niall’s thrusts get more savage. You kiss his neck and pull his hair, two things that drive him crazy and he groans as he pulls your lips back to his to kiss you passionately. You then finally decide to push him over the brink of sanity by rolling your hips when his pelvis meets yours.

“Fuck (Y/N)! I’m gonna cum if you keep that up.” Which you did, resulting in Niall rubbing your clit furiously as he came deep inside of you for a second time tonight. Feeling his erection twitch and release in you sent you spiraling over the edge, screaming his name.

The two of you just stay there for a short time whilst you catch your breaths. He tells you to wait here before he runs and grabs two jumpers, returning in his boxers and jumper already. You start to pull away, going to, once again, check on the meal, but Niall stops you and holds you closer to his chest.

“Not yet Princess. You aren’t going anywhere without a kiss.” He says before lightly brushing his lips with yours. You sigh contently into the kiss and run your fingers through his hair. He pulls out of you slowly and you both groan as the feeling of emptiness washes over you.

“I love you Ni.” You say, resulting in his eyes brightening and then softening.

“I love you too Princess.” He says before placing a kiss on your forehead, pulling his jumper over your head and finally releasing you from his grip, making you feel cold and lonely, before turning to the stove to serve up your dinner. You feel two strong arms wrap around your waist. Warmth now spreading back through your body as you once again felt safe and at ease in his arms again.

There we go. Hope you liked it.
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