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One Piece ワンピース [Amazon Lily Arc] : Shichibukai Boa “Snake Princess” Hancock vs Captain “Straw Hat” Luffy

“Man, tell me…how did you get onto this island? What do you want here? I’m not a fool to believe in such a ridiculous tale. I know you’re up to no good, you’re after something. You’ll never leave here alive, your fate is already sealed! Amazon Lily is a nation of woman warriors. Here, strength is beauty. Fight to the best of your ability and die an honorable death!”

Boa Hancock is among the few characters in One Piece that I consider has no power cap. The only ones thus far who were willingly able to resist her Mero Mero no Mi were Luffy and Vice Admiral Momonga (barely), the rest crumbled to dust. That is what I consider a broken Paramecia. She practically came out of the “Summit War” Saga unscathed! My favorite techniques are Pistol Kiss & Slave Arrow and even tho she doesn’t really use Salome for combat, I like that it’s huge af. Amazon Lily was an interesting arc, got to see Oda explore the female figure other than the typical type 01 he always uses, and the Gorgon Sisters ties to Fisher Tiger was an interesting backstory. Also, any arc where Luffy uses Haoshoku Haki will always leave an impression! 

Peri Caesar

Peridot gets transported back in time, only to find herself in the Roman Empire. She quickly makes a name for herself, navigating Roman politics and rising through the military ranks. She finally becomes Empress, only to have Steven travel back in time and warn her she is changing history with disastrous effects on the present. Will Peridot, or Peri Caesar as she’s now called, be able to rein in her lust for power before history changes forever?

Tumblr’s 79¢ Party @ SXSW Music

Can you feel it? It’s that special time of year when over 2,000 of your favorite musical acts migrate to Austin, Texas, for a week of musical bliss. For the fourth year running, we’re hosting a party with a few of those bands. Come hang out with us.

This year is about celebrating the power of the female voice, featuring Jhené Aiko (@jheneaiko), Ex Hex (@exhexband) Empress Of (@empressof), Little Simz (@littlesimz), and Tacocat (@tacocatusa). 


We’ve collaborated with the world-famous GIF artist Cat Frazier (@animatedtext) and inimitable illustrator Helen Green (@dollychops) to provide us with dope art during the show. They’ll also be drawing up some special surprises.


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CATHERINE THE GREAT tv series 2015

The story of the Great Russian empress in her early years (15-33). Prepare to become a witness of the first years of her life in Russia. The years of court intrigues, conspiracies, power struggles and unconditional love to Russia.

↳ ep1, ep2, ep3, ep4, ep5, ep6, ep7, ep8, ep9, ep10, ep11, ep12.

The Empress.

Let today be your day of awakening. Be rejuvenated by the light. Cast away the struggles of yesterday, for just as they hold no claim over today, so too do they hold no claim over you. Be guided by the song of Venus. Find tranquility within her voice. Let passion and desire be the fire that burns within your heart. Let strength and justice be your shield and armor. Kindred souls await. This path is one you will not walk alone.