empress shellie

Are you still not over with your feels from the recent episode of The Big Bang Theory? Well then, brace yourself for another treat from the author of First, If You Blink You’ll Miss it, No Reason and Her Honor. Empress-shellie wrote a one shot shamy fanfic.

She said , “I must say, the Sheldon-initiated kiss did have its massive effect and I wasn’t spared. So I’ve come out of my ivory tower after a hiatus and came up with this. This is for all my Shamy peeps. I hope you’ll like it.”

The title of the fic is “Just Like This” a perfect companion while watching the episode. I’m gonna bet my life on this fic.


Once again, you’re welcome :)

Wow this is something! Good for this blogger. She was saved and enlightened.

I can finally say that this story served it’s purpose now. I am just happy to know that a story can make an impact to the mind of the readers.

Well Jewey, you will enjoy shamy as much as we enjoy shipping this OTP