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On Celene I, Empress of Orlais

I suddenly find myself in need of talking about Celene, because she’s a rather shadowy and mysterious figure, yet so fascinating – women of power usually do that to me, lbh. This is probably going to be meta mixed with headcanons, but here goes.

Disclaimer: Spoilers for Asunder, and probably the Masked Empire

Celene was born in 9:04, 2 years after Maric took the throne in Ferelden and the former colony freed herself from Orlais’ clutches. She ascended the throne at 16 – which would place her coronation around 9:20, when Maric was still King – and would make her 27 when the Fifth Blight ends in 9:31. Gaider specified she never married, and she is apparently romantically involved with her handmaiden and spymaster, an elf called Briala.

Her codex entry states that her ascension to power is quite unclear, as she was far from having the stronger claim once Emperor Florian, her uncle, passed away. It is rumored that she had her uncle assassinate, and had then to negotiate –whatever this may mean – with her older cousins and master the maze that is Orlesian politics. At 16, let me emphasize this again. This shows some wicked abilities and an exceptional intelligence. She’s pretty much a political genius.

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