in my comic Phoenix Flair, all of the named Avazons (magical girls, basically) are themed around birds. since it will be some time before the main chararcters’ Avazon forms will show up in comic, i wanted to show off how a typical Avazon looks!

Saberwing is based off the Violet Sabrewing hummingbird, and wields, obviously, a saber. Empress is based off the Emperor Penguin and has ice-based abilities

the qualifications for an Avazon design are A) must include the Pelestear Heart,  b) must include the “wings”, and C) must have a rad-diculous name

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The body accpetance move should be for people who can't change their bodies, not for people who are obese or fat, like is seen on tumblr everyday. Example: Breast cancer survivors, victims of vitriolage/fires/acids and other such things, and people who lost limbs or where born without. Those and others that have had terrible things happen to them, instead all the praise goes to people who simply are to lazy to change themselves, and instead will complain about others. Come at me with the hate...

I sort of agree. Sort of.

However, take into account the people that are overweight because of a disability. I’ve known people in support groups that have tried their best to combat their weight but unfortunately due to the nature of their disability cannot go back to the size that they want. They were very, very unhappy about it. They need acceptance and positivity just the same as the other examples listed.

- Empress

Getting On My Nerves

Okay, so I PvP with my Code: Empress a lot. But once I summon something people get all angry on me and call me a spammer. But like, summoning is the thing that makes Code Empress unique right? The whole point of summoning is for Eve to have her servants fight for her, you really gonna make a queen fight for herself when she has built machines as fighting servants? I’m told to stop relying on summons way too much. 

Basically, Why don’t you play a Code Empress, and tell me how not relying on Summons works In PvP okay? If You can that is, considering her combos also include Ophelia and Oberon in them.