feferi-peixes-official replied to your post:homestuck’s best shitposter is proably roxy or…

you would think equius’ shitposts are so bad they become really popular ones tho

FUCK you’re right. equius would unintentionally be the funniest shitposter out of all of them. he’d make a post that says like ‘i drink at least three glasses of milk a day to become strong. i have become so strong i now must be careful to not break the glasses with brute force when i am drinking from them’ and that post gets like 80,000 notes and hes like 'it is good to see i am encouraging good behavior’

Dear Normani,

It’s been so long since you been on your own social media accounts that I lost count of the days. Supplies are running out, morale is at an all time low, and we’re all on brink of dehydration among other things. Mani come bacccccck! I miss the slayage. I miss the clapbacks. We miss you. @normanikordeiofficial

Giant Clusterheck of Systemy Garbage

Hello! I made sideblogs for all of the people in my system, so I’m gonna list them and practically signal boost it.

@friendlyfeferi - Fef’s blog! Cute aesthetics, fish, self care, and supporting otherkin things.
@sweeteststeven - Steven’s blog! More aesthetics, SU stuff, just generally cute things.
@angelicaelita - Aelita’s blog! Pink tech aesthetics, news, selfcare, helpful things.

And as always, Dave is here with the Good Memes™ and Dank Sounds™ and also just cool stuff.


Interview with Battleborn’s Creative Director: What happend to Empress Lenore and will she be a next DLC hero ?