date a girl who

  • wears the latest fashion in tailored jackets
  • is six feet tall wearing boots
  • can palm-strike and combat-choke a fullgrown man or just as easily play the piano beautifully
  • does parkour better than those Assassin Creed parkour video guys
  • always carries a crossbow
  • does a powerslide better than any living guitarist
  • hides her face, but we know who she is
  • it’s Emily Kaldwin
  • date Emily Kaldwin

I dream of you in paradise
Looking through falling waters at your sheer black clothing
Meditating off of your approaching energy
Ripples at the water’s edge as we flow on each other’s waves
Refracting the light of two souls becoming one… #poem #poet #poetry #blackpoet #blackpoets #blackwriter #blackwriters #writer #writing #queen #goddess #empress #wombman #blackwoman #blackwomanisgod #dreams #dreamer #deepthoughts #deepthinker #wordsmith #melanin #melanated

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anonymous asked:

So i saw that set of pictures with some of the fates kids having two toned hair colors and I thought what if the kids were just like that in the game? Having the hair color of both parents instead of just the mother?

Then my sweet children would look something like this:

I personally don’t mind it. I prefer the children with one hair colour, but just to entertain, here are a couple of other possibilities, choices courtesy of @bloody-paperdoll:


@alphyneweek Day 6 Week 8

One may think of you as a tyrant. Other might say that you were our hope for salvation. But to us, you were a great friend and we’ll remember you fondly. To me, you were the love I always wanted, but never got. We can finally be together. It won’t be long now. I love you. Farewell, Empress.

Based on ending of @satsuci‘s Empress!Undyne AU, which is SAD AS HECK AND SHE SHOULD DIG IT UP AND POST IT AGAIN TO BREAK OUR HEARTS ONCE MORE… Hence the style and colours. ( But really, I’m just tired and I wanted to find and easy way to capture it. I’m really sorry for this laziness.)

Hope you like it. Check it out on my twitter too! It’s over here!


Had a lot of fun with this commission of Lupin III!

If you are interested in a commission, please send me an email at: sefra114@yahoo.com

Prices for traditional drawn, full body characters range from $10-15! (Depending on complexity and Color/No Color)

I can design characters for you as well! 

As each drawing is done traditionally and are one of a kind, I can ship the original to you! (Free shipping within the US)

For information regarding my Fire Emblem Fates original sketches, please see herehttp://sefraorlick.tumblr.com/post/149087859925/hi-everyone-i-wanted-to-announce-my-original-fire

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Your writing is fantastic! Thanks so much for taking requests, that's so nice of you ♡ if you have the time and wouldn't mind, could you please write f!kamui telling leo she's pregnant?

rdctfvgbdhsanmk thank you, anon! ;v;) You’re the fantastic one, though >vO)~<3
This was back when requests were open, but now I’m thinking of opening them again, maye after 3 or 4 more, to keep things fresh ^^;

The winter had been harsher than usual inside Castle Krakenburg that month. Kamui snuggled into her bed sheets, trying her best to balance the book she was reading atop her knees while her hands were under the eiderdown.

Three knocks on the door made her turn her head, the ushanka slipping through her hair. “Yes? Come in.” She answered, the hat right over her left eye.

“Kamui, I heard you were–” A chuckle escaped the King’s lips as he set his eye on his sister. “What are you doing?” He asked, closing the door behind him and walking towards the bed.

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