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I got out of my Potato Magic!Anon. But I hope you will not get out of it. //smirks

As you can see, I am back to my normal Nasod state. Funny you say that because you’re my first ask after my potato m!A.

((OOC: Ahhh, sorry this was answered so late… orz I’ve been busy with school and life is super harsh right now. I also got some 0.3 pencils if anyone noticed any differences! ‘v’;))

Semi-Hiatus Notice

Due to severe negativity on my dash, towards me, and my friends, I’m going to be putting Asami and Bolin on a semi-hiatus. I will reply to memes I currently have if I feel up for it, as well as threads. I just feel like the atmosphere here has turned so hostile and it’s making it so hard to find muse here. 

So with that said, I can say for certain I will be replying to all of the following peoples threads/memes

These are the three that come to mind readily, but there may be others as well that I just didn’t think of.

You may all be interested to know that it’s possible to unite Celene, Gaspard and Briala to rule Orlais together while under your thumb due to blackmail against them, making The Inquisitor the de-facto ruler of Orlais. From what I gather you need five Halla statuettes to open a door to Celene’s private quarters, find a soldier bound on her bed and release him to testify against Celene. Then use that evidence against Celene and the assorted evidence collected throughout the level against Briala and Gaspard. Celene remains Empress, Briala becomes a Marquis and Gaspard is reinstated as Grand Duke. And you have all three wrapped around your little finger.