Hm, wwhat are humans using these days?
Oh! Wwait a second, yes, this is going to be perfect!

Yes, looks good.
A little .. revvealing and maybe I’m showwing too much skin…
but wwho cares? I look good.

Only one thing missing…

Hello evveryone
Happy March


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I love all of you. B)

i find it so ironic the state censorship board in china forced the empress of china series to do close crops so the cleavage in the low-cut tang dynasty hanfu wouldn’t show…

like because in some of the shots where fan bing bing is wearing a sleeveless dress she now looks naked instead???? the entire thing looks 100x more suggestive lol

and like what’s with all this sexual puritanism…if people are going to overthrow the CCP it will be over pollution, corruption and lack of transparency not because they see too much cleavage or something

((despite the conservatism of the govt today and its emphasis on “traditional” moral values…the history of the country and its attitudes towards sexuality are wayyyy more complicated than that narrative, as seen from the low-cut, cleavage-baring tang dynasty hanfu. after all, 2000 years ago, one of our han dynasty emperors literally cut off his silk sleeves so he wouldn’t wake his gay lover who fell asleep on it and this “passion of the cut sleeves” became like a term used to describe homosexuality.))

1. Three of Crystals - you have come a long way baby! Check out your bad self and all of the success you have had. Take a moment to appreciate the hard work you have undertaken to get here. Now, time to look forward and keep that momentum going. The passion that you have will get you far but make sure you plan and follow through. Grab a collaborator if you are stuck. This card is a push to share your gift with the world.

2. Transformation - things around you are changing and this is forcing you to shed some things from your life that have been weighing you down. It is not always comfortable. It is not always easy, but how many times must you get to this point and backdown before you decide enough is enough? There is no room in your life for newness and growth while you are carrying dead energy around. Trust. You can do this.

3. The Empress - this is a gentle reminder to put yourself first today. The hundreds of things on your to-do list can wait. What is that one thing you have been putting off that would make you feel nurtured and rejuvenated? That massage? A walk in the forest, swimming in the ocean? A full moon manifestation? Take the time with no excuses to care for yourself and recharge those batteries.

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An unexpected visit.

Kondraki was up all night again, looking over recent plans for the Helldiver system…She sips her recaff and rubbed her weary eyes. “Damn no that doesn’t work…” She didn’t hear the door slide open, if she did Kondraki would probably say something along the lines of ‘does anyone ever knock anymore?’