♒ Stargazers: An Aquarian Nightwish Playlist  ♒

The following is a playlist dedicated to the heavily-present celestial Aquarian energy within the music of Nightwish. This list is also dedicated to my lovely astrologer friend stargazerastrology, as the title song was the inspiration for her blog name!

01. Stargazers | “Wanderers in cosmic caravan; universal bond, the starborn.”
02. Astral Romance | “Embroidery of the stars undress my feelings for this earth.”
03. The Pharaoh Sails To Orion | “An ancient starwalk to merge into the stars.”
04. FantasMic | “Wish upon a star; take a step, enter the land.”
05. Swanheart | “Lost in a verse of a sparrow’s carol, dreaming the stars.”
06. Ever Dream | “Would you do it with me? Heal the scars and change the stars?”
07. Shudder Before The Beautiful | “The unknown, the grand show, the choir of the stars.”
08. Endless Forms Most Beautiful | “They have a tale from the past to tell from the great dark between the stars.”
09. The Greatest Show On Earth | “Ion channels welcoming the outside world to the stuff of stars.”
10. A Return To The Sea | “A star falls down from the darkened sky where new worlds are born and die.”
11. Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan | “Only once I could see my dream. Didn’t feel the smallness under the stars.”
12. Sagan | “Entering the unknown, sending all the poets to the stars.”

The following Nightwish members of both past and present have strong Aquarian energy within their birth charts:

Tuomas Holopainen: Venus in Aquarius
Floor Jansen: Mercury & Venus in Aquarius
Emppu Vuorinen: Moon in Aquarius
Marco Hietala: Venus & Mars in Aquarius
Anette Olzon: Mars in Aquarius



“We are the masters of our wishes, beliefs and dreams. Whatever you desire enough, it can happen. Destiny is an excuse for those who dont have the strengh to fulfill their wishes. Everything is possible, even the impossible.” -Tuomas Holopainen