empowering women art

Tonantzin Soy Yo
[Artist: Nancy Cardenas]

NANCY CARDENAS, born in Guadalajara, moved at a young age to San Diego with her family. She was born with Spina Bifida and has used a wheelchair for most of her life. She has an Art degree from SDSU and is currently working on her Masters in Chicanx Studies. She hopes to inspire & empower disabled brown women through art & activism.

Featured in queer indigenous girl issue 4, available to read for free at issuu.com/queerindigenousgirl.


If anyone knows the source of this gif, please let me know so I can give credit! I’ve tried Google image search but no dice.

Update: thanks to @youthempowered for helping me find it! The artist is Libby Van Der Ploeg. Here’s her original post, and here’s her Tumblr page


Haruka & Michiru tell it like it is, with attitude.
Because regardless if you don’t agree with who someone loves, you shouldn’t tell them how to live their life <3

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Photography from the 1940’s, 50’s, and early 60’s by my grandmother, Georgia Chappell. She was an amazing photographer, who focused on her family and life in the mountains of Western North Carolina as subject matter. She never asked for or sought out acclaim in her medium, but did it only for the sake of passion and artistic drive. 


In Memoriam

Vintage photography taken by my grandmother, Georgia S Chappell, who used the medium to document her life in Appalachia (North Carolina). The final photo is my grandmother in her plane when she flew with the Civil Air Patrol during WWII.

She inspired me to become a photographer and an artist, and her influence is integral to the woman and human being I am today. I hope her work can find the recognition and appreciation it deserves through this modern outlet.