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Watch: New male CoverGirl James Charles might have the best response to the idea that makeup is empowering that we’ve ever heard

The 17-year-old YouTube star was recently announced as the first male CoverGirl — and the internet went crazy for it. And while that is a huge milestone in itself, Charles is bringing more than just gender inclusivity to the table. Press play to watch our West Coast staffers grill him about makeup, that yearbook photo, his secret talent, and so much more.

Me: *needs clothes that fit, that look professional, and that I can afford*

Clothing Stores: These FIERCE clothes are made for YOUR curves, Gorgeous! All the glamour you need to FIGHT THE POWER! You deserve to treat yourself with these new empowering styles! We care about you… are you practicing self care with these new designer sweats? Show him that you’re in charge with our new All-About-That-Base underwear! You’ve earned this treat–new bras to show off the goodies!

nakari-nocturne  asked:

I was wondering, how do you have such body confidence ? I wanna get piercings and things in multiple places, but I'm kind of shy about how people will look since uh ._. I'm not exactly skinny.. Do you have any tips for some confidence boosting ? <3

Ahh I find it difficult to give tips on this because for me it’s mostly fake it till you make it hahaha. I’m really not that confident yet. But far more confident than I ever was tho. It’s just how I choose to present myself. Just let your own style empower you, no matter what your body looks like. If you feel badass because you’ve chosen to get that piercing you like and dye your hair a wacky color, it really empowers you. For myself, I kind of let go of my own longing to be “pretty”. I think attitude and style is so much more interesting than just simply being “beautiful” or “pretty”. If someone has their own unique style and personality and doesn’t care what other people think, that person is beautiful to me. Just handsome and pretty people bore me.

What Performing With a Belly Dancing Troupe Taught Me About Life | Catherine Chen, Ph.D.

RePosting an article i really loved. xo

Try a dance class – any dance class – because everyone’s a dancer, you just have to find the right music. You just might learn something about yourself in the process….

We Slay, Too! Racist Twitter Account

Several people have brought attention to this twitter account, but I had to check out this twitter account myself. I think I saw this account before it was taken down, but now it’s back. And it’s just as racist as you remembered.

For anyone who’s not aware, nonasianslaytoo is a Twitter account that shows non-Asian (mostly white) people doing ulzzang and other styles to “empower” them and show that they can “do it better”.

[Image: The description of nonasianslaytoo.

I’m back! This account is to empower non asians who love asian fashion and music and to show that we can rock asian styles better than our fellow asians ^^]

First of all, there is no such thing as an “Asian style”. There are many countries in Asia with different cultures. You can’t boil them down to one monolithic style. But we all know what this person means when they say “Asian style” (and even then, those countries have different cultures).

Moving on, here are some text tweets nonasianslaytoo posted.

[ Image: Tweets by nonasianslaytoo.


“I will post pictures of non asians and compare them to asians to show that we can look even better and rock their style like them!”

“Wanting to date only Koreans, Japanese, Chinese guys/girls is ok. This is not fetishizing but a preference and we all have one.”

“This is why I made this account! Being a black, white, latina ulzzang or lolita is ok. Being white, black, latina and cosplaying idols is ok”

“This account is to empower non Asians who love Asian music,fashion and culture. Non Asians are often mocked/insulted for liking Asian stuff.”] 

There’s a few things wrong with these tweets…

I will post pictures of non asians - Which means “white” because that’s mostly who I see so far.

Wanting to date only Koreans, Japanese, Chinese guys/girls is ok. This is not fetishizing but a preference and we all have one.  - Preferences are personalities and height. Preferences are not “I prefer this race over other races, including my own!” That’s rooted in stereotypes and racism. Also, nice job reducing the continent of Asia to three countries.

Non Asians are often mocked/insulted for liking Asian stuff - No, sweaty, you’re not mocked for liking Asian stuff, you’re mocked for being racist and culturally appropriating. 

Now for the tweets with photos.

[Tweet by nonasianslaytoo. Photos showing two interracial couples. The White women are on the left, Asian men on the right. Captioned, “Asian men and White women (heart eyes emoji) I prefer to see asian men with non asian women bc their kids will look so exotic (heart eyes emoji) #amww”]

Again, non-Asian meaning White in this context. No non-Asian POC. Not only is this fetishizing interracial couples, but putting racist views on mixed babies. This mindset is nothing new. People always play Build-A-Baby on their future children, wanting them to have characteristics of their partner. It’s bad enough that White people date POC because we look ~~~exotic~~~. But not even babies are exempt from this. Nope, gotta treat mixed babies and children like a fantasy instead of living human beings.

Onto the “slaying”

And here’s Black ulzzang, because at this point, people are aware that “non-Asian” means “All White” to this person.

Look at that (I don’t know how to caption these, sorry). Some of these are probably yellowface. Also, this person said the Taemin cosplayer should have made their eyes smaller. Because East Asian people have small eyes, right? Fuck them. Maybe they should deactivate their account… Oh wait!


Anyways, I’m concluding this post because it might be too long. Message me if you can’t read this post or if I stepped out of line.

‘I think that whatever size or shape body you have, it’s important to embrace it and get down! The female body is something that’s so beautiful. I wish women would be proud of their bodies and not diss other women for being proud of theirs!’
—  Christina Aguilera (via boredzen)

Behold, Ninjette (from Empowered, my ongoing “sexy superhero comedy” comic) drawn in an extra-cartoony style inspired less by conventional manga/ anime “chibi” tropes but by the adorably superdeformed cheesecakery of the French artist Arthur de Pins. Alas, this is a somewhat inferior companion piece to my first stab at the superdeformery that featured superheroine Emp herself, which worked out a bit better. Still, fun to play around with this style..


As was announced at Emerald City Comic-Con, I will indeed be writing a rather ambitious Airwolf/ Knight Rider crossover project for Lion Forge Comics. Huzzah!

First, though, I should mention that I already wrote a two-part story for Lion Forge’s ongoing Knight Rider series that ties in to the crossover event. Entitled “Creative Destruction,” this tech-intensive little tale introduces a set of mechanized enemies who play a major role in the upcoming project. The artist for this initial two-parter will be Brian Denham, who previously worked with me on the high-speed, high-tech Marvel miniseries Iron Man: Hypervelocity.

Anyhoo, above are three pages of sweet mecha designs I commissioned for the story from artist and design monster John Staton, who drew the robot-heavy one-shot Empowered: Animal Style for me last year. (John actually drew a few more designs than this, but the others are a tad too spoiler-y to show.) Also attached is my own scrawled design sheet for one of the foes that Michael ends up tussling with.

What’s this first Knight Rider story of mine about, you might (or might not) ask?

Well, in “Creative Destruction” (pt.1), Michael Knight and KITT stealthily infiltrate a deadly convoy of camouflaged “techno-insurgent” automotive drones during a highway snowstorm, only to find out the hard way that their robotic targets have some very nasty surprises in store for them… All hell breaks loose in pt.2 as Michael and KITT’s once-stealthy mission erupts into open highway warfare, pitting man and machine against hostile, ultra-tech hardware in an explosive, metal-rending, pavement-smashing fight to the finish!

All that, plus: Fun with railguns! Extremely ill-advised use of a Weapon of Mass Destruction as a bludgeon! High-speed, involuntary off-roading (with bonus Turbo Boost action)! The explosive thrills of MRSI (Multiple Rounds, Single Impact) artillery fire! Improvisatory action scenes using KITT’s “red-eye” sensor and grapnel line in bold new ways! All this plus Barrett .50 mayhem, missile-launching minivans, and Google-Glass-style sensorware lenses repurposed as improvised weapons! 

More details (and actual story pages) shortly!