Queer Icons, a breathtaking multimedia photography project by Mexican-American artist Gabriel García Román, shines a light on queer people of color. It re-frames the subjects into idols, with a halo in every piece.

“My images are visually giving power to a group of people that are generally disempowered. I want young people to see these images and see them as an example of someone powerful and noble that they can become,” Román told Fusion in an interview.

There were way too many amazing pieces to fit in one post, so take a look at the rest of this collection on his website.  


When October Jones (previously featured here) isn’t sharing text messages sent by his dog or transforming his fellow train commuters by drawing new heads for them on post-it notes, he’s creating awesomely empowering messages and leaving them for his fellow travelers to find inside seatback trays on the train.

Follow October Jones on Twitter for more of his entertaining and inspirational sticky note escapades.

[via Neatorama]


We’d like to introduce you to our awesome new friend Yuna. She loves all sorts of things including science and rockets, outer space and art, Korean food and travel, and her little kitty friend Kamata. She’s also the very first character in a fantastic new line of toys called the Dream BIG Friends.

Yuna and her equally awesome friends are the creations of Uglydolls designers David Horvath and Sun-min Kim, and Klim Kozinevich, the Bigshot at Bigshot Toyworks (previously featured here). After many years of working in the toy industry, these friends - who had since become parents - set about designing a toy concept beyond the realms of superheroes and super models and geared towards encouraging imaginative play. The want to make toys that empower kids to be creative, do the things they love best and, you know, dream big.

Yuna is the first in a diverse line of 10″ tall, fully articulated Dream BIG Friends dolls with real fabric clothing and accessories (did you notice those spooky-cute bat barrettes she’s wearing?). And don’t forget her kitty friend. Kamata goes everywhere Yuna goes.

Today Yuna makes her big debut at the 2015 DesignerCon in Pasadena, CA and in the form of a Dream Big Friends Kickstarter campaign.

Head over to Kickstarter to learn more about Yuna and her awesome friends and maybe even invite her into your own home or give her to someone you’d like to inspire.

It’s stuff like this that bothers me A LOT.

Lipstick is a representation of traditional femininity- the idea that women have to be beautiful, perfectly made up, and feminine so that they might be the ideal woman. 

But that concept is just as antiquated as the expectation that women should be housewives, and it fails to represent something actually empowering.

No matter how much some feminists want to believe that traditional feminine things like lipstick=power, it’s just not true. When you wear lipstick you’re really just playing into an already existing power structure that marks you as “woman” and therefore “weaker” and “less”. Even if you REALLY WANT to believe that your choice to wear makeup = empowering, it’s not. 

Now, that isn’t to say that you shouldn’t wear makeup, it’s just that feminists should recognize that makeup=/=empowering. Makeup=/= warpaint. You’ll look pretty, but you’re not destroying any social systems, you’re actually playing directly into them.

“When I’m waking up and the sun is coming through my window and the birds are singing, I feel like Cinderella. I never want to be rich or famous, I just want to be happy. Being a happy body and a happy person makes my body the perfect place. It’s chubby, too, so I don’t get cold in the winter.” - Clementine Desseaux in her episode of the What’s Underneath Project

When it’s all over & you bump into him on the street weeks or months later, & you realize that you don’t know that person anymore. Don’t be sad. Don’t feel defeated. Remember, he doesn’t know you either. And that should be the best and the most empowering thought that you’ve had since he left.
—  Took me 18 months to realize this.

My submission for Magic Meat Week! It’s a Tumblr celebration of fantasy males in empowering outfits of the style that fantasy women get stuck wearing. I made this set of leather armor over the last week. The codpiece I had already designed, I just needed to make a new copy. The shoulder armor (spaulder), arm (bazuband) and thigh (cuisses I think?) are all new designs, though, and were designed and hand-cut this week. It was a busy week of designing, and it was great.

These things will be up for sale on my Etsy shop soon, but I’ll need to CAD up the patterns so I can make more with the laser cutter, and also take some photos with more clothes.