Good morning and happy Tuesday beautifuls. With another cool, fall like, day ahead I am wrapping up in lots of pink, lace, comfort, and delicate detail love. My picks are from the VS Dream Angels collection and are the demi bra and cheekini panty. Feeling empowered and beautiful from head to toe and everywhere in-between, I am ready to face the day ahead. As you prepare for your day take a moment for yourself, breath deeply, clear your mind, focus on the positive, and choose to see yourself for the beautiful person you are. Love yourself unconditionally, first and foremost, allow this base love to radiate through your body and out to touch the lives of those who surround you. Believe in the beautiful light you bring to this world everyday. Trust in yourself, allow your true self to shine, pursue your passions whole heartedly, and never stop striving to be the good in the world you want to see. Dance through your day with grace, compassion, and kindness as your partners. Always believe that love can win and have an incredible time rocking your day. Love you all, you are the light. xoxo MML <3

GIRLS COMPETE WITH ONE ANOTHER, WOMEN EMPOWER EACH OTHER💪💪💪 it’s almost time to release a NEW FULLBODY HARNESS we have had in the works for a while now 😱🙏🌌 first sneak peak from our set with @alyssapandaeyes & @yungemilyxx 👭💪🌐 ft back details on our “MEDUSA” full leg harness, “SUCCUBUS” Bralette , “cult” Wetlook bloomers & unreleased FULLBODY HARNESS 🌐WWW.TEALECOCO.COM🌐 #tealecocothebrand #comingsoon #women #empower #effyourbeautystandards


BAD BITCH ROLE CAAALLL 🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀this ones for all the ladies that empower one another. who stand up and fight for each other rather than tearing others apart.
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The Final Goodbye.

My baby`s eyes were flaring red,

That night I knew he would have trouble going to bed.

For we knew the separation was inevitable,

We could but cry out of desperation.

Strange are time`s ways.

Brings together, Sets apart.

We`re his puppets.

He controls us.

And yet all we do is for him.

We express everything in his terms.

For I would love him forever,

And forget him never.

I want him now somehow.

He is there in his world,

And me?

Well, he is my world.

He banished the cursed me.

He somehow unknowingly gave birth to a new me.

He doesnt even know my baby,

that I never even wanted to love him.

I was afraid of his love,

and now his love is the reason,

I Aint Afraid.

Sleep better with these 10 tips

1.     Stick to a schedule

2.     Relax before bed

3.     Avoid naps

4.     Exercise

5.     Evaluate the room you sleep in

6.     Sleep comfortably

7.     Use bright light correctly

8.     Avoid alcohol, smoking and heavy meals at night

9.     Allow time to wind down

10.   Wait until you are tired enough for sleep 

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“You’re either affecting people with your greatness or infecting them with your mediocrity”- Robert Riopel

We all have potential. There’s greatness within ALL of us! Those who realize that and share their greatness with the world are the most successful! Share your talents & gifts😎that’s what you were given them for. Own em! Don’t apologize for em!

Make it a great day!

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My friends and I were talking about the 'Girls Like Girls' music video

There’s 3 old disney kids in it and two were making out and flirting and one was the artist. Keep in mind that they’re all girls. One of my friends said “goodbye disney contracts”
I just think it’s annoying how straight people could kiss on Disney but when two women did it was a big deal to all the parents. You’re cool with exposing ur child at an early age to soft-core porn and violence but when its homosexuals. It’s ‘NO NO NO HOMOSEXUALITY. It’s bad for the kids. I don’t want that stuff in their heads.’

We can clean up our mess everyone. It’s never to late to begin living sustainably and embodying your ethics. It’s never too late to honor and protect the ocean, the rainforest, other species, future generations and yourself. Every moment and every action matters. The change starts with each and everyone of us. It begins in our hearts. A place most of us have silenced for for far too long. The smallest of actions can radically shift our future on Earth. What are the most powerful things you can do to save our world? Eat an organic plant based diet, buy acres of rainforest to preserve, reduce all plastic consumption, teach everyone around you how to do the same. Share your lifestyle with the world and empower them to do the same. Step up and lead. Be the voice for everything else. The Earth will survive, but we won’t unless we take massive action now as communities. I believe in our human heart and our collective power. Begin this moment. The problem is we think we have time. Now is always the time to act. 🌍✌🏼️🌴🐬☀️🐘
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