when bitty and jack get old and jack lets himself go a little and hes got that Dad Bod™ and he has those nights where he really feels old and aches for the days when he was strong and young and could run everyday and do other strenuous activities (like throwing bitty over his shoulder after a good falconers game and absolutely ravishing him). He’ll mention his anxieties to bitty jokingly patting his no longer toned abdomen and asking bitty if he still wants this old man. And bitty laughs a little kisses jack breathless and says things like you still got it sweetheart u still sweep me off my feet. And it makes him feel a little better that even after all the times that he asks that same question bitty always answers with same conviction.

"in my headcanon, alpha!Dave has asked Rose to marry him every time he visits her, as an ironic running joke between the two of them. she politely declines every time. just before they went to meet their deaths at the hands of the Batterwitch, he asked her one last time - just to keep with tradition, and to hide how freaked out he was feeling. that time, she said yes."


Every time they are surrounded by witnesses, and every time she turns him down.

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i just realised why fandomstuck feels so strange
everyone just
abandoned their hate
and suddenly it’s joy and sunshine and flower petals everywhere
it feels like tumblr went trickster
and we’re in for one hell of a hangover once it’s over

anonymous asked:

(Just a small submission!) Your name is the SHAKESPEARE FANDOM and you are at least about 500 YEARS OLD. Wow, thou is an old man. Though your fandom has probably also been dead for about 500 YEARS, doesn't mean you don't exist. There are still fans-- you have seen the *terrible* fanfiction written about your characters. What will you do? ===> Go to the balcony and call for Romeo.

small list of fun swedish words

everyone should help me fill this out i am sleep deprived

ö - island
å - river
gift - married. also, poison.
fan - which can either be someone who is a fan of something, or the name of satan
kiss - either a kiss or pee
slutstation - the last stop of the bus or tram or w/e
kock - chef.
chef - boss. as you can imagine this makes things rather confusing for a while.
bra - good
slut - end
sex - sex or six and the source of many a fourth grade jokes
jordgubbe - which is translated strawberry but literally means earth man

and then one of the most useful things ever
orka - to be able to, have the energy to or just FEEL LIKE doing something. most commonly used in the negative. as in “do you feel like going outside?” “nej, jag orkar inte.”

today in harry potter club we had a competition in between the different houses (except gryffindor because there are no gryffindors in the club they all disappeared under mysterious circumstances) and after a few rounds slytherin is clearly in the lead and there’s no way we’ll be able to beat them

a couple of guys from the geek squad comes by and one of them gets a question right so we decide he gets two points for gryffindor

so the end result was that slytherin had like fourty points, ravenclaw had like thirty, hufflepuff twentyfive and gryffindor two 

and then johanna points out that that just isn’t true to the spirit of the books and thus, we gave a shitload of last-minute bonus points to gryffindor for showing up at all, resulting in their victory because that is how hogwarts works.

A FEW DAYS AGO at a party a friend of my father’s said something to me and my sister, and i can’t remember what it was but it was vaguely sexist and he’s better than that, and i was reading, so i just gave him a blank stare and turned to my sister and offered her the book
“would you like the honour or should i?”
“it’s fine go ahead" 
and then i turned back and hit him in the head with it


THe scene is Anna-Karin and her grandpa and mother. They’re eating. And talking about Elias’ death.

Yeah, that scene. 

i’m not okay

Okay okay disorganised thoughts in a list bc fuck yeah lists:

  • Oh my god this movie will be beautiful. Remember how the trailer looked really nice? It’s not just the trailer this clip was gorgeous this movie will be visually stunning I am so excited and you would be too it looks amazing I’m so happy
  • helena is great
  • you can just see the anger in her eyes when her mom talks about how easy kids have it these days etc y'all know the drill (“minsta lilla motgång så skär de sig och kräks upp allt det äter”) and like OH KIDS, HTEYVE NO REASON TO BE UPSET; THEYRE OVERREACTING, THEY GET EVERYTHING SERVED TO THEM ON A SILVER PLATTER ETC 
  • we’re not getting voice overs when anna-karin uses her powers (unless that is to be added later - scene isnt finished-finished yet) but the table shook and there was Really Intense Staring (like Rebecka in the trailer but REALY INTENSE STARING) and then mia couldnt talk
  • it was great
  • the actress for anna-karins mother is great
  • she looked nothing like how i’d imagined her but somehow she was still absolutely perfect 
  • the look in her eyes, skadeglädjen, ughhhhh everything
  • perfect ok
  • then she got her voice back and left and anna-karin got a nosebleed

Oh my god guys i really believe in this it’s so beautiful bless

ok so there are pretty people and then there are really pretty people and then there are the people that you look at and then whisper “shit” to yourself because you are so screwed