camera: nikon d7000 - lens:28-300mm 3.5-5.6 - focal:72mm

iso: 200 - f/5.0 - exposure time: 1/25 second

Amsterdam’s Citylife!

I had a very short stay of a couple of hours in Amsterdam and while wondering between the canals I took this shot of bikes riding around.

It was a very cloudy day so I didn’t had the chance to see amsterdam at its best. With this shot I wanted to convey the city life I had around me.

I really like this shot because of the rail’s line that leads the viewer’s eye into the photo towards the in-focus guy riding his bike.

camera: nikon d800 - lens: 105mm 2.8 - focal: 105mm

iso: 100 - f/4.0 - exposure time: 1/640 sec

I found some fisherman working in a small beach in Peniche, Portugal.

I was there to photograph the landscape and the fisherman’s, I luckily met them in this small beach with no tourists or other people around. Some of them were a bit shy, especially the younger ones, while the older ones where friendly and didn’t mind me taking shots of them.

I spent about 30 minutes there also because the beach had some beautiful rocks on the coast. The fisherman’s were waiting for a boat to arrive and in the mean time there were cleaning sardines and trying to explain to me in Portuguese what they were doing, I couldn’t understand a word but it was interesting photography them and then things they were showing.

camera: d7000 - lens: 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 - focal: 29mm

iso:100 - f/5.6 - exposure time: 1/400 secs

Another shot from northern norway, a trip I did last march (2013), we were driving along the road and all this tree started to appear just along the road. The guardrail was covered in snow so you would see the road and then all this trees right at the roads end.

I was driving and my girlfriend was on the side seat, I stopped and asked her to take the photo, she is good at taking photos and I loved this vertical lines with just one horizontal line at the bottom. The trees are well anchored to the horizontal line at the bottom. Without an anchor point for those tree the feeling of the photo would have been very different.

I like to go around in nature and find this beautiful composition that looks like a painting.

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Today I’m sharing a video I created 2 years ago in a small region in italy.

A small square in Venice can be interesting enough to be photographed.

The bare trees and the nice floor were the right elements to create a nice shot with those ancient buildings around.

Giving less space to the sky and more to the floor I give more importance to the line of the floor that runs towards the background enhancing the sense of space in the shot.

I shot this directly in black and white, I envisioned this photo just like this. Sometimes I like to follow my pre-visualization without changing much of it. Most of the time I find that the very first composition I do is what I like the most, it kind of feels like that If I do a shot without thinking much about rules of photography and rules of composition and I just let it go and compose the shot as I feel it at first I get a better result (or what I find more pleasing to my own eyes, should I say).

I would have loved to have a mid-age man walking or standing right on the left or right of the white well in the middle ground of photo.